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The NOVEMBER, 2022 NLB Edition
No Shave November has arrived– Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to grow those beards and 'staches with pride... What did you all think about my ROCKIN Freddy Mercury mustache for Halloween? Did you catch it?

If you answered "no", not to worry. It's still going strong.

Should I grow out my locks like this guy? --->
ONE "yes" and I'll do it.

I hope you have all been enjoying the warm, fall days we have been spoiled with lately!
Brace yourselves. Winter is coming.

-Mike Snow
NEW BUSINESS ALERT! Meet Our New Friend,
Dr. Jia Li, PT., DPT.
Let's Start A Conversation!

Why "Slouching" is Good
For Your Back?
By: Dr Jia Li, PT., DPT.
Owner of PhysioX, Needham, MA

When I think about the advice I used to give my back pain clients, I start to cringe! I told them they should never round their back and they should always sit with a “tall posture.” When they bend over, I look over them like a drill sergeant to make sure their back is straight. Although this type of advice is still hugely popular in most physical therapy clinics, it was quite silly. Those were unreasonable things to ask of people! After my mother developed chronic back pain, I became obsessed with learning about the intricacies of “natural” body movement. I discovered that most people needed to SLOUCH more than they needed to be “tall.” If you believe sitting tall and being erect is the best position, the rest of this article might shock you.

The spine is meant to round, curve and bend in all different types of ways. When you stop yourself from doing these movements, you actually create more rigidity in your body. Sometimes, the act of NOT rounding your spine could be the very reason your back muscles continue to stay tight. How does this work? Try this for me.
Go ahead and sit up extremely tall, like awkwardly tall. Go feel your low back muscles. Tense aren’t they? Now go ahead and take a nice long sigh (exhale). The ones you let out after finishing your last day of work just before vacation. Let the air out and allow your body to just go into a natural slouch. Go feel your low back muscles again. Does it feel softer? When you are actively sitting tall, you put your back muscles on constant tension. It is only a matter of time before those muscles will start screaming at you.
Being able to sit and slouch comfortably is one of the most important things you need. It gives your muscles a much needed break and allows your nervous system to relax. It lets you “forget” about your back so you can actually be present for whatever you are doing. Does this mean you should just sit and slouch around all day? Of course not! You need time away from your chair to exercise. The awesome trainers at PEX can speak much more about that! However, when you are not exercising, your body should adopt a “resting” posture.

What if it’s uncomfortable to slouch? You are not alone. There are many people who have been conditioned to avoid slouching for so long that they lost the “skill.” The good news is that it can be taught again! I won’t get into the nitty gritty here, but I will leave you guys with a few videos to check out below. I created these sitting tutorial videos during the pandemic to help people working from home loosen their back. Follow along closely because slouching is not as simple as it sounds.

Thank you guys for reading and thank you PEX for giving me the opportunity to share information on a topic I am passionate about!
My name is Jia Li. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of PhysioX. PhysioX is a modern physical therapy clinic that helps you spend less time thinking about your body, so you can do the things that truly matter. We help our customers get out of pain without the need for medication, injections or surgery using our unique holistic approach. We have been successful in this mission since 2020 when we started as a digital service company. Now, we are taking our services in person with our very first physical location in Needham, Massachusetts 5 minutes away from PEX!

We worked tirelessly through the summer of 2022 to design a one of a kind clinic for our customers who want more out of their physical therapy experience.
We have our big grand opening party Saturday, November 19th. starting at 11am. We are new to the Needham area and would love the chance to meet some of you!
Visit to find out more about us and sign up for our grand opening!
Here are some other ways to get in touch!
Call/Text us: 617-294-5888
Email us: [email protected]
Follow the PhysioX business IG
What An October We Had!
1) Trail Run Fun in Dover, MA

We had a fabulous and chilly morning volunteering at the Powisset Farm Trail Run in Dover, MA, organized by Mark Walker a few weeks ago. We love supporting our local community and spreading the love of all things PEX in any way we can. Thanks for having us!
2) Needham Spooky Walk

PEX loved handing out tricks and treats to the little kiddos this past Saturday for Needham Spooky Walk. We had a blast seeing all of the great costumes come through our door. Our favorites included Paddington Bear, Saturn, Strawberry, and the family of bees. SO SWEET!

This month, we said bon voyage to one of our best/ favorite/ most ambitious/ kindest/ most genuine/ hardest working team members...

While we are sad to see her go, we are SO excited to watch what the future holds for her.

Abby left a mark on us and we aren't afraid to show it. Having her as a part of our team was an absolute privilege and we are grateful for the time she chose to spend with us at PEX.

Best of luck to Abby in her future endeavors.
The Results Are in.

What is THE Fall Starbucks drink order?

Black Coffee 47.1%

Gotta love the harsh, bitter taste of
caffeine in the morning
Thanksgiving Dinner - BEST Food Choice?
Mashed Potatoes
Pumpkin Pie
Gravy on Everything
Cranberry Sauce
Green Bean Casserole
Holidays are approaching folks. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, to name a few! That means new, yummy, decadent, sweet treats that have the potential to get the better of us. Here is a TED Talk about making healthier choices.
Are you new to the fitness industry? It can be a lucrative field to be involved with BUT, what does it take to get there? The Importance of a Solid Knowledge Base, hosted by our good friend, Mike Perry, owner of Skill Of Strength, brings to light how hosting a baseline level of skills/knowledge can dramatically make the difference.
PEX October Client Spotlight!

Tracy has been training with Katie, owner of @bomberfitness, in Medfield since the end of April while in Physical Therapy and has absolutely crushed her goals so far. Her range of motion has improved AND she no longer has pain in her shoulder. FLASH FORWARD 6 months and not only can she now perform a full lunge, Tracy moved up from kettlebells to to trap bar deadlifts and is continuing to get stronger every week! Her commitment to coming in 3 days a week is paying off big time!

Tracy has one of the best attitudes - coming in, ready to go, no matter what. Always asking questions, she is willing to step out of her comfort zone and try something new. We can't wait to see what you do next, Tracy. Keep up the phenomenal work!

From the whole team at PEX: Way to go, Tracy! We are so happy to have you as a part of our community and we are inspired by watching you continue to conquer your goals! 🎉
PEX Client Ambassador Program–Want to make $100 cash?

Anytime a CURRENT PEX Health and Fitness client recruits a NEW client to PEX, the recruiting client is eligible to receive an ambassador’s fee of $100 after the new client's completion of 5 sessions!

Ask your PEX trainer for details! 💰

We're Accepting Applications!

PEX is accepting applications! Know of any fitness professionals in the area looking to advance their career in the fitness industry? Send them our way! They can fill out this form to schedule an interview.

In Conclusion,

It doesn't get butter than this
Activate: Feast Mode.

P.S. What sound does a turkey's phone make?
-Wing, wing, wing
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