July/August/September 2018                                                           Volume 13 Number 3
Note: Articles that are marked with an asterisk (*) can be read for continuing education credit by NAPS certificate holders. Any CPC, CTS or CERS who reads any six of the linked articles can count two hours of contact time toward the 17 hours he or she must earn each year as a part of their certification maintenance. In this edition, for example, 8 items qualify for professional reading. Reading all four quarterly editions of The NAPS Credential and their links over the course of the year can qualify the reader for eight contact hours or .8 CEUs annually.
In This Issue
Time to Discredit Gender Wage Gap Myths*

by Frank Burtnett, Ed.D., NAPS Certification and Education Consultant
The dictionary definition of the word myth is that one is a well-known story or fabrication made up over time to explain a natural or social phenomenon. Myths are often exaggerated and repeated to the point that they become accepted as fact. Such has been the destiny of the myths associated with the continuing gender wage gap in the United States.
A research study conducted at Rice University and published recently in the Industrial and Organizational Psychologyjournal takes a present-day look at five myths that have been incorrectly accepted as contributing to the continuing gender wage gap in America. The researchers add that women, considered in some quarters---a part of the problem---should in no way be blamed for the wage disparity that lingers in America.
According to the study findings, those myths include:
  • "Women are not doing equal work.
  • Women leave the workplace to have and raise children.
  • Women choose less lucrative professions.
  • Women don't ask for what they want.
  • Women don't have as much education or experience as men." 
The full study offers details that dispel these faulty conclusions, but it doesn't stop there. Also included are six recommendations that need to be implemented to ensure that gender wage gap disparities are eliminated. Those recommendations are:
  • "Organizations must identify and remove barriers. This can be accomplished by investing more resources in training to fast-track lower managers and conducting focus groups with women.
  • Organizations must provide equal growth opportunities. They must offer accurate feedback for women and give them opportunities to connect with influential people in the organization.
  • Organizations must take action toward implementing better work/life balance. They must encourage women and men to take time off by providing maternity and paternity leave and not penalize people who choose to do so. They must also consider day care services or subsidies, as well as flexible schedules, remote work and/or job sharing.
  • Organizations must provide ongoing training. They should have women represented across all levels of the organization. In addition, employees should be educated to behave in non-sexist ways, and diversity training should be designed according to research.
  • Organizations should have anti-discrimination policies and share salary ranges and the data on which they are based.
  • Organizations should have and promote male allies (men who are in positions of influence who advocate for women)."
  Until these and other workplace equity practices become commonplace, however, the Equal Pay Act will not be realized. President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law on June 10, 1963. Fifty-five years later working American women are still waiting for equity to be realized.

Effective Teamwork Over a Good Cup of Coffee*
Ohio State researchers recently suggested that effective workplace teamwork begins at the coffee brewing machine. Their study found that people gave more positive reviews for their group's performance on a task -- and their own contribution -- if they drank caffeinated coffee beforehand. A second study showed that people talked more in a group setting under the influence of caffeinated coffee -- but they also were more on-topic than those who drank decaf. Could future team meetings be more productive is held in a local coffee shop?
Americans with Disabilities Experiencing Solid Job Gains*
A report using USDL data and issued by the Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability reflects positive job gains for Americans with disabilities. 
In the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Jobs Report released in early June, the employment-to-population ratio for working-age people with disabilities increased from 29.2 percent in May 2017 to 29.7 percent in May 2018 (up 1.7 percent).

Remove Supports and Older Workers Likely to Experience Stress*

Younger and older workers enjoy low levels of overall stress in the workplace when their employment offers them autonomy on the job, they enjoy good relationships with the managers and supervisors and they feel fairly treated and respected at work. Take those things away a Portland State University study has found and the stress levels of older works rise disproportionally above their younger colleagues. The findings, published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, are a part of a larger project aimed at improving employee health, safety, work-life balance and well-being.

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New CPCs and CTSs for the Spring 2018
The following search and staffing professionals earned the Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialist (CTS) credentials during the April/May/June time period:

TJ Markwas
Jennifer Yount
Shelby Cronk
Trisha L Campbell
Morgan Czekalski
Amber L Davis
Renee Munson
Ryan Scott
Christy McCune
Shelby Cronk
Whitney Schecher
Kimberly A. Sylvas
Diana Santiago-Hernandez
Carol Canfield
Dawn Youngblood
Diana L. Simpson 

Congratulations to all on achieving this important professional credential!
Right Amount of Workplace Anxiety Can Be a Good Thing*

Research findings generated by University of Toronto Scarborough researchers and published recently in the Journal of Applied Psychology have revealed that all workplace anxiety isn't a bad thing. Moderate levels of anxiety can facilitate and drive performance by helping employees stay focused and regulate their behavior. The researchers examined both the triggers of workplace anxiety and also its relationship to employee performance.

Rebooting Careers Using Certification Programs*
Across the country, people are turning to postsecondary education certificates as a quick and low-cost route to economic opportunity. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce finding is contained in their report,
Certificates in Oregon: A Model for Workers to Jump-State or Reboot Careers. The Center also found that young certificate recipients can double their earnings after completion, and mid-career workers can re-establish themselves in the job market.
NAPS Lunch N Learns ~ Staffing Professional Renewal Right at Your Desk
Bring a sandwich or salad from home, grab a cup of coffee or bottle of water and spend an hour at your desk learning something that will strengthen your knowledge and extend your skills as a search and staffing professional. 
The NAPS Lunch N Learn series offers a generous array of programs by the experts whose experiences are some of the strongest in the industry. Add to the above and hour of continuing education toward your CPC or CTS certification maintenance and you have a "win-win" situation.
The upcoming summer Lunch N Learn program follows:
Date: 8/15/18
Topic: Personal Branding: Your Secret to More
Applications and Better Candidates
Presenter: Brad Bialy
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Note: Lunch N Learn programs are added frequently and interested members should monitor the calendar at www.naps360.org to learn of programs as they are added. Contact Carolyn Boyer at cboyer@naps360.org for registration information

Numbers Count ~ Stay-at-Home Fathers On the Rise*

A Pew Research Center finding reported in numerous news stories on Father's Day news releases indicates the number of men in the United States who have opted out of the workforce and are full-time, stay-at-home parents has risen steadily in recent decades, from maybe an estimated million or so in 1984, to roughly double that in 2014.

Quotable Quotes of Notable People ~ Peter Drucker on Organization Effectiveness

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things."

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) was an Austrian born consultant, educator and author who gave the American business community the concept of "management by objectives."

Certification Question ~ How Many Credits Can I Earn at the NAPS Florida Conference

Question: How much will my participating in the NAPS National Conference count toward my certification maintenance requirements?

Answer:  Participants in the NAPS National Conference November 4-6 at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Regency Resort & Spa in Bonita Springs, Florida can earn continuing education maintenance credits for the keynotes and featured sessions offered over the full conference schedule. A CPC or CTS certificate holder in attendance at the conference could earn up to 13 contact hours if they were to attend the full offering of qualifying sessions. One hour of professional education translates to one contact hour toward the 17 hours required annually for recertification. Participants in the Owner's Workshop on Sunday would add an additional 4 hours.

Community Colleges Play Role in Apprenticeship Renaissance*
The American Enterprise Institute recently released a report that examines the role of community colleges in expanding apprenticeship programs to close the knowledge and skills gap between current postsecondary education graduates and the workforce needs of employers. Strategies for achieving this end are included in the report.

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