October, November, December 2020
Volume 15 Number 4
Note: Articles that are marked with an asterisk (*) can be read for continuing education credit by NAPS certificate holders. Any CPC, CTS or CERS who reads any six of the linked articles can apply two hours of contact time toward the 17 hours he or she must earn each year as a part of their certification maintenance. In this edition, 8 items qualify as professional reading. Reading all four quarterly editions of The NAPS Credential and their links over the course of the year can qualify the reader for eight contact hours or .8 CEUs annually.
Preventing Burnout in a Remote Workforce*

According to a 2019 Gallup study, just over one quarter (28%) of full-time members of the U.S. workforce report burned out at work "very often" or "always." Given the major shift to a remote workforce driven by the coronavirus pandemic, many workplace managers and supervisors are questioning if this problem has grown or shrunk? A recent posting on the Gallup management blog addresses the "burnout" challenge in contemporary terms.

Personality Influence in Individual Goal Setting*

Researchers at the University of California, Davis are reporting innovative research that suggests that people formulate life and behavioral goals consistent with their personality traits. A longitudinal study of more than 500 students queried them at entry to college, each year during college, and 20 years later as to their personal goals relative to being creative, having a successful career, having a family, achieving wealthy, or being active in religion or politics. Notwithstanding some expected adjustments, the goals of this select group of students remained stable over time.

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Pandemic Gives Rise to New Corporate Position---Director of Remote Work*

The massive move this past spring to work remotely inspired by the coronavirus pandemic is being cited as the reason for the establishment of a new position in the U.S. corporate and business hierarchy. Acknowledging the this type of working structure is likely here to stay, many firms, agencies and organizations are now assigning the management of remote or distance working engagements to a single individual. A recent story in the Washington Post addresses the trend in greater detail.

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CPC and CTS Credential Achievers this Past Quarter  

NAPS is pleased to recognize the following women and men and their achievement of Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialist (CTS) certification during the third quarter of this year. Welcome to the credentialed search and staffing community!
Certified Personnel Consultant
Kevin Fitzgerald Ford
Kristy Ross
W. Jensen Hunt
Felicia Avalos
Alexandra Nold
Cassie Dahinden
Rebecca Natale

Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist
Eben Seaman
Ma Esther Vela-Alejo

Sexual Harassment Linked to Suicidal Behavior*

BMJ, a global healthcare knowledge provider, is reporting that workers exposed to sexual harassment in their employment can be linked to an increased risk of suicidal behavior. Also referred to as the British Medical Journal, BMJ is also reporting that targeting and eliminating inappropriate social behaviors in the workplace environment could also reduce suicides and suicide attempts.

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Occupational Resiliency during Times of Recession*

A new report from Emsi, a labor market analytics firm, describes resiliency skills that have either remained or increased in demand in the labor market despite any impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The report focused on three categories of skills--- human skills, technical ones and hard-to-find skills ---calling attention to those most often requested in job postings.

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Quotable Quotes of Notable People ~ Ruth Bader Ginsberg on Advocacy Leadership

“Fight for the things that you care about,
but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, United States Supreme Court Justice (1933-2020)
NAPS Lunch N Learn Webinars ~ Education Without Leaving the Office

The popular NAPS Lunch N Learn Webinars continue to offer CPCs and CTSs a valuable source of continuing education credit that ensures they will be able to honor the NAPS certification maintenance rules. Take this opportunity to engage in a casual, distance learning experience presented by top professionals in the search and staffing industry.

Visit www. NAPS360.org and click on Professional Development---then Lunch N Learn to view the program descriptions for the following six programs. Check back frequently to keep abreast of new programs being added to the calendar. All of the programs at 12:00pm – 1:00pm and offer one hour of continuing education credit for application to CPC and CTS certificate maintenance.

Recruiting in a Crisis
Presenter Amy Munroe

Client Connection–Why It Matters and How Your Desk is Doomed Without It
Presenter: Jennifer Brock

7 Ways Digital Marketing Can Fix Your Broken Candidate Experience
Presenter: Brad Bialy

Do This, Not That! Savvy, Speedy Sourcing
Presenter: Connie LaDouceur

In HR Move beyond Communication and Understand Connection is Key
Presenter: Kevin Coleman
Women Trail Men in Internship Compensation*

Using data from a 2018 experimental item-set of the National Survey of Student Engagement, researchers at the Binghamton University (NY) examined the relationship between student identity and academic major to the outcome of receiving pay for an internship. The findings indicated that the chances of men receiving pay during their internship experience were significantly greater than their women peers. Paid internships, it is believed, lead to higher paying positions after graduation.

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Directory Informs of Opportunities for Career Advancement*

The College Collective, a Chegg creation, has released a national, online directory of 1,400 programs at 100 community colleges that include career advancement among their institutional objectives. The evolving directory includes programs that are low-cost and accredited.
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Coronavirus Pandemic Impact on College and University Students *

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is continuing to conduct a series of "quick polls" designed to assess the impact of the coronavirus impact on the Class of 2020 and beyond. A review of the NACA poll findings will help search and staffing professional keep abreast of how college and university career centers are functioning during these unique times.

NAPS Certification Question ~ Certification and Accreditation Explained

Question: How is NAPS certification different from NAPS accreditation?
Answer: As presented to the search and staffing industry by NAPS, professional certification represents the credentialing of individual search and staffing professionals and is based on a “body of knowledge” that encompasses the laws that govern employment and employment transitions. These are the laws that industry professionals must abide by in their day to day interactions with candidates for employers and client firms.

The NAPS Accredited Firm (NAF) designation, also known as the Robert P. Style Accredited Firm Program, is a credential awarded to firms that have made a commitment to the following five principles:

  • Commitment to Certification
  • Commitment to Education
  • Commitment to the Profession
  • Commitment to the Free Enterprise System
  • Commitment to Community Service

Certification and accreditation each send a signal to candidates, clients and the general public that the individual and the firm respectively are committed to the highest professional and business standards set by the industry. Learn more about certification and accreditation by visiting www.naps360.org.

To learn more about each of these credentialing initiatives, visit www.naps360.org.
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