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The April, 2022 Edition of the NLB
Boyyyyy do I love March. Such a great month. Winter is starting to lose it's grip and spring is starting to creep in. A few days of 60 degrees and sun, and then BAM -- 25 degrees and overcast for two weeks straight. Makes me feel like Chris Rock, I tell ya.
If March were a person, it would be Will Smith.

I am, of course, kidding. March can take a hike. I am ALL about April. Spring has SPRUNG folks. Sunny days and blue skies are on the horizon.

(By the way, why are so many people tired on April 1st? Because they just finished a 31-day march.....HA HA HA HA...)

Speaking of spring, so many beautiful changes to look forward to. Medfield is blossoming and our teams at both gyms are crushing it. We can't wait to see the growth PEX will experience in the coming months!
In this NLB edition, we're happy to welcome original content from Coach Rafi Rivera, and Amy Kuphal, owner of Amy Kuphal Fitness, offering their own wonderful words of wisdom for you all to absorb.

Enjoy the sun everyone!

M & B & K
6 Lifestyle Changes for a Higher Quality of Life
By Rafi Rivera

Practice Gratitude

Often, our brains look for the bad. These ways date back thousands of years from the early days of humanity surviving in the wild. Now, living a much more privileged life, our daily tasks, and hurdles can get in the way of seeing that. Simply completing a task such as journaling or saying five things that we are truly grateful for at the beginning of the end of the day can shift our mindset into feeling more at peace or fulfilled.
Take Stretch & Mobility Breaks

Being healthy does not necessarily require jogging, lifting heavy, or performing high-intensity exercise (although it may help significantly). The ability to complete movements like twisting your torso, touching your toes, or looking left and right without pulling something matters, too. Between your meetings, try to take five minutes to bend and twist. This will alleviate stiffness coming from sitting down and hunching over computers or devices.
Check-in Daily/Weekly/Monthly

Many of us are parents, entrepreneurs, employees trying to make it through each week to the weekend. Put a reminder on your phone to make sure you are okay physically, emotionally, and mentally.  If you have a busy lifestyle, the time goes by fast. Checking in with yourself can allow you to take a step back and adapt so that you don't burn out. 

Find Someone or Something to Hold You Accountable

We, humans, are funny creatures. We hate to disappoint others and lose out on money or opportunities. Your safest bet so that you engage in physical activity is to hire a personal trainer/health coach. Hiring a Personal Trainer/Health Coach is the ultimate form of accountability. You don't want to disappoint yourself by not showing up, and you also don't want to throw away your hard-earned money.

Join a Program With Other Friends

Working out with friends holds you accountable for coming in, and it also maximizes your time to connect with others. Community is necessary for our overall emotional health and wellbeing. Take advantage where you can.
Attempt to Improve Your Sleep and Sleep Time

This improvement alone can ultimately benefit all factors of your health. Quality sleep will aid in:
  • Speeding up your metabolism  
  • Decreasing irritability
  • Memory improvement
  • Hormonal balance

The goal is to begin a pre-bed routine. Here are a couple of changes you can try:
  • Dimming the lights
  • Minimize screen time, ideally 30 to 60 minutes before bed
  • Stop alcohol consumption at least 1 hour before bed
  • Stop fluid consumption 30 to 45 minutes before bed so that you minimize the potential to get up in the middle of the night and hopefully reach the third and 4th levels of sleep (REM & deep sleep)
  • Take a hot shower before bed to relax the body  

If you want some tips and ideas for flexibility and mobility that Coach Rafi follows in his day-to-day practices with his clients, click the link below or email Rafi to schedule an assessment!

From Barbell Shrugged, a leading resource for education in making people stronger, a group of passionate trainers share their knowledge on various topics across the entire health spectrum in this podcast episode
  • Why is mental health so easily ignored in fitness?
  • How to bring purpose to your training
  • Building trainers with a deeper understanding of human needs
  • How do we equip kids with the knowledge of mental and physical health?
  • And more!
Pull-Up Bands: Why You Need Them
By: Amy Kuphal, Owner of Amy Kuphal Fitness (Coach at PEX Medfield)
There are certain fitness movements that make you feel SO STRONG and SO POWERFUL when you master them. I can remember the moment when I went from not being able to do a pull-up to being able to do an unassisted pull-up. I was so embarrassingly excited. I actually did a fist pump and victory dance… in my room… by myself. The transition from not being able to complete a full unassisted pull-up to being able to complete one did not happen overnight and certainly did not happen without assistance along the way. That assistance came in the form of pull-up bands.
For anyone that is unfamiliar, pull-up bands are bands that are typically made of latex or synthetic rubber that can be attached to a pull-up bar. They come in a variety of resistance levels in order to provide you with more or less assistance on your pull-up. For the most part, the THICKER the band, the GREATER the level of assistance it will provide. To attach your pull-up band to your pull-up bar, simply loop it around the center of your pull-up bar forming a knot. From there, place either your knee or your foot (depending on the length of the band) inside the hanging loop. Next, grab hold of the bar overhead to begin your pull-up!

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If April has May-like weather, then what does May weather bring?


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