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The June, 2022 Edition of the NLB
Hello. This is not Mike Speaking. As Mike mentioned in his message to you last month, there was a 0.000157% chance that his neck surgery would go wrong and that he wouldn't be able to type again. Well, I am here to tell you that, probability wins again! Mike's surgery went well (we were 99.999843% sure it would) and he is handling his recovery to the best of his ability.
Unfortunately, as an effect of Mike being out of the gym for a bit longer than expected, he is still playing catch-up so I decided to hop in and greet you, our wonderful recipients, to open for PEX NLB June 2022! This is Bianca speaking, Mike's co-pilot and backup correspondent for PEX. He proof-read this section before it sent and said, "it's good.............." through his teeth, sheer disappointment gleaming in his eyes.

On that note, I will start you off with a quote from the brilliant and dignified, Paris Hilton:

"If someone ever asks you to do something for them, do it really bad so you never have to do it again".
Read on, you won't be disappointed! Exclusive content brought to you below, by the best NLB-writer (and proof-reader) to ever exist, the one-and-only, Mr.Michael Campanella!
Recovery Protocol After a Major Injury or Surgery
A Nutritional Approach to Prevent Muscle Wasting & Speed Recovery
By Mike Campanella
Owner and CEO of PEX Health and Fitness

We’ve all been there: a pulled hamstring doing sprints on the track, a tweaked back doing kettlebell swings, a strained rotator cuff after throwing a baseball. If you’ve ever been an athlete, or someone who is active and engages in physical activity, injuries are inevitable. More often than not, we can get by with some ice (in the acute phase), anti-inflammatories, heat, and healthy movement. A week or two at most, and you’ll be feeling right as rain.

But every so often an injury can take you out of training for weeks at a time, or worse, a surgery puts you on the sidelines for a month or two. What do you do, then, when you cannot train?  

For starters, most of us have around a two week cushion before we start losing our hard-earned muscle mass. At that two week mark, the metabolic cost of keeping said muscle hits the breaking point, and your body will start breaking down any excess mass that is not essential for daily life.  

FEAR NOT! There are some supplemental and nutritional strategies you can implement to help prevent muscle wasting/strength-loss while simultaneously increasing recovery time. 

Take these supplements for 2-4 weeks after a major injury and/or surgery:
(I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one: please consult your physician before using this protocol!)

Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamin A — 10,000 IU/day
Vitamin C — 1000-2000 mg/day
Copper — 2-4 mg/day
Zinc — 15-30 mg/day

Protein and Amino Acids
Collagen Protein — 15 grams 2x/day
L-Arginine — 5 grams 2x/day
HMB — 1.5 grams 2x/day
L-Glutamine — 5 grams 2x/day
L-Leucine — 5 grams 2x/day
Creatine Monohydrate — 5 grams/day
Other Things to Consider

While recovering from a major injury, or surgery, it is important to eat a low-inflammation diet. When tolerable, easily digestible protein, healthy fats, fruits, spices (like turmeric and ginger) and vegetables, should be the pillars of your menu during recovery. Avoid sugar, alcohol, trans fats and plant oils, processed carbohydrates, etc. Protein consumption, whether in a supplement form, or whole food form, should be adequate (0.5 to 0.8 grams per pound of body weight) and spread evenly throughout the day for maximum protein synthesis activity.

While we are always doing our best to prevent major injury, it’s always helpful to have a plan should things go sideways. We hope that this template gives you a roadmap in times of injury or stress, so that you don’t feel too helpless during the initial recovery phase. 

On a personal note: having just recently gone through a major surgery, I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this protocol. After three weeks of being unable to move, pretty much at all, I feel like I was able to maintain decent lean body mass, and have prevented turning into a melted candle in human form.
How important IS physical therapy after a major surgery or life event? HERE, Dr. Qing-Min Chen talks about how anyone can benefit from PT, even without having any major work done on the body.
What do you think, are general treatments better than specific? Professionals, Brad Neal and Claire Robertson share their thoughts on various treatments and discuss, based on literary evidence, where they stand.
What ARE Some Of Those Supplements For Anyway??
Professor Campanella is here to educate you all
Vitamin A Vitamin A enhances and supports early inflammation during injury, reverses post-injury immune suppression, and assists in collagen formation. Studies show that collagen production is stronger with vitamin A supplementation and repair is quicker.

Vitamin C enhances our body’s response to early-onset inflammation during the initial stages of an injury. It also plays a role in collagen synthesis, as it helps form bonds between strands of collagen fiber. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant and enhances the immune system.

Copper is a mineral that assists in forming red blood cells and works with vitamin C to form elastin and strengthen connective tissue during the repair.

Zinc plays a role in DNA synthesis, cell division, and protein synthesis — all necessary for tissue regeneration and repair. Zinc is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies, and zinc deficiency has been associated with poor wound healing and poor tissue regeneration.
Should I grow my hair out this long? Maybe the beard? ...I'm obviously asking for a friend *cough cough*
Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein is the major structural protein in the body. Collagen is an essential nutrient for wound healing and healthy skin, and also makes up a large percentage of our bones, tendons, connective tissue, and muscles. That is why it’s one of the most important nutrients for maintaining bone and joint health, speeding up recovery time for strains, sprains, and ROCK He stole my muscles *obviously* other soft tissue injuries.

Arginine stimulates insulin release and human growth hormone production. These powerful anabolic hormones increase protein synthesis and collagen deposition. During increased nitric oxide production, arginine can increase blood flow to the injured area and activate macrophages (cells that help remove dead cells) for tissue clean-up. Studies using arginine in humans have demonstrated that high dose arginine supplementation can increase collagen accumulation, reduce lean body mass loss, and accelerate wound healing.
L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid for the metabolism of all the cells that engage in the immediate response to injury and the associated inflammation. During physical trauma, glutamine needs dramatically increase. Glutamine supplementation can reduce morbidity, mortality, and length of hospital stay (if you have surgery). 

HMB, a metabolite of the amino acid leucine, has been shown in numerous studies to inhibit muscle protein breakdown and increase net protein synthesis, leading to potential increases in muscle mass. In addition, research has shown that HMB increases collagen deposition in humans and improves nitrogen balance in critically injured adults.

L-Leucine, otherwise known as a “nutrient signal,” has been shown in studies to reduce muscle protein breakdown while stimulating muscle protein synthesis. It is thought that the combination of L-Leucine, and HMB, can produce a more anabolic environment for muscle cells, leading to more efficient protein synthesis.

Creatine Monohydrate can increase muscle strength, size, and power, in healthy individuals. In times of injury and stress, creatine monohydrate has been shown to prevent muscle wasting and also helps to maintain muscle strength and power during periods of inactivity. 


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2.) Community Involvement

PEX is a proud supporter of our trainer, Ashley Means @anm_strength, who is raising awareness for LGBTQ+ communities in honor of Pride Month during June! PEX has donated $500 to her cause.

Ashley did some rebranding this spring and have a new logo for ANM Strength! She decided to launch the new logo with some apparel for the summer and raise funds for a local charity, Everett LGBTQ + Youth Space and Resource Center (ELYSARC). They are the first LGBTQ+ community center to open in Everett, MA.

For every shirt sold, $5 will be donated to the GoFundMe page. Ashley will be taking orders via email, text or in person until 6/8. If you have any questions feel free to reach out or find her at our Needham location!

ELYSARC's mission is to enhance the safety and quality of life for Everett’s LGBTQ+ residents, especially youth, by providing resources, mentorship, and a safe space for all to enjoy!

If you'd like to donate to ELYSARC, here is the GoFundMe link: GoFundMe
To learn more, visit the ELYSARC WEBSITE here!
3.) PEX Client Ambassador Program

Do you know someone who is interested in training at either of our PEX locations? In the event that a CURRENT PEX Health and Fitness client recruits a NEW client to PEX, the recruiting client is eligible to receive an ambassador’s fee of $100, after the new client’s successful completion of ONLY 5 personal training sessions with a coach at PEX Health and Fitness.
4.) PEX May Client Spotlight - Sue

Sue reached out to trainer Amy Kuphal, owner of Amy Kuphal Fitness, with the goal of increasing her muscular strength and losing weight. As it turns out, this goal carried an even bigger meaning for Sue, as the date of her initial consultation fell on her 45th birthday! As a busy, working mother of two, she has spent that last decade putting the needs of others first. She committed to making year 45 different. Despite being new to weight training, Sue quickly picked up on all of the exercises put in front of her and developed a new confidence walking into PEX. In the month since she started, she has already experienced an increase in strength, stamina, and weight loss. With her consistently positive attitude and dedication to giving her all during every workout, there is no doubt that Sue will be surpassing all of her goals this year. Great work, Sue!

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