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Our Mission: "To Love, Praise, Welcome and Serve" 
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Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
June 17, 2018


Please welcome back The Reverend Barbara Clarke  
who will preside at our service this Sunday. 
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Sunday, June 17, 2018

10:00am, Holy Eucharist 
Readings for the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost :


 (Please see scripture notes below)



The Mission of St. Brendan the Navigator Episcopal Church is to l ove, praise, welcome, and serve:
· t o love one another as Christ loves us,
· to praise God in all things,
· to welcome and affirm all persons,
· to serve the needs of one another and of those on the island, the peninsula, and throughout the world.


On the Calendar:
      Sunday, June 17         -10am Holy Eucharist with The Rev. Barbara Clarke
      Monday, June 18        - 9:30 Parenting Group
                                      - 4:30 Silent Meditation
      Wednesday, June 20   - 4:30 Choir Rehearsal
      Thursday, June 21      - 1:30pm Vestry/renewal Team Meeting 
                                      - 6-8pm Third Thursday Music Gathering
      Sunday, June 24        - 10am Holy Eucharist with The Rev. Barbara Clarke
                                            Parish Forum following the service
      Looking Ahead:  
      Sunday, July 1           - 10am  Holy Eucharist with The Rev. Vesta Kowalski
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                          St. Brendan the Navigator
                                Parish Renewal Plan

   Four Goals / Green /Accomplished
 Six Goals / Blue/ Ongoing/ In Process of Being Accomplished
  One Goal / Red / Not Yet  Addressed (as of 2.15.18)
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June 24th Parish Forum
As I mentioned during announcements recently, there will be a Parish Forum next Sunday, June 24th, following the service to address and discuss Goal #5 (outlined below) of the Renewal Plan which was approved and adopted by our parish last August.   
I hope we can all agree this year has been one of healing and growth, due in  
great part to the goals and ministries established and empowered by the Plan.
Goal #5 is the next step in providing the priestly leadership needed to help spiritually support, guide and sustain St. Brendan's parish over the long term.       
In addition to presenting several budgetary options for consideration in achieving Goal #5, t he Vestry thought it also prudent and important to prepare a preliminary forecast of prioritized capital needs anticipated to maintain our church building and facility. S uggestions and creative solutions for funding will be offered - and ideas solicited.
Please join us for this important conversation next Sunday and help ensure the sustainability of St. Brendan's into the future.
Thank you-
Lis Ingoldsby
Senior Warden 
Confirm congregational support for, develop a realistic budget and financial projection for, and partner with the Bishop's Office for calling a part-time Priest-in-Charge, perhaps in cooperation with another Episcopal parish, who will work collaboratively with parishioners in mutual ministry and in building community.
* Who: the congregation, the Vestry, the Finance/Stewardship Committee and the Bishop's Office;
* How: through a parish meeting and an extended and extensive stewardship campaign;
* When: by the end of the renewal period
Scholarship Awards Announced
Thanks to the ongoing support of St. Brendan's congregation and the Outreach Committee, we again awarded two $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors: Mason Oliver from Deer Isle Stonington High School and Leigh Brooks from Geoge Stevens Academy. Given an outstanding group of applications, the Scholarship Committee worked diligently on its decision and felt that all candidates were worthy of support.  
Mason Oliver will be attending Maine Maritime Academy for Marine Engineering Technology. As an islander, Mason grew up in a fishing family and is familiar with lobstering. He says he "loves the ocean" and feels Maine Maritime will be a good fit for him. His volunteer work includes many community service projects from helping elderly adults with construction to assisting in the peewee sports clinic. Mason participated in varsity sports and was a member of the National Honor Society while in high school.  
Leigh Brooks will be attending Wheaton College studying languages and linguistics. She already has depth and breath in languages having studied more than dozen and achieving a 4.0 average and near-fluency proficiency in French. Leigh anticipates a career as a teacher in English Language Acquisition and hopes to continue her education for an advanced degree in linguistics. In high school Leigh participated in the theater program and played on the track and field team throughout her time at George Stevens.  
We congratulate both these students and all applicants for our scholarship and wish them the best in their college and future careers.
The Scholarship Committee

Mickey Jacoba
Ruth Robinson
Jackie Wilson
          'Hopefully, this is the closest we will come to a Maine Moose!'  
Women's Wilderness Trip Update 
I can say that in all likelihood - The Women's Wilderness Trip will be booked soon.  We will book cabins on a lake in a relatively private setting with trails and boats to use.  All the places we are considering have running water, showers and electricity.  Our time together will be mostly unstructured with opportunity to enjoy the company of others from our St. Brendan's community in the beauty of the Maine woods.  We are looking at locations which provide all meals - hopefully, sharing meal time together.  We have several options and expect to have details within the week.  We will reserve places for people in the order you commit yourself with the deposit.  We will likely have space for 12-14 people to come. 
Please contact me for more information if you are interested.
Martha Dane
Please Sign Up!
Please add your name to the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the entry!  
We want to make sure there are two or three people helping out each week.
Thank you!

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost: 
Today's Gospel reading is a series of brief parables in which Jesus describes the Kingdom of God. The primary image is of something that seems small and weak, but which through God grows into the greatest of its kind. Thus, until the appearance of Jesus, God's plan was unknown and hidden. But now in Jesus' ministry it is revealed as the rule of God over the entire universe.

In the first reading, God, having rejected Saul, the first king, sends Samuel to the family of Jesse of Bethlehem to choose one of his sons as king. Samuel first seeks to choose one of the strong, handsome adult sons. But God directs him not to judge by outward appearance. The youngest son, still a boy, is designated by God. God's preference for what seems insignificant in order that God's power may be manifested is a consistent theme throughout the scriptures. David will become the great king.

Today's second reading discusses the temporary nature of our life in this world. Our ultimate life is in the Kingdom of God where everything and everyone in Christ is a new creation. In the meantime, we are to live as though we were already in that Kingdom.

For a brief time, in the Eucharist, we have a foretaste of God's Kingdom, and we live in the presence of Christ as redeemed people. Not yet consummated, the Kingdom is, for a moment, revealed. It is likewise revealed whenever we, in obedience to our Lord, minister in his name to others, especially to the poor and the sick and the oppressed.

From The Rite Light: Reflections on the Sunday Readings and Seasons of the Church Year. Copyright © 2009 by Michael W. Merriman. Church Publishing Incorporated, New York

In Our Prayers
We pray for those on our prayer list in special need of our prayers: Craig Harriman, Roger Ingoldsby, Barbara Branum, Jerry Shepard and Linda, Sidney Peck, Maeva Borntraeger, Linda, Margaret Ann Crumlish, Reed and Micki Henderson, Nancy Boothby, Rev. Edward Dufresne, Cody Roberts, William Rice Sr., Elaine Graham, Patricia P, Gray Pierson,  Pat Stoneburner, Tony Stoneburner, Kathy Gray, Holly, Carolyn Angel, Nancy Stearns, Andrew Harriman, Tom Davenport, Hannah Scaife, Marcia Scott, Ross Gagnon, Sen. John McCain, George A. Smith, Gladys Smith, Sam and Isabelle Hulsey, Jennifer Hulsey and her family Byron, Ben, and Claire. We pray, also, for those who love and care for them.

We pray for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

We pray for all those receiving care through Neighbor Care and for all the residents of the Island Nursing Home, the Northern Bay Residential Facility,
and their families.

We pray for the dying, and those who have died. We remember also those who mourn.

We pray for the victims of gun violence-in our cities and towns, in our schools, in our places of worship, and in our homes.

We pray for the victims of the violence of armed conflicts around the world. We pray for those made refugees by the violence of armed conflicts. We pray for the victims of terrorist attacks everywhere.

We pray for all who suffer the effects of domestic violence and the violence
of bullying in our schools.

We pray for all peacemakers, and all those who work for justice.

We pray for all those serving in the armed forces of our country, remembering, especially, Craig, Chris, Graham, and Caleb.

We pray for all who govern, and we pray for the concerns of our local community, remembering, especially, our children, our young people, and our isolated elderly.

We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Suheil, Bishop of Jerusalem; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Steve, our Bishop; for the members of our vestry; and for all our members, whose ministries are varied and far-reaching.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the congregations of All Saints', Skowhegan and St. Mark's, Waterville. For students and faculty as summer vacation begins.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma) .

On the Island and Peninsula, we pray for First Baptist Church, Blue Hill.


                                                 Icon of St. Brendan by Siri Beckman

Lord, we will trust you.

Help us to journey beyond the familiar and  into the unknown.  

Give us the faith to leave old ways and break new ground with you. 

Christ of the mysteries, we trust you to be stronger than each     storm  within us.  

We will trust in the darkness and know that our times are in your hand.
Tune our spirit to the music of heaven, and somehow, make our   obedience count for you.   

                                                                                 -Prayer attributed to St. Brendan


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