January 1, 2019
"365 new days, 365 new chances."
We are so grateful to have you in our lives.
Happy New Year from Neutral Grounds!

Photo of the Month
goes to these crazy elves!

Congratulations to Shan, Justin and Jeff for winning the "Ugly Outfit" contest at our annual Christmas party! Check out more photos on our FACEBOOK page!
At Neutral Grounds, we're always looking to improve our academy in order to better serve our most valuable assets...you!

This month we're asking you to take our quick 30 second survey to get your input on adding female-only classes to our curriculum.

From now until January 15th, everyone who participates in the survey will be entered into a drawing for a FREE NG T-shirt! The drawing will take place on Jan 16, so get your responses in NOW!
It's like Christmas in January!! Drop off the kids and take some much needed time to yourself. Click on the image below to sign up your kiddos for our Parents' Night Out event coming this month!

All adult students ages 14+ are invited to train Muay Thai Kickboxing at Neutral Grounds every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm. This awesome class is taught by European Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion, Prof. Ridvan Vllasaliu.
Kickboxing is the perfect way to lose weight and get in shape! And did you know Muay Thai is INCLUDED with your Jiu-Jitsu membership? That's right! Sign up for Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai classes are included! Click on the photo for more info.

Nathan R. (Junior Warriors)
Nixon R. (Junior Warriors)
Trinity R. (Junior Warriors)
January Birthdays!
Ainsley S. (1/9)
Auna V. (1/20)
Jacob V. (1/20)
Grayson V. (1/30)
Is your birthday missing? That simply means we don't have it on file. Email us or let us know next time you're in and we'll be sure to update your information!

Jake B. (Grey/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Franklin C. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Lincoln C. (Grey/Black Belt - 1 stripe)
Peyton C. (Yellow/Black Belt)
Dustin C. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Noah C. (Grey Belt)
C.J. C. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Victor D. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Arvin D. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Charan D. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Evan G. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Trent H. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Jacob H. (Grey/White Belt)
Ava H. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Chloe H. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
John H. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Sawyer H. (Grey/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Jordan H. (Blue Belt)
Leila K. (Grey/White Belt - 4 stripes)
Dave K. (Blue Belt)
Holden K. (Grey/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Olivia K. (Grey/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Alanna M. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Olivia N. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Rosalyn P. (Blue Belt)
Logan P. (Grey/White Belt - 2 stripes)
Luis R. (Purple Belt - 3 stripes)
Logan R. (Grey/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Victoria R. (Grey/White Belt - 1 Stripe)
Luca S. (Grey/White Belt - 4 stripes)
Sofia S. (Grey/White Belt - 4 stripes)
Ainsley S. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Braden S. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Drake S. (Grey/White Belt - 2 stripes)
Jace S. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
JT T. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Lucas T. (Grey/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Caden V. (Grey Belt - 2 stripes)
Grayson V. (Grey Belt)
Harb Y. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Did you know we host birthday parties?

At Neutral Grounds, our birthday parties are an EASY, FUN, STRESS-FREE experience!
Every birthday party package includes a custom, handmade birthday banner for your child to take home!
We hope adding more Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai to your life will be one of your New Year's Resolutions for 2019. This year, find the time to take care of yourself by taking advantage of our wide variety of class days and times. We'd love to help you crush your goals for 2019, whether they be trying something new, getting in shape, entering your first Jiu-Jitsu competition, making new friends, or committing to a healthy lifestyle. Let us help you make 2019 your best year yet!
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