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The June 16th, 2021 Edition of the NLB
Greetings, earthlings!

Catching you on a Wednesday with a quick N-L-B from the P-E-X in Needham.
Today's feature presentation is brought to you by the legendary Watertown Fire Fighter, Jake "the Snake" Louro.
The LISS Method
By Jake Louro
Co-Founder of Louro Training
The fitness world has become obsessed with the idea that you need to be rolling around on the floor on the verge of puking for a workout to be considered a success. I’ve certainly been guilty of this with my own training in the past, but this is absolutely not the case.

Should we train hard when appropriate? Absolutely. You will likely make very little progress if you do not train with intensity and purpose. Do you need to kill yourself everyday to get results? Absolutely not.
LISS is and acronym for low intensity steady state cardio and it is the most efficient way of burning fat while preserving lean muscle. This is because oxygen is needed to break down fat and when you do LISS cardio at the correct intensity you don’t put your body into an oxygen deprived state, making it more likely to burn excess fat stores. Did you say burn fat while simultaneously preserving muscle?! Yeaup.

The way you do this is pretty simple. First, in order to calculate your estimated target heart rate zone you need to subtract your age from 220. Then multiply that number by 60%. This is will reveal the ideal heart rate for you to maintain while performing a LISS workout. Your goal is to maintain this heart rate for 30-90 minutes.

I typically recommend that my clients do two days of LISS cardio per week, ideally on rest days. It’s a great active recovery that will help you reach your goals without hindering any strength progress. Add this to your training program, be mindful of what you eat, and the results will speak for themselves.
Interested in incorporating LISS workouts into your program but not sure where to start? Shoot Jake an email to schedule a session with him.

In the meantime, check out this YouTube video to give LISS a try on your own, no equipment needed!
LISSten to this fit-tip podcast for a simplified breakdown comparing and contrasting LISS cardio with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
1) Our New Newsletter/Blog Page is Up and Running!

Check, check, check it out here!

2) Covid-19 Updates

I cannot tell you how much better it has been at the gym since the removal of the mask mandate. (Mostly because my stress level is down about 1000% percent.) While we still have clients who have chosen to wear masks while training at our facility, everyone has been able to enjoy their training experience at their own comfort level. It has been glorious.
3) Girls on the Run Virtual 5k!

Was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who participated. I am sure that y'all performed better than me, Ashley, and Julie. At one point we were "running" by a woman who was walking, and we were barely able to keep mean...pass her.
4) PEX Medfield!

Lease negotiations are allllllmost over. (He said again, for the 71st time.) We should be signed, sealed, and delivered, in the next week or 12. Just need the lawyers to finish taking all of our money, and then we should be good to go!
In Conclusion
That's all for today's edition of the PEX NLB. A short one today, but you know what they say, "good things come in small packages!"
Sounds broken. Probably is!

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