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The New Age: Satan’s Modern Playground

Hello Precious Soul Family,

As many of you know I broke away from channelling and the false ascended masters, et al in August 2017 after serving them as Professional Channel for 21 years. Since then I have undergone multiple “deaths’ and “rebirths,” but nothing like what I have recently experienced in my search for and ultimate reconnection with my TRUE CREATOR.

Due to the constant suffering and struggle I was experiencing since I can remember, in 2016 I began actively searching for my True Father, in other words my TRUE CREATOR and the True Jesus Christ. In this same year I had a powerful inner revelation which revealed to me clearly there is an EVIL god posing as our Tue Father and King and is leading masses of souls into further darkness and bondage. Little did I realize at the time that it was due to inherited bondage (my grandfather was a freemason) and self-created bondage due to my involvement in the occult and new age religion that I was suffering so much. Not to mention the bondage this was creating for my children and grandchildren. I was repeating what my grandfather had done and his forefathers before him.

In August 2018 I experienced another massive inner-shift in response to my DAILY communications with the One and Only True Good-God, more valuable information was brought to my awareness via a very dear and trusted source. Since then things have been going from better to better.

I was on the New Age path for 25 years of my life, 21 of those as a channel, a teacher and as a healer in my early years on this path, always believing that I was serving God. Due to the intensity of the struggle I endured whilst doing new age work, over the years I recognized I had become angrier, more resentful, and cynical and lost my faith in there even being a Good God. I felt disillusioned, empty, lost and also felt immense confusion regarding all the false Jesus’ and many of the true scriptures that had been twisted by the controlling forces doing an astounding job of controlling and misleading us.

In August 2017 the wool was pulled from my eyes and I saw who I was actually working for and supporting. I continued working minus all the ascended masters and their fallen angel and archangel counterparts and was steered deeper into a part of my life I was very reluctant to address which is Spiritual Warfare and I have always called myself a Reluctant Warrior. This work entails cleaning up the mess we and our ancestors have made as a result of ignorance and the powerful control the antichrist has over humanity. NONE of us were born into this world without inherited demonics and other bloodline curses. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET HAS BEEN BORN FREE OF SIN – the sins of our forefathers have seen to this. Yeshua/The True Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the only one.

My studies and research into this took me on an extraordinary ride of deeper awakening as to what is really going on down here. Fast forward to a few months ago when my mother reached out for support. She is almost blind and deaf and is in constant mental turmoil. There was an almost immediate improvement in her once we started cleaning up the things contributing to her illnesses. However, not long after she was improving she was mowed down in rain negative mental bullets. This often happens when we want to get better. She was more tormented than ever and was even aware of wanting to commit suicide in her sleep! She told me she can feel Satan gripping her mind with steel talons. She was pulled out of her bed twice and was pinned on the floor on another occasion when going to the toilet in the middle of the night and could not move. My mom is almost 80 and weighs 40kg’s, she was terrified!

I was feeling devastated by the turmoil and suffering I see her in and prayed earnestly for direction and how to help her, inviting all solutions in to set this right permanently. She was begging me to do something. This opened another important doorway for me to pass through which has led to my new role of service and that is now into full time Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Deliverance as a Delivered Warrior of God and our True Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who walked in the flesh, and who now sits at the right hand of God.

In order for me to “stand in the gap” as it's called and fight for my mother’s soul as she has asked me to do because she is too weak to do it herself, I have undergone life-changing clearings and spiritual detoxification in order to make it possible for me to serve in this manner and not lose myself or die in the process. 

I have been blessed to now know first-hand how dangerous the New Age is and that it was TRULY CREATED by Satan. This is confirmed in the Secret Doctrine Volumes by Helena Blavatsky the Mother of New Age. She was given information directly by false ascended masters, there are pictures to prove it and in many of her books she states clearly that Satan/Lucifer is the true Lord. Take a look at the name of the publishers of her book – Lucifer Publishing. Believe me, I was blown away by what I came to learn about her.

I have been shown so many truths and rejoice knowing that I as a captive have been truly set free from my prison, delivered from evil and the evil one, which is exactly what I was asking for, as was my mother and as do so many souls ask every day, and I'm sure you're one of them too. However, we as captives cannot be set free until we know what we’re dealing with and how to break that grip/curse.

I will be presenting over 3 mornings (2 – 2,5 hours per day) what I have learnt and the changes it has already created in my life.

I will be specifically focusing on why the new age is considered satanic and how to break away from the Satanic Net we have been caught in and begin breaking your own curses, inherited, projected and self-inflicted. I will provide many references so you can do your personal research too which is greatly encouraged.

Learn the difference between the burdens of Spirit we experience from God and the weights on Spirit Satan gives us which ARE DESIGNED to debilitate and destroy us. There is a HUGE difference.
Learn about the doorways that are opened through new age practices that let demons in and how you can close them and stop them opening again.

Prepare to see the truth you have been searching for and inviting into your space, but be warned, you might not like what you see. The question is, will you accept the challenge and dare to turn your back on a system that has been raping and abusing your spiritual body for ages?!

You can look forward to 6-8 hours of information which I will present covering this and may other aspects of the new age being Satanic. Once I have completed the day’s presentation it will be e-mailed to you directly which you can listen to at your leisure.

Dates: 28, 29 & 30 November 2018

Energy Exchange: $111 for the 3-mornings or ZAR1100 payable via EFT - For South African only. South Africans, please register directly with me on and banking details will be provided.

The transcript of the event is made available up to 12 weeks after the event. 

Much love,
Michelle Manders xxx

"I have been given power and authority over all unclean spirits and have been commissioned to set their captives free." Declaration of Faith. Mark 6:7
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