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Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost
      November 19 , 2017

Please welcome back The Reverend Vesta Kowalski
who will preside at our service this Sunday.

The Episcopal Church of the Province of New England

  All are Welcome!

           Sunday, November 19, 2017
           10 am:  Holy Eucharist 
Readings for the Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost :     

(Please see scripture Notes Below) 



On the Calendar
Sunday November 19   - 10am  Holy Eucharist with The Rev. Vesta Kowalski                                                Following the service: Review of Proposed 2018 Budget                   
Monday November 20    - 9:30-11:00am  Parenting and Children Group
                                   - 11:00am  Timely Traders Investment Group
                                   - 4:30pm  Silent Meditation/ Centering Prayer 
Wednesday, November 22 - 11:15-4pm  Duplicate Bridge group
Sunday, November  26  - 10am  Holy Eucharist with The Rev. Charles Bradshaw                                                                                        
 Click here to visit the Events Page Calendar on the website for     
  up-to-date information.  

                   St. Brendan the Navigator 
                        Parish Renewal Plan 

           Parish Renewal Plan Report #3    
     Two Goals Accomplished, Six Goals In Process of Being Accomplished, Three Goals Yet to be Addressed (as of 10/27/17)
Please Note:  
In the Plan Report linked below:
      - Goals accomplished are represented in green
- Goals in process of being accomplished are indicated in blue
- Goals yet to be addressed are indicated in red
To Review Renewal Plan Report #3,  
               please click link below: 
Please click on the link below for the Parish Renewal Plan in detail, as approved by the Parish August 13, 2017: 
The Plan is also available on our web site: 
For the November 7th Vestry/renewal Team Meeting Minutes  
please click link below:
From the Treasurer:  
Congregational Meeting on the 2018 Budget this Sunday.
This Sunday after the service there will be a presentation of a draft of the 2018 budget. This has been under discussion for nearly a month as the Vestry and Finance and Stewardship Ministry have worked to come up with a balanced "base" budget. This has been an extraordinarily challenging process and involves making some very difficult decisions unless revenue in fact exceeds expectations.   
This is your opportunity to make a timely contribution to this conversation.
Hard copies of the proposed budget will be available Sunday, or by contacting the office. 
A Special Message
St. Brendan's has been particularly blessed by the sage direction. presence  and guidance of Fr. Edward Dufresne, who has lead us through the development and launch of the Renewal Plan and mission statement, the thoughtful crafting of Ministry Descriptions, giving focused meaning and purpose to meet new ministry goals, as well as providing leadership and support to the Vestry/Renewal Team in order to move forward on a healthy path...and so much more.
It is thus with prayerful heart I share Edward's following letter of resignation in order to allow him the time necessary to focus on aggressive treatment for a cancerous tumor, lead by his excellent team of doctors at Mass General Hospital.  
Edward asked me share with you/our members he is in good spirits and...
'Tell 'em 'I love them!'...
Please keep Edward in your thoughts and prayers.
Lis Ingoldsby
Senior Warden 
November 14, 2017
The Wardens and Vestry
St. Brendan the Navigator Episcopal Church 
Deer Isle, Maine
Dear Colleagues,
I am stepping down today as your Consulting Priest because of my newly discovered illness.  I'm told by my doctors to look forward to a complete cure in a matter of some months, God willing. Thank you for your prayers and support.
I have truly enjoyed our partnership in church renewal over the past seven months. You are a remarkable congregation.  You have been though real struggle, you have already addressed many issues, and you are well on the way to renewal as a parish. It has been a privilege and a blessing to have been your partner in these efforts.
Thank you for the trust and the love you have shown me as we worked together for St. Brendan's sake.  I wish you God's richest blessings as you continue this good work in the months ahead.
May you know Christ's peace and joy all along the way,

Pastoral Care is Updating the Prayer List
The Pastoral Care and Welcoming Ministry will renew the prayer list with the beginning of Advent in December.   We would like to be sure we include everyone who needs to be listed.  If you can help us with any information on clarifying the following names, we would be most grateful:    Carolyn Angel,  John, Tom, Shannon Cormier, and Claudia.
If you can help with these names or would like to add a name to the prayer list, please email Liz Alley at or Miriam Antich at
Thank you! 

Ecumencial Island Advent Program December 3rd

Mark your calendars for the Ecumenical Island Advent Program at the Community  
of Christ Church Sunday, December 3rd at 4pm. Donation offerings will again go  
to the Island Heating Assistance Fund.  
Pastor Lorraine Knowlton invites us all to attend and be part of this program, 'sharing with many folks of various faiths and walks of life as we begin our journey into the Advent season.' 


Scripture Notes for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday  
after Pentecost
Our attention today is again turned toward the subject of Christ's return and
the Day of Judgment. In the parable of the talents (a monetary unit worth fifteen years' wages in the first century), we are taught that what God has given  
us is to be used productively and ultimately returned to God enhanced by our  
use of those gifts.
The Bible's story of the people of Israel continues with their settling in the Land  
of Promise. Surrounded by enemies, their next years were filled with struggle.  
A number of leaders arose (called Judges). One of the greatest was Deborah,  
who rallied the people to fight off the  Canaanites.
Today we conclude reading through 1 Thessalonians. In his final words to
this early congregation, confused because the Lord has not yet returned,  
Paul tells them that Jesus' return cannot be predicted. In addition, he tells  
them, and us, to live in preparation all the time with the confident certainty of  
those who live in the light of God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ.
In historical periods of social confusion (such as our own time), popular religion  
often focuses on the most negative and pessimistic aspects of the biblical  
message of judgment. The central message of Holy Scripture, however, is  
not God's wrath but God's love and the promise made to us of salvation.  
As we gather in the Eucharist, we again hear that message of the loving God  
and  are equipped to go forth to proclaim it to the world.
From The Rite Light: Reflections on the Sunday Readings and Seasons of the Church Year.  
Copyright © 2009 by Michael W. Merriman. Church Publishing Incorporated, New York.

In Our Prayers
We pray for those on our prayer list suffering and recovering from illnesses especially Rev. Edward Dufresne,  Pat Stoneburner, Tony Stoneburner, Holly, Carolyn Angel, Colin MacNaught, Shannon Cormier, Nancy Stearns, Andrew Harriman, John, Tom, Claudia, Hannah Scaife, Marcia Scott, Sen. John McCain, Henry 'Hank' Millon, Jennifer Hulsey and her family Byron, Ben, and Clair. We pray, also, for those who love and care for them.

We pray for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

We pray for all those receiving care through Neighbor Care and for all the residents of the Island Nursing Home, the Northern Bay Residential Facility,
and their families.

We pray for the dying, and those who have died. We remember also those who mourn.

We pray for the victims of gun violence-in our cities and towns, in our schools, in our places of worship, and in our homes.

We pray for the victims of the violence of armed conflicts around the world. We pray for those made refugees by the violence of armed conflicts. We pray for the victims of terrorist attacks everywhere.

We pray for all who suffer the effects of domestic violence and the violence
of bullying in our schools.

We pray for all peacemakers, and all those who work for justice.

We pray for all those serving in the armed forces of our country, remembering, especially, Craig, Chris, and Graham.

We pray for all who govern, and we pray for the concerns of our local community, remembering, especially, our children, our young people, and our isolated elderly.

We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Suheil, Bishop of Jerusalem; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Steve, our Bishop; for the members of our vestry; and for all our members, whose ministries are varied and far-reaching.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the congregation of 
St. Bartholomew, Yarmouth and St. George's, York Harbor. 
In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for Uyo - (Niger Delta, Nigeria).
On the Island and Peninsula, we pray for our own St. Brendan's. 

                                          Icon of St. Brendan by Siri Beckman

Lord, I will trust you.

Help me to journey beyond the familiar and  into the unknown.  

Give me the faith to leave old ways and break new ground with you. 

Christ of the mysteries, I trust you to be stronger than each     storm  within me.  

 I will trust in the darkness and know that my times are in your hand.
Tune my spirit to the music of heaven, and somehow, make my   obedience count for you.   

                                                                                 -Prayer attributed to St. Brendan


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