Brown Bag Lunch Series

The Neuropsychology of Repetition and Progressive Communication
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
12:00 to 1:00 pm
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Many of the repetitions that people enact in their lives are out of conscious awareness. Sometimes, even when we are aware of our troublemaking patterns, we find it difficult to interrupt these behaviors. In this talk, I will explore the synchronicity between old repetitions and neuropsychology and the brain's role in perpetuating these patterns. Modern Psychoanalysis offers a unique approach to disrupting these problematic repetitions with specific techniques that speak directly to these non-conscious, pre-oedipal brain processes, allowing for deep, meaningful character change to occur over time.

Participants will:       
Learn ways that the brain wires toward automaticity to perpetuate repetitions.
Learn effective tools that interrupt this automaticity demonstrated by anecdotal examples.

Dr. Elizabeth Olson offers individual, group, and family psychotherapy and has worked with adolescents, young adults, families, parents, and adults in her private practice for over twenty years. She works with clients over time to help them create lasting, in-depth character change through a deeper understanding and awareness of unconscious, procedural patterns. Dr. Olson offers consultation on Dialectic Behavior Therapy, family treatment, and group psychotherapy. She presents nationally and has been published on topics that include group psychotherapy, mindfulness, eating disorders, dialectical behavior therapy, parenting, and family dynamics. As a psychologist, her work is informed by her interest in the unconscious, neuropsychology, mindfulness practice, behavioral strategies, and her experiences as a parent and a spouse.

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