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Meet the Chair
Meet the Chair - Ms. Fannie Munlin
Please take a moment and watch the introduction provided by the new  Chair of the NGO Executive Committee, Fannie  Munlin, UN Representative of the National Council of Negro Women. Ms. Munlin presents an inaugural welcome .  

An exciting new phase of international leadership is guiding the Executive Committee toward new commitments and growth, planned for the coming two years.  We hope you join us at every new level of requested participation!
Mark your calendars for our virtual event this Saturday! 

Join This: NGO Holiday Chat
Time: Dec 14, 2019 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

We'd love to chat with our NGO Colleagues Throughout the World

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Meeting ID: 930 920 210
On behalf of the UN NGO/DPI Executive Committee Board, the Nominations Sub-Committee led by Samantha Lu and Dr. Rose Cardarelli are pleased to announce the results of the 2019-2021 election results. The election process was conducted through a new process this year by Votenet Solutions, Inc. through a secure online voting site. The nomination and election process was conducted between June 24, 2019 - July 19, 2019 and the results were certified, approved and released by the outgoing Executive Board on August 13, 2019. 
We welcome the following Officers and Directors to their new positions: Fannie Munlin, Chair; Padmini Murthy, MD, First Vice Chair; Scott Carlin, Second Vice Chair; Upsana Chauhan, Secretary; Annie Deng, Director; Patrick Sciarratta, Director; Nadine Clopton, Director; Carl Murrell, Director; Eunhee Jung, Director; Dr. C'fine Ezeanochie Okorochukwu; Dr. Mubina Schroeder; and OTU Uwern Robert.  

They join the additional current team of: Kevin Merges, Treasurer; Debra Boudreaux, Director; Dr. Holly Shaw, Director; Audrey Kitagawa, Director; Barbara Burns, Director and Dr. Rose Cardarelli. 

We wish to also thank all of the candidates that were not elected at this time. It was a very competitive election with many qualified candidates. We encourage you to consider the next executive board opportunities in 2020, as there will be several new officer and director vacancies. 

In preparing for the next election, candidates must be affiliated with an NGO associated with the Department of Global Communication and in good standing. Terms are two years in duration.  In February 2020, the Nominations Committee will be seeking nominations once again from the NGO community. Eligible candidates in good standing with DGC will submit their desire to run by notifying the Nominations Committee and completing/submitting a "call for nominations", a nominations form, a resume, a headshot and a 250 word essay as to "why they want to be elected" to complete the application packet. Announcements will be posted in the DGC UN Announcements and NGO Reporter. Throughout March and April, qualified applicants will be interviewed, and candidates identified for Executive Committee consideration and approval. When the ballot is released to NGOs, they will have 30 days to submit their vote. The goal is to release the results by the annual meeting in June. It is critical that NGOs participate to elect their representatives. 

Dr. Rose Cardarelli
Chair, Membership Sub-Committee, NGO Executive Committee
Executive Council, Kappa Delta Pi
On 18 November 2019, in the Trusteeship Council Chamber at United Nations Headq
Trusteeship Council Chamber 18 November
uarters in New York City, the President of the General Assembly took time to share his thoughts and answer questions with and from civil society at the United Nations.  After a warm and vibrant introduction from Undersecretary General Melissa Fleming, from the Department of Global Communications, PGA  Tijjani Muhammad-Bande took a series of questions and answered at around 3-4 at a time.  
USG Fleming stated that it was important for cvil society to take this opportunity to speak with His Excellency regarding his priorities for his ten months in office.  In fact, before he spoke, she introduced a leader with a broad and eclectic background that took him from being a schoolteacher, to professor, to diplomat.  A true champion of education, he became the Permanent Representative in the Nigerian Mission to the UN in 2017.  Previously, the USG noted, His Excellency served among many distinguished roles, as Chair of UN Peacekeeping Operations and head of the UN Counter-Terrorism Center.
President Tijjani Muhammad-Bande
His first question came from our Moderator, Ms. Fleming:
What does this role mean to you?
PGA  Muhammad-Bande
My first priority is to create partnerships.  The UN must be a stakeholder for getting things done right and better.  The UN is a force for good, where all 193 member States are equal in the General Assembly, and thus it is an honor to have that role.  
USG Fleming
How can civil society help you and you, us?

Foster Partnerships - that is primary. The UN is the largest multi-lateral organization in the world, so we need each other to succeed.  First within ourselves, we must all respect each other here at the UN.  
Externally, youth must be key. In fact, if you cannot plan you cannot have a future.  "Youth" is the legacy of human society. The youth are the future.  
On all areas that are key, civil society has shown courage and strength.  The climate is one clear way we can see how youth propelled the conversation for the UN.  
Civil Society and youth are encouraged to engage with the PGAs office.
A few NGO questioners followed:
* Regarding UN75, what activities are set and what is the selection process for youth to take part?
PGA:  All the plans are still in discussion. We are asking now: how best to market the events? So far, no determinations yet.  UN75 is about all of us, with all of us, in all possible places.  Everyone needs to be involved.  Reflecting the past, we must use that to ask what do we want the UN to be in the next 25 years.  Imagine a world without this institution in it - where might equals right.  We must pull together and value this organization and event to do better.  Therefore, we are all involved in making UN75 and beyond.
* A question regarding Human rights - in particular the safety of international journalists   (There are issues in Nigeria but this was also poised generally).
PGA:  We must continue to support freedom of expression; without this we cannot have peace.  Their rights must be upheld.  We should respect the courts to decide if something has been done wrong, not take retribution into our own hands.  If the courts are fair, they should resolve all issues dealing with journalists.
Bircan Unger, among NGO Questioners
* In a related question, how can we balance freedom of expression vs. hate speech; h ow do we deal with these double edges?
 PGA:  The UN must show example.  If the world is full of hate speech, the UN must live differently - Because the UN typifies the values of humanity worldwide.  We should do better at coordinating the movements that benefit the planet.  (UNESCO has recently released a new book on the subject, to learn more about it and find a link to its FREE download, go here.  - Ed)
* Is nationalism undermining the strength of the UN, its collaboration and inclusion?  Do you serve the Member States' interest, are you a valid organization for change going forward?
PGA:  We must ask, how can we do better in communicating what we have done? Imagine how regional laws could have spiraled into something ugly if not for the UN ... and war crimes without people somewhere pointing these out or bringing global health issues to all of us.  Imagine Ebola or AIDS without the research we have shone that can be used elsewhere.
So where you hear about the slow response to urgent issues remember that the UN remains the place to come to, for all the issues you've raised today.
* Youth activists working in civil society can attend a rare function like this but our in volvement is always very limited.  What is your vision to in crease youth activism working with UN, enabling youth to have a strong voice in creating the changes we want to see in our future?
PGA: Y outh activism, engages well through ECOSOC.  Continue to use those platforms to do so.  Engage better with ECOSOC in the future; I will encourage that.  These opportunities are improving, in fact the Youth Envoy has great ways to reach out to global youth.  Connect and offer your thoughts and suggestions there, to them.
Unfortunately, with that, time expired and the meeting was brought to a close.  it was a start but considering the great number of questions, the short time allotted, and the ability to speak at the highest level, future meetings such as these are only proving to be even more of a necessity.   With thanks to the PGA and USG, we look forward to another, similar opportunity in the future.

Patrick Sciarratta
World Development Foundation
Take-Aways ...
26 - 28 August 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Conference Outcome Statement - 

We, as members of civil society, adopt this document to advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, building on the education and global citizenship focus of Gyeongju (2016) and the concept of people-centered multilateralism we developed in New York (2018). 

This year, we concentrate specifically on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11: "to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable by 2030." 

We underscore the need to understand cities and communities as central to the achievement of all SDGs and not only SDG11. We highlight the importance of inclusivity, peace, family, education, youth, and the empowerment of women and girls. Further, we explore the ethical development of the economy, infrastructure, and technology needed to support balanced, sustainable communities. We recognize the interdependence of rural and urban prosperity, as well as the need to address the specific conditions of mountainous areas and small island developing States. We also highlight the need for collaboration of governments, civil society, and the United Nations in this work and stress the urgent need for climate action. For each of these, we affirm our beliefs and shared values, urge others to partner with us, and commit ourselves to actions that uplift the human spirit, create humane cities in which people can flourish, and enhance the quality of life and dignity for all. 

Without recognition of the challenges to our quest for sustainable and inclusive communities, we will accomplish nothing.

Therefore, we affirm:

Youth Climate Compact -

We, the youth, unite in action against the climate crisis. The Earth's climate is nearing the point-of-no-return from which life on the planet cannot recover. The cost of inaction is too immense. 

Threats to the climate menace every aspect of our world; and the sustainable communities we must build for the future depend on our collective will to meet and overcome these existential challenges.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres: Message to the 68th UN Civil Society Conference
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres: Message to the 68th UN Civil Society Conference
The Climate Action Summit provided solutions for increasing energy efficiency and for sustainable cooling in a warming world.

A new initiative to increase energy efficiency and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as another to support sustainable climate friendly cooling access for all as global temperatures hit record highs, were announced at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York in late September.

New initiatives aimed at ensuring that the transition to a green economy benefits all people were launched at the United Nations Secretary-General's Climate Action Summit in New York, with an emphasis on actions that help people secure employment, improve health, and promote gender equality.

Secretary-General appoints 
Melissa Fleming of the United States as 
Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has appointed Melissa Fleming of the United States as the next Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications.  
She succeeds Alison Smale of the United Kingdom to whom the Secretary-General is grateful for her commitment and dedicated service to the Organization.   
Ms. Fleming brings to the position over 25 years of strategic vision, innovative management and communications expertise in multilateral organizations spanning the fields of human rights, humanitarian action, conflict prevention, peace-building, free media and nuclear non-proliferation, safety and security. Since 2009 she has held the post of Head of Global Communications and Spokesperson for the High Commissioner for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva.
While at UNHCR, Ms. Fleming led global media outreach campaigns, social media engagement and a multimedia news service serving audiences ranging from media, public, donors, governments and refugees themselves. 
Ms. Fleming joined UNHCR from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), where she served for eight years as Spokesperson and Head of the Media and Outreach. Prior to IAEA, she headed the Press and Public Information team at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Earlier still, she served as Public Affairs Specialist at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Munich, having started her career as a journalist. From 2016 to 2017, she also served as Senior Advisor and Spokesperson on the incoming United Nations Secretary General's Transition Team.
Ms. Fleming holds a Master of Science in Journalism from the College of Communication, Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies from Oberlin College.
Publishers of the  NGO Reporter, the  NGO/DPI Executive Committee was founded in 1962 to create a link between the United Nations and the Non-Governmental Organizations associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI). It is composed of eighteen Directors and encourages and assists NGOs, as members of civil society, to communicate their interests throughout the United Nations system and to support United Nations' goals and objectives.   In partnership with the United Nations Department of Public Information (now: United Nations Department of Global Communication), the NGO/DPI Executive Committee co- produces annual  conferences for the 1500+  accredited DPI/NGOs around the world .  A new name for this vaulted organization is currently in the works: stay tuned!
The NGO DPI Executive Committee seeks Regional NGO Coordinators to represent each of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) regions.  Regional NGO Coordinators propagate the mission and goals of the Executive Committee in its efforts to advance the global activities of the United Nation and the UN Department of Global Communications (DGC).  The Executive Committee also seeks Regional Liaison Representatives to assist each of Regional NGO Coordinator.    Regional Coordinators and Liaisons will work with Executive Committee members to expand the ability of NGOs to implement UN initiatives under the Executive Committee's new Chair, Fannie Munlin.
  • To apply for the Regional NGO Coordinator volunteer position, please review the application information HERE
  • To apply for the Regional Liaison Representative volunteer position, please review the application information HERE.
  • Be sure to read the "Terms of Reference" for the Executive Committee's Regional Coordinators Subcommittee available HERE
  • Deadline for applications is December 31, 2019.
The NGO DPI Executive Committee represents international NGOs from around the world at the United Nations.  We recently hosted our 68th international civil society conference with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.  As we continue our work to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are also eager to engage with the upcoming UN75 program, the CSW/64 Beijing+25 conference, and many other UN projects.  As NGOs, we must work together to advance these UN goals and to ensure that the UN understands the local conditions of your work in regions around the world.   Given the serious global challenges we face, we eagerly seek your assistance with our important initiatives at the UN.
The  new  Executive Committee is happy to represent your interests at the UN, every day.  In order to better serve you, we will be sending you a short survey in coming months.  
  • We'd like to make sure we have your current leadership names and emails, phone numbers, addresses, and website, so we may better reach you with news you need.
  • There are over 1500 NGOs associated with UNDGC.  Did you vote for us, as your representatives for 2019-21?  Why or Why Not?
  • How much do you know about the executive committee and how we may serve you?  What suggestions might you have for us?
  • We'd love to know more about your NGO and leadership. What are your main goals, opportunities, and challenges? How can we help you improve your voice at UNHQ in New York? Essentially, how may we better serve you?
In fact, why wait for a survey: please reply whenever you can. Please also reach out with short articles or mini-videos that elaborate on your current and future efforts. By printing more about our constituents, it helps stir the discussions toward the success of the Sustainable Development Goals and the better world we all seek!
The  NGO Reporter is now an official Sub Committee of the Executive Committee! For the first time ever, the Executive Committee would like us to develop the  NGO Reporter  to ensure constituent involvement on all levels.  
Be a part of the conversation - we want to hear your voice on our NGO Reporter subcommittee and in our magazine!  We are seeking YOUR INVOLVEMENT to upgrade and expand our team at the NGO Reporter:
1)    NGOs associated with UN DGC are invited to write articles about their current and upcoming UN related work and special events, to be shared with our thousands of constituents and readers;
2)    All badge holders related to UNDGC associated NGOs can join our subcommittee: help us better inform  your constituency on relevant topics, related to civil society acting upon the SDGs and other UN goals and objectives;
3)    Translators are sought who will join us in bringing the UNs five major languages to all our readership;
4)    Online-savvy volunteers are sought to work with the editor and  NGO Reporter  sub-committee to get the magazine out six times yearly, work with its online presence, expand it to include more video and relationship to Twitter, WhatsApp, and other online platforms, as well as to expand its reach and increase the value and recognition of civil society at the UN throughout the world; and
5)    Fund development volunteers could join us (or the Development Subcommittee) to help expand our reach by supporting the cost for our platform, some paper copies to hand out at briefings, and special live-events, support the work of  NGO Reporter journalists across the globe, and expand and improve any video reporting to be included in the  NGO Reporter  going forward, among other new initiatives.
Do you have other ideas on ways you could assist us or we may be more useful to you?  Are you ready to help us re-create the NGO Reporter into a new voice for civil society at the United Nations?  

We look forward to hearing from you:
Join our local subcommittee, live or via zoom;  Write for us;  Help us edit, layout, and expand our reach!
We look forward to your interest,
Patrick Sciarratta
Chair,  NGO Reporter  Subcommittee
Editor,  NGO Reporter

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