September 2020
Resilience by Design
Pivot. Pivot is the word I have heard and repeated arguably more than any other over the past six months. No mystery there, pivoting was key to pandemic survival for businesses and organizations of all kinds, not to mention for teachers, students and parents. Response to crisis can define a future, thus I am happy to report that CELF pivoted with precision and grace, barely pausing our forward motion.
News & Updates
Virtual and Outdoor Learning Programs for K-12 Educators and Students
ALL NEW CELF services to support teachers and parents during the '20-'21 academic year: 1:1 coaching; Civic Science Place-based projects; virtual co-teaching and more!
Teacher Tips: Virtual Instruction Tools for Educators
Current times bring blended learning instruction to the forefront and allow for innovative and creative opportunities to engage student collaboration. As sustainability educators, CELF curated a list of our favorite tech tools.
The Chapin School, NY
Over two years, students at The Chapin School in NYC engaged in a project-based air quality learning unit connected to CELF's Civic Science curriculum. When the 2019-20 school year was interrupted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, teacher Anna Jacinta Mello rose to the challenge and adjusted activities so that students could continue their research virtually.
Giveaway Alert!
Calling all Teachers! Enter to win a Flow air quality monitor, a pocket-sized device that gives you and your students real-time data on air quality PLUS a one-on-one session with CELF to learn how it can be used in the classroom (virtually or in-person!) To enter, head to our giveaway post on Instagram and follow the instructions provided!
Special thanks to McMac CX for donating Flow devices to CELF teachers across the U.S.
New Staff & Board Members
CELF is thrilled to welcome Rachel Bogin, who will spearhead fundraising strategy and development, along with three highly accomplished new board members.
Each share what inspired them to join CELF below.
Rachel Bogin, Director of Advancement
"I joined CELF because I believe in the necessity of educating young people about the impact sustainable practices- or lack thereof- can have on our collective humanity. As environmental inequities are brought into sharp focus amid the pandemic, I'm grateful to work alongside a team of people who are committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn through the lens of sustainability, and can create positive change in their community."
Alex Krueger
President and Chief Executive Officer, First Reserve.

“CELF’s approach of educating and supporting teachers struck me as the most effective way to exponentially leverage efforts to impact our future leaders. I appreciate the straightforward approach of working with teachers to deliver an effective framework for K-12 students. Helping children understand their individual impact on the environmental and social systems around them centered on a STEM based systems is a unique approach. In addition, I believe the focus on increasing experiential learning makes teaching more impactful."
Dean Slocum
Founder and President, Acorn International, LLC, a global social and environmental consultancy.
“CELF’s mission inspires me. I believe that making real progress at becoming a more sustainable society requires nourishing a deep appreciation and commitment to sustainability in the next generation. CELF’s programs, commitment and people are directly aligned with making this progress a reality.”
Samarth Bhaskar
Former Senior Editor for Digital Transition Strategy at the New York Times. In 2020, taking a leap of faith to explore what the next phase of my career might be.
“In learning about CELF's work, especially the unexpected and largely successful transition to online programming during COVID this year, I saw an opportunity to contribute as a member of the board. CELF's focus on educators, weaving sustainability throughout curricula and its multi-disciplinary approach resonated with me. In both political and corporate environments, I’ve learned the importance of finding multi-disciplinary, grassroots solutions to make change stick.”
Summer Institute Participant Feedback

"My greatest takeaways from CELF’s Summer Institute Reimagined: 1) sustainability includes everything in life, including mindfulness. Sustainability is not just finding a problem in the environment and creating a solution; 2) collaborative interdisciplinary planning. Since participating, I have presented outcomes from the Institute at two conferences and asked colleagues to join me to co-present because CELF’s Summer Institute Reimagined had impactful and relevant takeaways."

ELLISHA N: ELA/Reading Interventionist; Region 4 Science Leadership Collaborative Member
Spring ISD, TX

"The Institute was so invigorating and enlightening. Even though we were distanced, I still was able to make so many fantastic connections with other educators around the country. Even though I truly despise COVID (who doesn't?), being online allowed me to be able to be a part of the institute virtually. So, thank you for all of the work you all did at CELF to make that happen!"

LINDSAY P., 5th Grade Science, American School of Recife

"The term “Civic Science” was not in my educational word bank. To me they were separate ideas, disconnected from what I HAD to teach. But after this year and attending the CELF Summer Institute, I have a much better understanding of civic science. The children love having a real world problem and trying to tackle it. Writing advocacy letters gives them not just a sense of power but that they are valued members of the community. Understanding that our decisions and choices, no matter how small, impact our world helps to prepare them to be much more thoughtful adults who one day, will be in a better position to make positive change."

CHRISTINE C., Washington Irving Elementary School

Where to Find Us This Fall
CELF Back-to-School Open Houses
Join us for a Back-to-School Open House session to learn about our programs and services for engaging innovative tech tools and outdoor learning to support virtual instruction. We are eager to share these newly designed resources with the educator community established for the 2020-2021 school year.  
Session 1: Wednesday, Sept 30 at 7pm EST — Register on Zoom
Session 2: Saturday, Oct 3 at 4pm EST — Register on Zoom
Keep an eye out for the launch of CELF's Step Up for Sustainable Schools Campaign!
The need to support our educators and young people is more vital now than ever before, and CELF will be inviting our community of supporters to join us in stepping up for Sustainable Schools this Fall. We'll kick things off next week, but you can join the campaign today by visiting our #StepUpForSustainableSchools site here.
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