The late Steve Jobs was quoted as saying "Real artists ship."  Well, ship we do!  We're really thrilled to have a lot of new parts arriving in the weeks leading up to the FIRST Tech Challenge Kickoff on September 9th.

Speaking of shipping, plan ahead: AndyMark is closed Monday, September 4, for Labor Day in the United States. Orders placed after 2:00 PM on Friday, September 1 will begin shipping Tuesday, September 5.
NeveRest Orbital 20 Now In Stock!

We know a lot of FIRST Tech Challenge teams have been super eager to get their hands on the new NeveRest Orbital 20 Gearmotor.  With all the calls, tweets, Reddit replies, and carrier pigeons we've received, we rushed a pallet of them to our warehouse and they're now in stock!

The NeveRest Orbital 20 is the latest addition to the proven NeveRest line of gearmotors that are the choice of top FTC teams.  With a stronger planetary gearbox on the end, this gearmotor allows you to run it in drive systems and other high-speed applications with complete confidence.  And like all the other NeveRest gearmotors, the 4-pin encoder cable is included to interface with the integrated encoder.

We know some of you want to build a fleet of robots running these motors, and we hope you will.  For now though, we have limited quantities and  we're limiting everyone to 4 motors so teams have a chance to try these awesome motors on their robots. We'll loosen this restriction as more arrive and we feel confident we can keep them in stock.

For the same reason, we're not offering the quantity discount we've offered on other NeveRest gearmotors this summer.  If you want to save on this easy stock-up item on Orbital 3.7 and Classic 20, 40, and 60 motors, time is ticking: that quantity discount ends Tuesday, September 5.

Churro Gets Your Structure Together Faster

Churro is our exclusive and extremely versatile 1/2" hex extrusion. The 1/2" hex profile makes it a lightweight, easy-to-use axle for lighter loads.  The hole in the middle is the perfect size for a 1/4-20 thread forming screw, so retaining washers are no problem either.  Put screws on both ends, and you've got a very convenient, affordable custom standoff!

Churro is available in lengths of up to 6 feet, though the 3' length is more economical to ship. We offer 3' Churro in five anodized finishes, so you can give your robot a splash of color without the prep time and mess of a paint job.  Try some on your next build, and we think you'll be a fan!

Protip for FIRST Tech Challenge teams: Churro is a quick way to get a 1/2" h ex shaft on a NeveRest motor too!  Cut a 1" slit in one end, and widen the two sides out a bit with a screwdriver. The output shaft of the NeveRest will fit in snugly, and you can secure it with a collar clamp .  We'd also suggest supporting the other end with a bearing  to maintain alignment . This will open up a lot of sprocket, pulley, and gear options!

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We loaded this week's Deal of the Day offers with lots of useful things. Enjoy healthy savings on each of these items for one day only!

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