Volume 4 | September 22, 2017
St. Joseph Weekly
September 22, 2017
Weekly SLE : St. Joseph students are motivated to develop a love of learning!
Principal's Letter
September 22, 2017

Dear Families of St. Joseph Elementary School,

As we move closer to Progress Reports and Report Cards, I want to share with you the thinking of the Diocese of Oakland around Standards Based Report Cards. This year, K-3 will be using the Standards Based Report Cards. While grades 4-8, will not use a Standards Based Report Card, they use the Standards to drive the content and assessment of their curriculum.
“In the schools of the Diocese of Oakland, we believe student achievement occurs through clearly defined standards and authentic learning opportunities. The schools of the diocese strive to provide accurate, meaningful, and timely feedback to both students and parents throughout the learning process.
Reporting of student achievement should reflect student progress toward mastery of key academic concepts and identify multiple pathways to deeper learning.
Why have we moved towards a standards-based reporting system?
A report card is an ongoing conversation between the teacher, the student, and the parent or guardian about what is expected of students and how to help them to be successful in a rigorous academic program. For this purpose to be accomplished, however, the reporting system must accurately mirror the instructional model that exists in the classroom. In the past, grades reflected not only what had been achieved academically, but also how students behaved or how they compared with classmates. Reporting systems did not reflect the academic standards and performance assessments that exist in today’s classrooms. Our instructional model has shifted away from a focus on basic skills and moved toward a deeper analysis of content that requires our students to think, plan, integrate, and construct. In this environment, the traditional grading system is inadequate.”
I hope this content will be of help to you. I know the teachers and I are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have around this topic.

God’s Blessings On Each of Us

Dr. Marquita Yriarte
Upcoming Events
  • SHOW YOUR ROYAL PRIDE! Fri., 9/22: Cross Country Meet 5:30 pm Crown Memorial Beach
  • SUPPORT OUR SJND STUDENTS Sat., 9/23: MasquerAID of Kids- 4pm-10pm USS Hornet at Alameda Point. Click the link for more information.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences Oct. 4, 5 & 6.
What's Happening at SJES?
Eighth Grade at the Cathedral

On Wednesday, our Eighth Grade class went to the Cathedral of Christ the Light at Diocese Headquarters. Eighth grade classes from all over the Diocese spent the day with activities on the plaza, enjoying a presentation from this year's featured speaker, Joshua Michael Burger, regarding his trials while battling a rare disease and celebrating mass with Bishop Michael Barber. SJ.

For more information click here .
Faith Family Fun

Love lives at SJES. Faith Families came together for an activity to decorate our school with love. Each child in a family painted their hand print. All the handprints in a family formed a big heart. Look out for these amazing examples of love in the Learning Center.
Super Kids
Congratulations to this week's Super Kids!

Faith Nguyen - Kindergarten
Kenji Fukuda - Grade 1
Maria Hettiaratchi - Grade 2
Samantha Gomez - Grade 4
Lexi Roben - Grade 5
Alexis Olsen - Grade 6
Victor Marin-Ruiz - Grade 7
El Rancho Only Two Weeks Away
Have you sold your raffle tickets? Joined the 300 Club? Made your donations? Bought your t-shirts? So much to do in so little time!

Grades K-5: Donate two cakes on the day of El Rancho for the cake booth!
Grades 6-7: Two bottles of wine (at least $12 value each) Please label with your name and the value of the wine.
Grade 8: Two bottles of hard alcohol. (at least $12 value each) Please label with your name and the value of the alcohol.

Sell $300 in raffle tickets and join the 300 Club for a fun afternoon at the bowling alley.

New to the 300 club this week:
Rosalyn Amezquita
Jordan Grassman
Mateo Guimet-Keeney
Serena Hogenboom
Chase & Paige VanDerveer

Who will be next?

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News on the Block
SJND Open House
Attention Middle School Families! You are invited to the SJND Open House on Oct. 22.

Come meet Principal Ken Jennings and learn about the exciting new changes happening at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School!

Tour the beautiful campus, enjoy student performances, and learn about the outstanding academics and dynamic co-curricular experiences for students at SJND.

Father Holland- Golden Jubilee
Please join us at the 11:30am Mass on September 24th to celebrate Father Jerry Holland's 50 years of priesthood. After Mass, we will gather to share food and laughter with Father Jerry, some of his fellow Sacred Heart priests, and a few special guests!

Get your favorite Hawaiian garb out ready to go for that day, Father Jerry style! 

To read about more events happening at the church click here .
Parent To Do List:
  • Sign up for Sports
  • Buy your El Rancho Shirts
  • Order your Scrip Gift Cards
  • Collect and turn in BoxTops
  • Bring in you El Rancho Donations
  • Read the newest El Rancho Noticia
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