Finally! An Amplified Stethoscope Medical Professionals Can Use WITH Their Hearing Device!  


An Audiology Solution From Oaktree Products!


Offer your patients who work in the medical field the ability to perform auscultation while wearing their hearing instruments!


  • No need to remove hearing instruments to listen to heart or lung sounds!
  • Easy-to-use and easily paired to wirelessly communicate with Phonak i-Com, Siemens MiniTek, and Widex M-Dex
  • May be paired via DAI with Phonak Com Pilot and Siemens Tek!
  • First aesthetically appealing solution for hearing instrument wearing physicians and nurses!


The Audiologist's Choice Wireless� Amplified Stethoscope provides medical professionals the ability to hear amplified heart and lung sounds via their hearing instruments! This high fidelity amplified stethoscope wirelessly sends information from the stethoscope directly to the communication devices that accompany many hearing instruments including the Phonak i-Com, Siemens Mini-Tek, and Widex M-Dex. It can also interface with many hearing instruments via DIA.


Provide your patients the solution that they have been looking for!!


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Offered at our lowest price $682

**operates on 2 AAA batteries (included)

**one year warranty

AC Scope 

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