The NFL Draft is Upon us!

The most crucial part of the NFL season is here; the Draft. This is where teams pick up the best talent available, turning college kids into millionaires overnight. The draft is full of glitz and glam but for teams this is the epitome of recruiting, succession planning and organization restructuring. Hello Big Ben, do we need your replacement?

Why the NFL Draft is the Most Important Draft in all of Pro Sports

No league's draft is more integral to a franchise's success than the NFL's. That's almost an objective fact at this point. Elite NFL players rarely (if ever) make it to free agency and they are certainly never traded.

Steelers' Draft Day Needs:

They are calling this year's draft "the most balanced draft we've seen in a long time." Who are the Steelers looking for?

What Employers Can Learn from the NFL Draft

As work increasingly evolves from an individual to a team sport, hiring managers might take a lesson from one of the nation's favorite job fairs: the NFL draft.

In a new study published online by the Journal of Applied Psychology, business researchers examined what factors coaches and managers took into account when deciding which players to draft and how much to pay them, plus how those factors predicted later performance.

Dave Baker's Take on the Issue

Wouldn't it be great to have a recruitment tool like the NFL combine and subsequent draft?  This week starts a three-day marathon selection process run by the NFL to select the next crop of superstars.  This 'recruitment process' is one of the purest forms of talent review and selection and most of it is on public display for everyone to watch.  What can we learn from the process they use?   - A lot!