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How did COP22 strengthen the NWP's role as an adaptation knowledge hub?  
SBSTA 45 recognized the role of the NWP as a knowledge hub supporting enhanced action on adaptation. The outcomes of COP22 have also strengthened the role of the NWP in providing knowledge support to the work of the Adaptation Committee and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group.
Prioritizing and closing knowledge gaps in the Himalayas and Indian Ocean islands  
As part of the Lima Adaptation Knowledge Initiative (LAKI) aiming at identifying and prioritizing adaptation knowledge gaps and facilitating the closing of these gaps at the subregional level, two workshops were held in parallel in Sri Lanka. They focused on the Hindu Kush Himalayan subregion and the Indian Ocean Island countries .

3 impactful ways NWP partners contribute to Goal 13 on climate action  
In this video, NWP partner organizations share their experience in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal 13, "Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts", as well as their expert views on where action is most urgently needed.
Climate action under the NWPactivities
Latest development on M&E tools and methods for adaptation 
In response to a recommendation from the Adaptation Committee (AC), an inventory of adaptation monitoring and evaluation tools and methods was undertaken and presented during the 10th meeting of the AC. The upcoming work under the NWP will focus on indicators of adaptation and resilience. 
7 ideas to boost the engagement of national focal points in NWP activities 
SBSTA 44 concluded that actions should be undertaken to enhance the participation of UNFCCC national focal points in relevant activities under the NWP, and their role in disseminating knowledge outputs. Based on a survey carried out in September, a number of actions have been proposed in the progress report considered at SBSTA 45.
How to catalyze climate action in cities through knowledge ?  
The joint networking event betweeen the UNFCCC/NWP and the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) at the Habitat III conference in Quito, contributed to exploring partnership opportunities with scientific organizations, local and municipal governments, in support of NWP activities on human settlements.

At COP22, an innovative forum to address the critical issue of health and adaptation
The 10 th Focal Point Forum gathered over 150 participants in Marrakech to discuss innovative actions that could be undertaken to address key challenges in the area of climate impacts on human health.

How partnering with students can support climate action on adaptation ? 
A group of 10 students supervised by Professor Avik Basu from the University of Michigan supported various events organized by the Adaptation Progamme during COP22. This new collaborative partnership also helped students gain a better understanding of the negotiation process.

Would you like to be part of NWP's climate action? Respond to the following calls for submissions: 
By 25 January 2017: Ecosystems and water resources. >>> 
By 20 September 2017: Economic diversification. >>> 
By 20 September 2017: Indicators of adaptation and resilience. >>>
By 20 September 2017: Human settlements. >>>  
a More opportunities to engage under the UNFCCCopportunities
Save the date: 11th meeting of the AC
The next meeting of the Adaptation Committee (AC) is scheduled from 7 to 10 March 2017 and is open to observers. During the same week, the AC and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group will hold a joint meeting to further their work on joint mandates from the 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris. 
3 useful ways you can support the work of the AC 
Respond to the following calls for submissions:
By 12 January 2017
: on ways to enhance the coherence of the work of adaptation-related institutional arrangements under the Convention  >>> 
By 12 January 2017: on assessing adaptation needs >>>
By 31 January 2017: on modalities for recognizing adaptation efforts, methodologies for mobilizing support and for reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of adaptation and support >>>
Wondering how your organization could be more engaged? Learn about the technical examination process:
Opportunities to strengthen the collaboration between the Adaptation Committee (AC), NWP partner organizations and other relevant organizations, will arise in 2017, including through the technical examination process on adaptation and in particular during the technical expert meetings held under that process. >>>
Save the date: 31st meeting of the LEG

The 31st meeting of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) will develop a two-year rolling work programme, including ways to further enhance collaboration with the NWP. The meeting will be held on 6-10 March 2017 in Bonn, Germany. 
Find out about 4 concrete ways your organization can support NAPs
The Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) continues to engage a wide range of organizations in implementing its work programme. Key areas of collaboration and partnerships of relevance to the NWP partner organizations relate to national adaptation plans (NAPs) and include the NAP Expo, training on NAPs, NAP case studies and NAP Central.  >>>
Save the date: 5th meeting of the Excom 
a a
The next meeting of the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage (Excom) will take place 21-24 March 2017, open to observers. The meeting aims to develop activities for the strategic workstreams of the Excom's 5-year rolling workplan. Check out the online guide on loss and damage to learn more about ongoing work.
Learn about the Excom's strategic workstreams and how you can contribute to the work on loss and damage:
By 28 February 2017: Respond to the calls for submissions on possible activities under strategic workstreams of the framework for the five-year rolling workplan of the Excom. >>>
Save the date: 9th meeting of the Research Dialogue  
At SBSTA 46, the ninth meeting of the Research Dialogue will include a focus on climate research information and gaps at a regional level.   

Is your organization carrying out climate research at the regional level? Learn how you can play a key part in the meeting of the Research Dialogue:     
Relevant research programmes and organizations carrying out activities, including workshops, at regional level are invited to contact the secretariat to find out how they can contribute to the dialogue. >>>  
Latest progress on the local communities and indigenous peoples' platform
An incremental approach was adopted to developing the local communities and indigenous peoples platform referred to in decision 1/CP.21. An open multi-stakeholder dialogue on the operationalization of the platform will be organized at SBSTA 46. Submissions are invited from Parties and other stakeholders to inform the dialogue. 
Would you like to contribute to the design of the local communities and indigenous peoples' platform? Respond to the call for submissions:  
By 31 March 2017: on the purpose, content and structure of the platform >>>
Always wanted your organization to participate in UNFCCC meetings and never knew how? Find out now! 
Organizations need to be admitted as observers by the Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC to attend a UNFCCC session or meeting (e.g. under the Adaptation Committee, the Excom or the Least Developed Countries Expert Group). Observers also have the opportunity to apply for a side event or an exhibit at sessions and join one of the Constituency networks.  Applications for admission can be completed online >>>
aLatest news from NWP partner organizationsnews
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10 inspiring experiences of sustainable and climate-resilient cities
The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy has recently published a brochure introducing good practices in the field of climate change adaptation and mitigation, based on the experiences of 10 European cities that are signatories to the Covenant.
Since the release of the August 2016 edition of the eUpdate, the following 13 organizations have joined the NWP as new partners. In line with the SBSTA 44 mandate, they contribute to developing new partnerships with the private sector, scientific organizations, academia, organizations representing indigenous and traditional communities, spiritual and religious groups and mass media.
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Banka Bioloo Pvt. Ltd
Banka Bioloo is a women-led business organization engaged in promoting and developing innovative environmental friendly products and services for human waste management system. Its purpose is to provide climate resilient and sustainable sanitation solutions that obviate the need for external infrastructure. 

Fame Lab
The FAME Lab of the University of Thessaly focuses on the climate change impacts on human health and productivity in the workplace, and explores the implications for occupational health, safety and social protection. 

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Family Health Options Kenya
Family Health Options Kenya provides reproductive health services to the Kenyan population through their clinics, community based programming and capacity building. Its Pambazuko project proposes a  Health and Environment Model that ensures that communities benefit from enhanced resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change. 

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Hue College of Economics
Located in the heart of Central Vietnam, a region frequently confronting natural disasters and development challenges, the HCE promotes deep engagement and collaboration with the community and industry. 
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Kothowain (Vulnerable People's Development Organization) 
The Kothowain organization 's mission is to bring sustainable positive change by reducing poverty among the marginalized people, especially women and children, by undertaking needs- and rights-based development programs in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. 

Marinelife Alliance
Marinelife Alliance is engaged in environmental and biodiversity conservation for marine and coastal areas in Bangladesh. Its main activities consist in scientific monitoring, habitat restoration and protection through community participation. 
Nepal Health Research Council
Nepal Health Research Council is an apex body of Government of Nepal. Its research covers many aspects of human health, including climate change and health vulnerability, adaptation and impact assessment studies. NHRC is also contributing to formulate Health National Adaptation Plan and other adaptation plans in Nepal.

Rajdhani National Daily
The NWP has recently engaged into a new partnership with the Rajdhani National Daily, a Nepali national daily newspaper.

The Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh
The  Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh   is engaged in strengthening communities' resilience   to climate change and improving food security.

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Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
UUSC is a human rights organization that works with marginalized communities around the world. Their environmental justice and climate action program focuses on increasing the resilience of affected communities by establishing and elevating their rights in decision making processes at the local, state and international levels. 

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University of Bonn
The University of Bonn's TransRe research project on the environment-migration nexus addresses how connections between places of origin and of destination can contribute to increased resilience of resource-dependent household. A toolkit on migration and adaptation has been developed and is currently tested in rural communities in Thailand.

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University of Michigan
One of the key missions of the University of Michigan is to manage and conserve the Earth's resources on a sustainable basis. To this end, its faculty, staff and students engage globally through research, education, and outreach programs to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

University of Washington Center for Health and the Global Environment a 
conducts research and policy analysis, education and capacity building on health outcomes associated with the consequences of global environmental changes, such as extreme weather and climate events, water and food security, and infectious diseases.

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