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Second Sunday in Advent
      December 10 , 2017

   Please welcome back Pastor Elaine Hewes
   who will preside at our service this Sunday.

The Episcopal Church of the Province of New England

  All are Welcome!

           Sunday, December 10, 2017
           10 am:  Holy Eucharist 
Readings for the Second Sunday in Advent :     

(Please see scripture Notes Below) 



On the Calendar
Sunday, December 10  - 10am Holy Eucharist with Pastor Elaine Hewes
                                  -  Stewardship In-gathering, following the service    
Monday, December 11   - 9:30-11am  Parenting and Children Group
                                   - 11am  Timely Traders Investment Group
                                   -  4:30pm  Silent Meditation/ Centering Prayer
Thursday, December 14  - 10:15am Outreach Ministry Meeting  - All are welcome! 
Sunday, December 17     - 10am Holy Eucharist with Rev. Vesta Kowalski       
                              - Worship Committee Meeting following the service                                
Monday, December 18    - 9:30-11am  Parenting and Children Group
                                    - 11am  Timely Traders Investment Group
                                    - 4:30pm  Silent Meditation/ Centering Prayer 
 Click here to visit the Events Page Calendar on the website for     
  up-to-date information.  

                   St. Brendan the Navigator 
                        Parish Renewal Plan 
Updated Report!
           Parish Renewal Plan Report #4     
     Three Goals Accomplished, Six Goals In Process of Being Accomplished, Two Goals Yet to be Addressed (as of 11/30/17)
To Review Renewal Plan Report #4,  
                    please click link below: 
Please click on the link below for the Parish Renewal Plan in detail, as approved by the Parish August 13, 2017: 
The Plan is also available on our web site: 
2018 Budget Approved 
At its meeting November 30th the Vestry/Renewal Team adopted a mildly optimistic budget for 2018. The Vestry decided to fully fund support for the newly reorganized  
and emerging ministries created under the Renewal Plan in the belief and hope that our members will respond accordingly.  The budget retains the current level of increased clergy presence in non Sunday activities, pays the Diocesan assessment in full and retains the traditional high commitment to Outreach. The Worship and Music Ministry is undertaking an array of diverse alternatives in virtually every element of the Sunday Eucharist, while the Pastoral Care Ministry and Outreach Ministry are re-imagining and expanding their functions. An exciting year is underway!   
Parishioners can look forward to budgetary updates from time to time following the Sunday Eucharist during the year ahead.
For a copy of the detailed budget, please contact Pete Dane at:   

                  RENEWAL  AND  JOY!
Stewardship for 2018
Your Stewardship Committee cordially invites one and all to a special coffee hour following the Eucharist service on Sunday, December 10, our official In-gathering Sunday.  We want to show our gratitude for all pledges for 2018.

We will ask our presiding priest, Pastor Elaine Hewes, to bless the basket of pledges,  
in which we will place all that we have received to date both by hand, by mail and on  
the website.

Thank you for your generous support of Christian life at St. Brendan's.
Thank You!  
The Stewardship Ministry
Can't find your pledge card?  Want to get it in by this Sunday? No problem, pledges can be made online.  Click the link below and scroll down to the pledge form.  
                                            Pledge Now 
Worship & Music Ministry Plans Upcoming Services 
Please take note of the following services planned this holiday season:   
December 24 - Advent IV (Greening of the Church following the service)
December 28 - Thursday at 4pm- Service in remembrance of the Massacre  
of the Innocents
December 31 -  10am Lessons and Carols
Note- For those wishing to attend a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Service:
St. Francis Episcopal Church, Blue Hill, has the following schedule:
Christmas Eve at 5:00 pm with a pot luck following
Christmas Day Service at 10am


Worship & Music Ministry Call for Help
In order for St. Brendan's to continue offering services at the Island Nursing  
Home, volunteer(s) to go with Connie are needed. We are scheduled for  
January 14, March 11, and May 13. The Worship & Music Ministry asks you to  
prayerfully consider if you would volunteer for ONE date, or, of course, more  
if possible. The service is at 2pm and lasts about a ½ hour. Connie chooses  
appropriate hymns and plays the piano. This is an important outreach of  
St. Brendan's to the community that we hope we can continue. However,  
if no help is forthcoming, we will notify the Nursing Home of a temporary  
hiatus in our participation. Please contact Mickey at  
if you are able and willing to help.
Eucharistic Visitor Training

The Worship & Music Ministry invites members of the congregation to become  
a Eucharistic Visitor. Training will be offered to those willing to assist in bringing  
the Eucharist to our home bound and ill members. A safe church certification
is also needed and can be taken on line. This is a valuable outreach to members  
of our congregation; we ask for your special consideration and help.  
Please contact Mickey at  for more information and of  
your willingness to serve. 
Thank You! 

A Note of Heartfelt Thanks... 
Dear Friends,
I have tried to write this several times. But any words that are powerful enough  
to express my profound gratitude to you just haven't come to me. So this will  
have to do...
Because of your multiple words and acts of love, I felt lifted up by you so that I  
could move through the first few days of my life without Lynn. You helped me  
plan a service that celebrated Lynn's life and provided a wonderful feast for  
those who gathered to attend it. You brought me food and cleaned out my  
refrigerator after I left for San Francisco. You drove me to the airport. You  
prayed with me and for me. The many acts of love are far too numerous to list.
You are a most loving congregation.
With great affection and appreciation,
Marilyn Verhey

 Slow down.  Quiet.  It's Advent!
As part of our goal to include seasonal members in our life here at St. Brendan's, the Education and Spiritual Development Ministry sent out Advent Calendars and Christmas cards to our friends who are away.  In a unique way, the calendar offers ideas for  
prayer, helping others and being thoughtful about the true meaning of Christmas.   
We hope that it will enhance your observance of Advent and that you know your  
friends here are thinking of you and sending Advent and Christmas greetings and blessings.
The Education and Spiritual Development Ministry

Scripture Notes for the Second Sunday in Advent  
Today is the first of the Advent Sundays centered on the ministry of John the Baptist as  
the forerunner of the Messiah. We hear Mark's account of the  beginning of John's ministry and message. John is presented as the last of the Old Testament prophets and the one  
who embodied the role foreseen by Isaiah as the messenger to prepare the way for the coming of the Christ. He used the traditional Jewish ceremony of renewal and  repentance - baptism - but promises that the one who is coming will immerse people in the 
Spirit of God.
Our first reading is the passage from Isaiah quoted by Mark concerning John the Baptist. This  comes from the time of the end of the Jewish people's exile in Babylon and was an exhortation  to them to return to the land of promise now that they had been freed by the Persian king, Cyrus. This second Exodus is filled with the promise of God's love and care  
for the people. 
The second reading from 2 Peter looks toward the end of time. The writer is concerned  
with how we live in this time in anticipation for the time to come when the Day of the  
Lord will be  revealed.
We live in the time in between Christ's first Advent and his second Coming and we gather  
in the Eucharist as people immersed by Baptism into God's Spirit. We are called not only  
to celebrate  God's presence as our shepherd but also to be messengers who, like John, announce the coming of God's Kingdom. We do this by proclaiming the Word, by  
celebration of God's sacramental presence, and by lives of peace and growth in the  
grace and knowledge of our Lord.

From The Rite Light: Reflections on the Sunday Readings and Seasons of the Church Year.  
Copyright © 2009 by Michael W. Merriman. Church Publishing Incorporated, New York.

In Our Prayers
We pray for those on our prayer list suffering and recovering from illnesses especially Rev. Edward Dufresne, William Rice Sr., Elaine Graham, Patricia P,   Pat Stoneburner, Tony Stoneburner, Kathy Gray, Holly Zack, Carolyn Angel, Colin MacNaught, Nancy Stearns, Andrew Harriman, Tom Davenport, Hannah Scaife, Marcia Scott, Sen. John McCain, Henry 'Hank' Millon, Jennifer Hulsey and her family Byron, Ben, and Clair. We pray, also, for those who love and care for them.

We pray for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

We pray for all those receiving care through Neighbor Care and for all the residents of the Island Nursing Home, the Northern Bay Residential Facility,
and their families.

We pray for the dying, and those who have died. We remember also those who mourn.

We pray for the victims of gun violence-in our cities and towns, in our schools, in our places of worship, and in our homes.

We pray for the victims of the violence of armed conflicts around the world. We pray for those made refugees by the violence of armed conflicts. We pray for the victims of terrorist attacks everywhere.

We pray for all who suffer the effects of domestic violence and the violence
of bullying in our schools.

We pray for all peacemakers, and all those who work for justice.

We pray for all those serving in the armed forces of our country, remembering, especially, Craig, Chris, and Graham.

We pray for all who govern, and we pray for the concerns of our local community, remembering, especially, our children, our young people, and our isolated elderly.

We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Suheil, Bishop of Jerusalem; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Steve, our Bishop; for the members of our vestry; and for all our members, whose ministries are varied and far-reaching.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for our Hispanic sisters and brothers on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For all immigrants and refugees and the ministries that serve them.          

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for Wyoming - (VI, The Episcopal Church

On the Island and Peninsula, we pray for Penobscot United Methodist Church.


                                          Icon of St. Brendan by Siri Beckman

Lord, I will trust you.

Help me to journey beyond the familiar and  into the unknown.  

Give me the faith to leave old ways and break new ground with you. 

Christ of the mysteries, I trust you to be stronger than each     storm  within me.  

 I will trust in the darkness and know that my times are in your hand.
Tune my spirit to the music of heaven, and somehow, make my   obedience count for you.   

                                                                                 -Prayer attributed to St. Brendan


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