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Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost
September 23, 2018

    Please welcome back The Reverend Barbara Clarke                         
    who will preside at our service this Sunday.  
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

10:00am, Holy Eucharist 
Readings for the Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost
(Please see scripture notes below)

The Mission of St. Brendan the Navigator Episcopal Church is to l ove, praise, welcome, and serve:
· t o love one another as Christ loves us,
· to praise God in all things,
· to welcome and affirm all persons,
· to serve the needs of one another and of those on the island, the peninsula, and throughout the world.


On the Calendar:
      Sunday, September 23     - 10am Holy Eucharist with The Rev. Barbara Clarke
                                             Worship Committee lead discussion on A Confession of                                               Faith in a Time of Crisis (see below for details)
Monday, September 24     -10am Timely Traders
                                      -3 pm Bible Study
                                            -4 :30pm  Meditation/ Silent Prayer       
      Wednesday, September 26 -4:30 Choir Practice                                                                                                                     
      Sunday, September 30    - 10am Holy Eucharist with The Rev. Vesta Kowalski
                                             Ingathering of Pledges followed by Stewardship
                                                         Brunch & Parish Conversation (see below) 
    Click here to visit the   Events Page Calendar   on the website for  
  up-to-date information.  

  Considering the Future of St. Brendan's
The Vestry has met several times since our Parish meeting 8/26 to discuss the    outcomes, thoughts and and feedback received since. What has become clear is the need (and appetite)  for more listening and conversation around the future of St. Brendan's before any decisions, financial or otherwise, can be made.  Sunday, September 30th during the Stewardship Brunch will be an opportunity to
have such a conversation - the first of several - which will hopefully spur and encourage a greater sharing of thoughts and ideas as we discern our path forward.   
On behalf of your Vestry/Renewal Team, 
Lis Ingoldsby
Senior Warden
Almighty God, giver of every good gift, look graciously on the people  of St. Brendan's and guide or hearts and minds as we seek to discern your will for our Parish and seek to be drawn closer to you.
2019 Stewardship 
Our Ingathering of Pledges will be next Sunday September 30 during our Worship. Please plan to attend the Stewardship Brunch following the service.   Thanks to everyone who has already returned their Pledge Form.  If you have not received the Stewardship Letter and Pledge Form, please click below to open a copy of them.  If you prefer to receive one by mail, please email Miriam at  You can also email your confidential pledge to Carolyn Mor ( 
Please get your pledges in before the 30th so we can carry them up to the altar during the Ingathering.  Thank you for your support of St. Brendan's! 
      Pastoral Care Ministry 
The Pastoral Care Ministry has worked hard this year to address the needs of the Parish.  A card ministry has been established and everyone is encouraged to let us know when a card is needed.  The box of cards is in the office on top of the filing cabinet and you are welcome to get one out and circulate it during coffee hour.  
We have also begun a recognition and Celebration of Birthdays.  A  prayer for Birthdays and Anniversaries of special events is part of the service on the first Sunday of each month and a celebration will be held during coffee hour following the service.   
A group of us have been trained as Eucharistic Visitors and can bring communion to you if you are unable to attend our Sunday Morning Worship.  Please contact Diane Greenlaw ( if you would like to arrange a Eucharistic Visitor to bring you communion or if you know of someone who might want a Eucharisitc Visit.   
Reclaiming Jesus:  A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis
In June a distinguished group of leaders of various denominations including our own Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, released a document entitled Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis. It has evoked much discussion.  

After the Sunday Eucharist Sunday September 23rd, members of the Worship Committee will lead a discussion of this significant statement. Please read and attend and contribute to a lively discussion.   
Its full text can be read 
Women's Wilderness/Woods Trip 2018 

This year's trip was to Bishopswood in Hope, Maine which is owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. We had the entire, spacious facility and grounds on beautiful Lake Megunticook.
Seventeen intrepid St. Brendan's women and associates participated in this trip - 4 days and 3 nights. We had a lot fun together and had a chance to become better acquainted with lots of laughter in an unstructured environment.  
The weather fully cooperated for swimming, boating and hiking. The facility, also, offered a beautiful indoor option with porches for activities, such as games and poetry workshops. It was so enjoyable that it was difficult for many to depart on the appointed day!

"Kaleidoscoping Christianity"
Beginning September 23rd: A six-week exploration at Reversing Falls Sanctuary toward a deeper understanding of the Christian faith in these days (wrestling with the tradition all the way to mystery).  
Pastors, priests, professors and poets rooted in the Christian tradition and active in the Christian community will share ways in which they have taken some of the traditional symbols, words, and teachings of the Christian Church and have "breathed new life into them" through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction. Just as a kaleidoscope uses pieces of colored glass, rearranging them in new patterns for new visions and insights, these faith leaders will speak   of the ways they have broken open and rearranged pieces of the Christian  tradition in an effort to uncover the life and fire and mystery that lies at the    heart of the faith.
Each gathering is on Sunday afternoon, beginning at 4:00, and wrapping up about 5:30, with time before and after for participants to view art work done by local artists reflecting the themes of the series. The first Sunday, September 23, Rob McCall will offer "An Obscure Lecture on Natural Theology."
All are welcome. For information, click on this link: Reversing Falls Web Site .

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost: 
In today's Gospel reading Jesus again predicts his death and resurrection. The disciples fail to understand and dispute among themselves which of them is the most important. Jesus tells them that the highest status in his Kingdom is reserved for those who serve. This is a call to pattern our lives on his life in self-giving love.
In the first reading, the prophet speaks of the opposition he faces from those who reject his message. They plot his death and he describes their plots in ways that reminded the first Christians of the rejection of Jesus that led to his death.

Again we read from the Epistle of James. After describing the characteristics of those who are at peace with God, the author states that strife, jealousy, and estrangement are the products of allying ourselves with the world rather than with God.

When the Church gathers to worship, it acts out its allegiance to God and its service to the world. In the action of the liturgy we express our service to each other. That liturgical action is the pattern for our daily living as God's friends and as fellow servants with Christ to all people. The liturgy, then, is extended beyond the doors of the church building into all of life.

From The Rite Light: Reflections on the Sunday Readings and Seasons of the Church Year. Copyright © 2009 by Michael W. Merriman. Church Publishing Incorporated, New York

In Our Prayers

We pray for those on our prayer list in special need of our prayers: Pam Neff, Michelle Price, Michael Dunn, Donna Hallen, Kevin Zorski, Jesse Zorski, Ben Elkington, Craig Harriman, Roger Ingoldsby, Barbara Branum, Lindsey Bowker, Jerry Shepard and Linda, Sidney Peck, Linda,  Rev. Edward Dufresne, Margaret Ann Crumlish, Reed and Micki Henderson, William Rice Sr., Gray Pierson and the entire Stewart Pierson Jr. family   , Ross Gagnon, Nancy Boothby, Reed and Micki Henderson, Elaine Graham, Pat & Tony Stoneburner, Kathy Gray, Holly Zack, Carolyn Angel, Nancy Stearns, Andrew Harriman, Tom Davenport, Marcia Scott, George A. Smith, Gladys Smith, Sam and Isobelle Hulsey, Jennifer Hulsey and her family Byron, Ben, and Clair, and Gary and Susie Silman. We pray, also, for those who love and care for them.
We pray for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

We pray for all those receiving care through Neighbor Care and for all the residents of the Island Nursing Home, the Northern Bay Residential Facility,
and their families.

We pray for the dying, and those who have died. We remember also those who mourn.

We pray for the victims of gun violence-in our cities and towns, in our schools, in our places of worship, and in our homes.

We pray for the victims of the violence of armed conflicts around the world. We pray for those made refugees by the violence of armed conflicts. We pray for the victims of terrorist attacks everywhere.

We pray for all who suffer the effects of domestic violence and the violence
of bullying in our schools.

We pray for all peacemakers, and all those who work for justice.

We pray for all those serving in the armed forces of our country, remembering, especially, Craig, Chris, Graham, and Caleb.

We pray for all who govern, and we pray for the concerns of our local community, remembering, especially, our children, our young people, and our isolated elderly.

We pray for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Suheil, Bishop of Jerusalem; Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Steve, our Bishop; for the members of our vestry; and for all our members, whose ministries are varied and far-reaching.
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for  the  Standing Committee,  the Diocesan Council and other decision-making bodies of the Dioces eofMaine, Fortheharvest, and the fruits ofhumanwork

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for th e Province of the Episcopal Church in Sudan.

On the Island and Peninsula for St. Mary's by the Sea, Stonington

                                                 Icon of St. Brendan by Siri Beckman

Lord, we will trust you.

Help us to journey beyond the familiar and  into the unknown.  

Give us the faith to leave old ways and break new ground with you. 

Christ of the mysteries, we trust you to be stronger than each     storm within us.  

We will trust in the darkness and know that our times are in your hand.
Tune our spirit to the music of heaven, and somehow, make our   obedience count for you.   

                                                                       -Prayer attributed to St. Brendan


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