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Our Mission: "To Love, Praise, Welcome and Serve" 
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Second Sunday in Lent
March 17, 2019



Please welcome back the Rev. Stephen Hayward who will preside at
our service this Sunday.  
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All are Welcome! 
10 a.m. Holy Eucharist
Sunday, March 17, 2019
Readings for the Second Sunday in Lent:
(Please see scripture notes below)

The Mission of St. Brendan the Navigator Episcopal Church is to l ove, praise, welcome, and serve:
· t o love one another as Christ loves us,
· to praise God in all things,
· to welcome and affirm all persons,
· to serve the needs of one another and of those on the island, the peninsula, and throughout the world.



On the Calendar:
Sunday, March 17          10am Holy Eucharist with Stephen Hayward
                                          'Reclaiming Jesus' - Continuing the Conversation  
                                               following the worship service 
                                          Worship Committee Meeting following service
Monday, March 18          9-12 Linda Shepard's Children's Group 
                                          4:30 pm Meditation/ Silent Prayer
Wednesday, March 20     11-12a.m. Tai Chi for Beginners  
                                    2 p.m. Vestry Meeting  
                                          4:30p.m.  Choir Rehearsal
Sunday, March 24           10am Holy /Eucharist with Elaine Hewes
Sunday, March 31           10am Holy Eucharist with Rev. Canon Michael Ambler
                                     Commissioning of the Search Committee
                                           Parish Conversation about the Search Process/Questions     
 Click here to visit the  Events Page Calendar  on the website for  
  up-to-date information.  

 Search Committee Update  
 March 17, 2019
This week's update will serve as a reminder to click on the website link below to see the new website page for OUR SEARCH.  Keep an eye on this page for the Office of Transition Ministry's (OTM) Portfolio Questions that will be posted next week, and be the focus of the Parish gathering with Canon to the Ordinary Michael Ambler Sunday March 31st following the service.
For Reports and updates on St. Brendan's Clergy Search Process
Our Prayer of Discernment:
Almighty God, giver of every good gift, look graciously on the people of                  St. Brendan's and guide our hearts and minds as we seek to discern your                will for our future and seek to be drawn closer to you,  Amen.   

       R eclaiming Jesus
      Continuing our Conversation
Following up on last week's discussion, there will be a conversation with the      Rev. Steve Hayward following the service this Sunday. Please bring ideas for  action  plans that might then be prioritized, to be considered and pursued by     one of our ministries as something to take a lead - in whole or in part. 
       For a copy of the document, please click here Reclaiming Jesus 
Thank You!



  Lenten Message from Bishop Lane:
Bp Lane  

For The Lenten Season
The Worship Ministry supports you in experiencing a holy and meaningful Lent in preparation for the Easter season.  We suggest the following books for meditation and study:
  • Celtic Lent - David Cole - Available at Amazon
  • Wondrous Encounters - Richard Rohr - Available at Amazon
  • Episcopal Relief and Development Lenten Meditations - FREE daily email
  • Available at: 
  • Living Well Through Lent - FREE download and daily email devotional:
Silent Prayer/Meditation as a Spiritual Practice for Lent
Every Monday at 4:30 there is an opportunity to sit with others for a period of silent prayer and meditation.  If you are looking for a new spiritual practice to adopt during lent, we hope you will join us.  Everyone is welcome - no experience needed.  
Upcoming Events of Interest:
March 17        5-7pm     Second Sunday Supper
                                        Deer Isle Congregational Church


The Second Sunday of Lent: 
Today the liturgy gives us the account of the covenant between God and the first person of faith: Abraham. There are two parts to this covenant: God's promise and Abraham's faith. Abraham's faith becomes the model for us who have been brought into covenant with God in baptism.

The Gospel reading today tells of Jesus being warned that he is in danger of being killed. He responds by again foretelling his own death and resurrection, the three days in which he will complete his work. Jesus then laments his rejection by the leaders in Jerusalem because he wishes fervently that no one be lost and that he may gather everyone to himself.

The second reading today is concerned with contrasting those who do not live within the covenant and those who do. It reminds us that the self-denial and fasting of Lent are not ends in themselves and certainly are not meant to imply that pleasure is wrong. They lead us on toward the discovery that true joy and pleasure always come from God and always point us to the resurrection of our earthly life and desires, which is God's ultimate aim for us.

As we draw nearer to Easter and the renewal of our baptismal commitment, and as we pray for those who will be baptized then, the liturgy of Lent takes us ever deeper into the mystery of our redemption. Faith and repentance are our response to the redemption that began to be worked out in Abraham's day, was fulfilled in Jesus' dying and rising, and is renewed in us in baptism and Eucharist

From The Rite Light: Reflections on the Sunday Readings and Seasons of the Church Year. Copyright © 2009 by Michael W. Merriman. Church Publishing Incorporated, New York
    Prayer for St Brendan's:  
     Almighty God, giver of every good gift:  Look graciously on the people of 
     St. Brendan's and guide our hearts and minds as we seek to discern your will for           our future. May our discernment transform our spirits and draw us closer to you.   
In Our Prayers

We pray for those on our prayer list in special need of our prayers: Susan Wade, Ralph and Sandy Drayer, James Budd, Joan GagnonMary Ann Shaw, Pam Neff, Michelle Price, Michael Dunn, Jesse Zorski, Craig Harriman, Lindsey Bowker, Linda Peterson,  Rev. Edward Dufresne, Margaret Ann Crumlish, Reed and Micki Henderson, William Rice Sr., Gray Pierson , Ross Gagnon, Nancy Boothby, Reed and Micki Henderson, Elaine Graham, Pat & Tony Stoneburner, Kathy Gray, Holly Zack, Carolyn Angel, Nancy Stearns, Andrew Harriman, Tom Davenport, Marcia Scott, George A. Smith, Gladys Smith, Sam and Isabelle Hulsey, Jennifer Hulsey and her family Byron, Ben, and Clair, and Gary and Susie Silman. We pray, also, for those who love and care for them.
We pray for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

We pray for all those receiving care through Neighbor Care and for all the residents of the Island Nursing Home and their families.

We pray for the dying, and those who have died. We remember also those who mourn.

We pray for the victims of gun violence-in our cities and towns, in our schools, in our places of worship, and in our homes.

We pray for the victims of the violence of armed conflicts around the world. We pray for those made refugees by the violence of armed conflicts. We pray for the victims of terrorist attacks everywhere.

We pray for all who suffer the effects of domestic violence and the violence
of bullying in our schools.

We pray for all peacemakers, and all those who work for justice.

We pray for all those serving in the armed forces of our country, remembering, especially, Craig, Chris, Graham, and Caleb.

We pray for all who govern, and we pray for the concerns of our local community, remembering, especially, our children, our young people, and our isolated elderly.

We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Suheil, Bishop of Jerusalem; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Steve, our Bishop; for the members of our vestry; and for all our members, whose ministries are varied and far-reaching.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for t he congregations of St. Anne's, Calais ,Christ Church, Eastport St. Aidan's, Machias and For the victims of human trafficking and those working to combat it.

In the Anglican  Cycle of Prayer, we pray  for the Church of England ,The Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby - Archbishop of Canterbury

On the Island and Peninsula,  we pray for the Advent Sunshine Christian Church, Deer Isle


                                                 Icon of St. Brendan by Siri Beckman

Lord, we will trust you.

Help us to journey beyond the familiar and  into the unknown.  

Give us the faith to leave old ways and break new ground with you. 

Christ of the mysteries, we trust you to be stronger than each     storm within us.  

We will trust in the darkness and know that our times are in your hand.
Tune our spirit to the music of heaven, and somehow, make our   obedience count for you.   

                                                                       -Prayer attributed to St. Brendan


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