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The July, 2022 Edition of the NLB
Good Morning!

The sun's shining, summer is officially here to stay and we're back in your inbox so you know what that means: its the first of the month, you didn't block us yet, and its time for another spectacular edition of the PEX Health and Fitness Newsletter-Blog.
By the way, this is Bianca again. Clearly I didn't do a poor enough job with my contribution to the PEX NLB last month since I've been recommissioned to introduce you to this month's edition... whatever. It's probably my own fault for taking advice from Paris Hilton.
I guess I don't really mind, especially since the content we have prepared for you this month is absolute fireworks!
Read on for an explosion of knowledge.

Happy July, everyone!
What Does A Healthy Vacation Mindset Look Like?
By Nicki Regan
Owner of Explore Fitness
(Coach at PEX Medfield)

The wait is finally over; summer is officially here! The days are longer, the sun is out, and the beach is calling our name. Fourth of July is just days away– I’m sure for most of us, so are vacations and weekend getaways. It can be hard to keep up with a workout routine or proper nutrition at this time of year. This is especially the case as schedules get busy, kids are out of school, and we are all enjoying much-needed time off with family and friends. Here are a few tips to stay on track this summer while on vacation and enjoying the nice weather.
1. Forget The Car–

We wait ALL year for this weather, right? Use it to your advantage. Sure, we need the car to get to our destination. BUT, once you’re there, ditch the car keys. Walk everywhere: to the beach, the center of town for dinner, or your nighttime ice cream treat. Take the bikes out and discover a new bike path. Skip the elevator rides and take the stairs. It’s the small things like these that can keep us moving without the gym.

2. Be One Of The Kids–

Have you ever watched a kid run around and wondered, “I wish I had half the energy they do”? For all busy parents out multitasking to an extreme, it may be more, “why/how do you have THIS much energy”? Well, here’s your chance. Play in the pool, get the bikes and rollerblades out! The kids will love every second of it. Your heart rate go up without even setting aside a specific time.

3. Pack Workout Clothes/ Resistance Bands/Plan 30 Minutes Of “You Time”–

The best way to hold yourself accountable is to come prepared and ready to go. Pack some comfortable workout clothes (for the ladies out there, bring your cute new workout outfit– trust me, you will want an excuse to wear it). If you own any resistance bands, pack those as well. Talk to your trainer about at-home exercises you can do with minimal equipment. It’s your vacation. Take some time for yourself, and set aside 30 minutes to move your body. You can still get some great beneficial workouts with just your body weight in a short amount of time.
4. Find The Local Restaurants–

Don’t deprive yourself of food in hopes of “making up” for skipping a few workouts while you are away. Eat three meals a day and make sure to consume protein each time. Skip the fast-food option, and find the restaurant that has excellent reviews or serves the famous dish in the area. Are you going to the beach for the day? Pack a lunch instead of diving into the snack bar hotdog stand.

5. Hydrate–

One of the most important things you can do, whether on vacation or not, is drinking water. Many people confuse thirst with hunger. Drink a glass of water when your first wake up and before a big meal. 
6. Alcohol Consumption–

Don’t worry, I’m not going to say to avoid alcohol completely. However, be mindful of what you are drinking. Things like mixed drinks with soda or Pina Coladas are loaded with sugar and calories. Blending large amounts of sugar and alcohol causes dehydration and will give you the worst hangovers. Try to stick to low-calorie beers, or mix drinks with soda water instead.

7. Be Realistic And Have Fun–

Especially living here in New England, summer goes by WAY too fast. These warm 80-degree days don’t last very long, so enjoy them. Splurge a little, soak up the sun and all the fun times with family and friends. The laughs, smiles, and memories made during the summer are for our health and well-being. Just make sure to get back on track when the vacation comes to an end!
Ready to Beat the Heat this summer?
Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall shares helpful tips for summer health and safety on the popular talk show, The Drs.
This edition's featured podcast is called Leaders Who Scale, led by Jeff Siegal. Here, he has a special guest joining in– PEX's very own, MIKE CAMPANELLA! Listen in for details on Mike's personal business journey and about how PEX came to be!
What Can a Cardio-Only Workout Routine Do for You?
I'll give you a hint. It's not great.
Many people believe that a cardio-only approach to exercise will yield weight-loss results and suffice as a wholesome program for health, fitness and wellness. Well guess what? IT WON'T!

First of all, you might not even burn fat during a cardio-only session! If your goals include losing unwanted weight, a simple cardio session performed consistently could actually slow down the fat-burning process.
Without an excel in the intensity of your exercises, and some conscious effort towards strengthening your muscles, you will feel like you are working hard but the only real results will be that you're making yourself hungry and tired. Cortisol levels can become heightened, straining your body's ability to burn fat, but your body's hormonal ability to regulate hunger can also become imbalanced. Oftentimes, we see carb-focused cravings following intense cardio sessions which could ultimately contribute to a suppression of fat burning and thus become a cause for weight gain! Other negative effects you may experience from consistent, cardio-only exercise can manifest in the form of weakened bones, poor posture and even a break down of the cartilage in your joints.

So, now you know. We're not saying to skip on your morning jog. We're just saying, let's incorporate strength training, resistance training, conditioning and more, in with a little cardio. Consult with a PEX trainer if you need help designing and following a personalized program to reach your health, fitness and wellness goals.


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2.) PEX Summer Youth Program

Introducing the Summer Youth Program, new at PEX Medfield and PEX Needham! We are offering private and semi-private sessions which will introduce strength and conditioning, weight training, agility training, sport-specific training and much more! Building a general knowledge and understanding of using the gym will provide your children with a foundation of education for health, fitness and wellness that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. And it will get them off TikTok for couple for hours. For additional information and to set up an assessment session, please message us directly!
3.) PEX Client Ambassador Program

Do you know someone who is interested in working with a trainer at either of our PEX locations? In the event that a CURRENT PEX Health and Fitness client recruits a NEW client to PEX, the recruiting client is eligible to receive an ambassador’s fee of $100, after the new client’s successful completion of ONLY 5 personal training sessions with a coach at PEX Health and Fitness.
4.) PEX May Client Spotlight - Sam Fishman

Sam and Mike, owner of PEX Health and Fitness, have been working together for the last three years, and it has been his absolute pleasure to watch him mature and grow into the young man he has become. Most recently, over the last year, Sam has changed his diet and his workout regimen, and has lost 45 pounds while adding strength and muscle mass– an impressive feat to say the least (check his before and after below!). And all the while, he has continued to excel in his baseball career and somehow manages to get straight A's in school.

He has an awesome support system (shoutout to his amazing family) and he always works his hardest. He brings a positive attitude to the gym every time he trains, and he is always down for a good laugh. A big congratulations to our man Sam Fishman– we are very proud of you and inspired by your commitment!
In Conclusion,
Do you know how many hot dogs are consumed by Americans every year on the Fourth of July?

150 million.

So, if you're feeling anything less than patriotic lately, there's a fact that should emanate sheer pride and inspiration in you for the potential of the American People. Happy Fourth of July everyone, enjoy the summer sun and eat a hot dog or 150 million.

Bye for Now!
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