May 1, 2019
Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring!

Arjun N. (Tiny Warriors)
Maxwell W. (Adult BJJ)
Oliver G. (Tiny Warriors)
Ruben R. (Small Warriors)
Tyler B. (Adult BJJ)


Brooke A. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Elvis A. (Blue Belt - 3 stripes)
Ammon B. (Gray/White Belt)
Ezra B. (Gray Belt - 3 stripes)
Jose B. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Kyle B. (Gray/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Maddux B. (Gray Belt - 1 stripe)
Dustin C. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Jeshua C. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Jacob C. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Julian C. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Mike C. (Blue Belt)
Paige C. (Gray/White Belt - 3 stripes)
Scott C. (Purple Belt - 1 stripe)
Arvin D. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Charan D. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Ethan F. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Lashane F. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Ryder F. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Derek G. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Ava H. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Gabby H. (Gray Belt - 1 stripe)
Nathaniel H. (Gray Belt - 1 stripe)
Sawyer H. (Gray/White Belt - 3 stripes)
Will H. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Hugo J. (Gray/White Belt)
Mia J. (Gray Belt)
Robert L. (Blue Belt - 2 stripes)
Camila M. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Kara-Lyne M. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Jeremiah M. (Gray/White Belt)
Lillian M. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Andrew N. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Luke N. (Gray/White Belt)
Olivia N. (Gray/White Belt)
Aiden P. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Julian P. (Gray/White Belt - 3 stripes)
Jason R. (Blue Belt - 2 stripes)
Nathan R. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Nixon R. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Taylor R. (Gray/White Belt)
Trinity R. (White Belt - 2 stripes)
Zac R. (Gray Belt - 2 stripes)
Kiersten S. (Gray/White Belt - 1 stripe)
Patrick S. (White Belt - 4 stripes)
Aiden T. (White Belt - 3 stripes)
Andy T. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Ventura T. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Will T. (White Belt - 1 stripe)
Arturo V. (Blue Belt - 4 stripes)
Lucia V. (Gray/White Belt - 3 stripes)
Sofia V. (Gray Belt - 4 stripes)
May Birthdays!
Grace S. (5/3)
Josh S. (5/3)
Noah S. (5/3)
Aiden S. (5/6)
Arjun N. (5/15)
Jordan H. (5/15)
Connor F. (5/19)
Nathan E. (5/23)
JJ M. (5/30)
Celebrate your birthday with us!

At Neutral Grounds, our birthday parties are an EASY, FUN, STRESS-FREE experience!
Happy Birthday Kate! We loved celebrating your special day with you here at Neutral Grounds!
Mother's Day is almost here!
To celebrate, we're hosting a  Mom & Me Jiu-Jitsu  class on  Friday, May 10th !
All are welcome. Absolutely  no experience needed !
Just throw on some gym clothes and come on out for a super fun experience with your kids! This event is filling up quickly, so register now!
$30 per mom, or grandma, or aunt, or friend, etc.  
We had the best time dressing up and supporting our friends at We Defy Foundation! Thank you to all of our NG family who attended, donated, and supported this awesome cause that raises money to help disabled vets through Jiu-Jitsu. To learn more about WDF, visit their website: We Defy Foundation. If you'd like to donate or help in any way, please click on the button below:
Spring 2019 In-House Tournament
Our in-house tournament was so much fun! We had over 50 competitors, including participants from Royal Art BJJ in Plano. Everyone gave it their all and our adult Submission Only competitors were amazing! Some fought for over 30 minutes straight!! Congratulations to all who competed and a great big THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered their time to make this event a success!
Mark your calendars!
Neutral Grounds Summer Wrestling Camp is coming soon!
Join us in June for our week long Wrestling Camp. This camp is open to both boys and girls of all ages (5+). No experience needed!
June 24-28 from 10am-12pm
Featuring Lead Coaches:
  • Coach Robert Lodge (Neutral Grounds Head Wrestling Coach)
  • Coach Mathies Long (Frisco Independence H.S. Varsity Wrestling Coach)
  • Coach Matt Thomas (BJJ Black Belt & 3x Academic All American Wrestler)
Register now for Early Bird pricing and save over $20 per wrestler!


Thank you for your cooperation!
With the growth of our school, communication can sometimes be difficult. At Neutral Grounds we want you to always "be in the know" and get your questions answered. While our entire staff is open to helping you with any concerns, please take into account our specializations:

Prof. Matt - Curriculum, Promotions, Attendance, Schedules
Coach Adri - Tuition, Billing, Events
Coach Aaron - All other inquiries
Coach Bobby - Jiu-Jitsu Instruction
Coach Robert - Wrestling Instruction

When in between classes, please keep questions for Prof. Matt brief. Otherwise, he can be reached at (469) 362-4300 or .
When unavailable during class, please contact Coach Adri at (626) 379-4208 or .
Coach Aaron can be reached at .

We hope this clears up any confusion and we look forward to better serving you as we continue to grow. Thank you for being an integral part of our Jiu-Jitsu family!

Prof. Matt - Lead Instructor
Coach Bobby - Assistant Instructor
Coach Robert - Wrestling Instructor
Coach Aaron & Coach Adri - Owners
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