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Dear Client – Your Input Matters!
JUNE 2023
Dearest Readers,

Mike here! No wait, it's Katie now. I gotta keep reminding myself of that. Bear with me, it might take a little while to get used to my new identity. I keep finding myself digging into the mind of Michael Campanella...the fact that I fooled you all is amazing, yet also a little scary.

Anyways, back to our normally scheduled program.

JUNE IS HERE! School is (almost) out, the sun is shining bright, the Cape is calling, and traffic is only getting worse everywhere you drive.
What could be better than that?!

Maybe spending more quality time with your favorite people at PEX?
Happy June!
Mike's Monday Morning Message
Dear Client – Your Input Matters!
By Michael Campanella (the real one)
As a personal trainer, I've often had clients push back a little bit when I ask the question, "How does the weight feel?" or “Do you want to go heavier?” during our training sessions. Typically, the responses range from “I don’t know,” to “fine,” to “you’re the coach, you tell me.” Some clients have even admitted that they feel a bit unsure or confused when I prompt them if they want to add more weight or perform more reps on the next set. This article aims to address these responses and explain why your feedback is a pivotal part of your fitness journey.
1. “I Don’t Know”

First and foremost, personal training is a partnership; a collaborative relationship where both parties must communicate openly for the optimal outcome. Kind of like our government! Just kidding. It's true that as a trainer, I lead the sessions, design workout plans, and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. However,

I can't know how your body feels during a particular exercise, or how heavy a weight feels to you in a particular moment.

This is where your input comes in. If you “don’t know” how the weight feels, ask yourselves these questions:

1) Is this challenging (enough)?
2) Do I feel the right muscles working?
3) Am I worried I am going to get hurt?

These answers will help you figure out what a more constructive response would look like.
2. “Fine”

In fitness training, we constantly strive for progressive overload, meaning we aim to gradually increase the stress placed on your body during exercise. This is the key to enhancing performance and slowing down the aging process, and it's an integral part of your fitness journey.

If we are not making constant, incremental progress, we are wasting time.

Simply put, if you’re always using a weight that feels “fine”, you’re never going to reach the intensity needed to cause the stress necessary for long-term body composition changes.
3. “You’re the Coach, You Tell Me.”

This is typically my favorite client response, because it makes me feel like I have psychic/telepathic powers. It makes me believe that I can feel what they’re feeling and read their thoughts. I believe! The truth is, I actually have no idea. Even if a specific weight was easy last week, it might be difficult this time due to various factors like sleep quality, stress, nutrition, and overall recovery. Or maybe you have a workout where you feel jacked up on Mountain Dew and you want to kick a$$ and take names.

In either scenario, I will most likely be able to tell by your body language, facial expressions, or awful dad jokes, but it’s always easier to know through communication. Remember, my primary objective during a training program is to make sure the client is making progress (increasing weight, reps, intensity) and make sure that we prevent injury. It is so much easier with direct feedback from you. In the words of Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you!”
Finally, I want to emphasize that your voice is a vital tool in our training toolkit. As a trainer, I can provide guidance, expertise, and motivation, but the ultimate control of your workout experience lies with you. It's not possible for me to intrinsically know how the weight feels to you or precisely what your body is experiencing. That's why our ongoing dialogue about "how the weight feels" is so crucial.

In essence, personal training is as much about communication as it is about physical effort. So, the next time you're asked, "How does the weight feel?", or “Do you want to go heavier” remember that your response is not only welcomed but essential. Your honest feedback allows me to design a better training experience for you, to help you push when appropriate, and to pull back when necessary. Together, we can (prevent forest fires) and make every workout count towards your fitness goals.

The End.

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Lift For Liv
In Early May, the PEX community came together to support a local superhero. Her name is Olivia, "Liv". Diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in late March, the team held a fundraiser workout to raise awareness and funds in support of Liv and the Ennis family. Led by Marjus, Tanya, Derek, Alex, and Mike Shea, we had an ASTOUNDING turnout. We couldn't be more thankful for those that also couldn't attend, but still donated.

100% of proceeds went to the Ennis family's fight against Leukemia.
Open Gym With Body By Tanya This Last Month!
May Open Gym with Body by Tanya on May 21st, 9 am-11 am was a BLAST for those that wanted a chance to get an extra workout in!
Tanya hosted a free 2-hour opportunity to get your own workout in or join a pre-programmed workout. Open gym allowed anyone to come in for however long they would like and get an extra day of work in.
This was a GREAT chance to come to PEX Medfield and get assistance from a highly qualified personal trainer, ask questions, learn how to use new equipment, and most importantly, build a community of other healthy like-minded people.
Workout + food + good music + and a great time = Another open gym event coming SOON! We love you, Tanya!
What'sTHIS?! Another Surprise?! Another PEX?!
Oh yes. It's happening. We are EXPANDING into Newton territory! Headed by none other than the man, Derek Durkin, owner of Train Full Send! We are CRAZY excited for our next adventure with PEX and are PUMPED to see what wonderful things happen next.

More information coming soon!

What Are Your Plans For The Summer?

VACAY☀️ 45.5%

I don't blame you one bit. Enjoy! Please just make sure to come back.
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I'm Lactose Intolerant
I'm Lactose Intolerant...but I don't care
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CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Speaking Up Is Hard To Do
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Anytime a CURRENT PEX Health and Fitness client recruits a NEW client to PEX, the recruiting client is eligible to receive an ambassador’s fee of $100 after the new client's completion of 5 sessions!

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We're Accepting Applications!

PEX is accepting applications! Know of any fitness professionals in the area looking to advance their career in the fitness industry? Send them our way! They can fill out this form to schedule an interview.

In Conclusion
Have you ever wondered why pirates hate May, June July, and August?

Because they don't have Arrrrrs in them!

Ta Ta!
-K (and Mike)
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