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It is not news to any of us that boys and girls are different. That difference has traditionally been respected by signs on or near the doors of bathrooms, public showers and locker rooms that indicate that the facility is to be used exclusively by "boys" or "girls."


But that simple notion - sex separate facilities - is now being challenged throughout the country.


And in California, Privacy For All intends to do something about it.


This summer marks the kickoff of signature gathering for a common sense initiative that respects the naked facts that boys and girls are different. It will protect privacy for all - those that are uncomfortable in traditionally sex separate facilities, and those that do not want the intrusion of the opposite gender where individuals may be fully or partially undressed.


You can read the text of the Initiative here

Simply put, once this initiative qualifies and is approved by voters, California's government owned public restrooms, showers and locker rooms will remain separated by physical and legal gender.


Boys in the boys' bathrooms and showers. Girls in the girls' bathrooms and showers.


California private businesses will be able to choose their own path. If they wish to operate their bathrooms or other facilities based on "gender identity" versus "gender reality," they can do so. But if they want to provide traditional privacy and separation, they cannot be sued for making this choice.


Of course there are exceptions in the proposed initiative for single stall or family facilities, as well as for those who require assistance by someone of the opposite gender.


This initiative is motivated by compassion for those that feel that biology has betrayed them and sincerely identify with a gender that is different than their physical body. But it is also motivated by compassion for those that are justifiably embarrassed or humiliated by unwanted exposure when physical boys or girls are undressed or partially dressed in the same facility.


Some of you might be thinking that this sounds familiar - signature gathering to keep bathrooms and other facilities separate.


Two years ago California's Governor signed controversial, first in the country legislation that would allow K-12 students in all California public schools to choose their bathroom, shower or locker room based on gender identity as opposed to gender reality. If a boy identified as a girl, this new law would have allowed him to use the girls' locker room, shower and bathroom.


Many of you helped challenge that new dictate as Privacy For All Students gathered almost 620,000 signatures for a referendum to overturn the law and protect student privacy in public school bathrooms. That battle is ongoing. When elections officials took the unprecedented step of throwing out one in five signatures, the referendum was just short of qualifying. But PFAS was certain that it had presented more than enough valid signatures, and they are challenging the decision in court. PFAS won a first important battle and even forced the State to pay their legal fees. They expect to win this second battle, but courts run in slow motion.


This new initiative is different and Privacy For All Students has broadened to Privacy For All

The earlier referendum would have turned back the 2013 public school bathroom law. But since then, many proponents of open bathrooms, showers and locker rooms have begun to argue that they do not need any specific law or even a court decision to take down the "boys" and "girls" signs on all bathrooms in California. They argue that fairness, and a desire to stop bullying are justification enough for new bathroom rules.


And they often try to shut down debate by arguing that opposition to these new bathroom rules is motivated by hate.


Let's address that last point first. Modesty is not hate.


As our name implies, we desire privacy for all. PFA wants to show compassion for that small group that is not comfortable in sex separated facilities as well as the majority that expect that they will not be forced to view or be viewed in a mixed gender facility.


The naked fact is that boys and girls are physically different. Sincerity does not trump nakedness. Forcing boys and girls to share these facilities is bullying. Keeping facilities sex separate and making accommodations for those that are not comfortable is compassionate and respectful of all.


If you share the view of Privacy For All that this is just common sense, then we ask for your help and support.


In the coming months we need to gather about 365,000 signatures to place this initiative before California voters in November of 2016. That is about 140,000 signatures less than was required for the earlier referendum effort.


Click here to print a petition. Fill it out completely, and return to the address listed on the bottom of the petition.


We also need your financial support. There is no hiding the fact that it costs a lot of money to qualify and pass a voter initiative in California. Please donate to Privacy For All today.


Finally, help us get out the word about this initiative




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Share the naked facts. Protect privacy for all.