Mother's Mini-Message #21: 
It's High-Time to Trade in Your 3D "Practicality" 
By Mother God

Community Corner
The Role of the Interpreter and Advanced Arcturian Lecture #4
By the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Mother's Mini-Message #21: 
It's High-Time to Trade in Your 3d "Practicality"    
By Mother God

Community Corner
The Role of the Interpreter and Advanced Arcturian Lecture #4
By the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie  
Mother's Mini-Message #21: 
It's High-Time to Trade in Your 3d "Practicality" 
By Mother God
Greetings, Dear Ones, it is I, Mother God, with a mini-message of encouragement and hope.
You are being asked to do a great deal now to advance your Ascension.  The first wave of the first wave is at the gates and ready to ascend.  We want all of you there with us!  I have just a few pointers for you that will ease you along to assure you of being ready.  Many of you have come up against a bit of a sticking point, and it is revealed in your questions and emails to our dear channels.  You will recognize it when I describe it to you.
At the finale of this long Earth journey, many of you have adopted a style of approaching things that you would call "practical."  It always includes a fair amount of worry - worry that you might be duped, that you are not worthy, that you do not understand what you need to understand, that your family or your pet will not be able to ascend with you, that you cannot trust these letters predicting joy and happiness, and so forth.  You look back on your lifetime and see pain, worry and fear, and you project it forward in a flood of feelings that leaves no room for anything but more worry, and you have come to thin of this as practicality, and you are proud of being "practical" about not wanting to be hurt if the promises don't turn out to be exactly what you expected.
Of course they won't be exactly what you expect because you are looking for what you already know, perhaps a bit more wealth, or a bit more vacation time, but more of the same nevertheless.
I will tell you, my Dear Children, this will not create your path to Ascension.  What is coming is so much more fun than you could possibly imagine, you must learn now to "suspend judgment," not because there is anything wrong with your abilities to judge and prepare - you are very skillful at preparing for the worst.  Now it is time for you to learn to prepare for the best!  It is a very different state of mind from your 3 dimensional stance of full alert, anticipation of danger and a repeat of miseries of the past.  Join us now in the higher dimensional Heavenly energies coming through the open Lion's Gate and you will be amazed at how quickly you can re-condition yourself to be comfortable with the unknown because it brings abundance, joy and peace.
I am able to bring you this joyful message because of the first-wavers who have Co-created the pathway with us, by trusting in us, allowing our guidance to urge them along in their trainings in such a way that they have been able to bring themselves to a brand new way of seeing the world and understanding us. Fulfilling the Truth that you create what you think about, they have eased the way for those who will follow by what they have done.  Momentum is everything now.  Let us describe the process they have followed so you can understand what you can do to forge your own path with maximum ease. 
Think deeply now about how you seek what you want.  Let us say you have been told by the Company of Heaven that there is buried treasure in your own backyard.  You get your shovel and focus intently on the ground, digging industriously all over the yard, making shallow holes, then deeper holes, congratulating yourself on your courage to follow your favorite Master's guidance.  Your shovel does not hit any large solid object like a chest or a box of any kind.  You find only more rocks and dirt, until the day's end when you are exhausted and frustrated, beginning to curse your own willingness to be so gullible, as you observe the expanse of holes and piles in what was once your pristine lawn.  Your neighbors will think you are crazy; your family will mock you, you think.  In despair, you trudge into your house and go upstairs to shower and feel sorry for yourself.  
As the sun sets you begin to regain your composure and begin to talk with us, your Mother and Father.  You ask for understanding and for comfort, and you offer to use your experience to learn whatever you need to further your expansion. You reach for us to restore your connection and your trust, and you ask to find a way to use this experience to be of service to others.  As the lengthening rays shine across your yard you look down upon it and see glittering golden sparkles radiating light across the yard, like a thousand tiny suns beaming up at you.
In your search for "treasure" you didn't notice the gold nuggets all around you at your feet.  Were they there all along?  Suddenly your exhaustion turns to excitement; you have struck gold!  It is all around you in such abundance that you fill bags with the precious stuff and tell your neighbors, who also discover good fortune right under their feet.  Your excitement and joy starts a "gold rush" so profitable that everyone you know begins to share their good fortune.  Street parties are arranged to host feasts, music and dancing.  Because of your generosity and foresight, your entire town celebrates the new feelings of Love, camaraderie and ease.  A great Pillar of Light emanates from your house to envelop the entire township, and the Galactic teams come to offer guidance and protection.  Arcturian teams of healers are able to ride the Light energies of your great Pillar to reach and aid all who wish assistance with healing.
Your return to trust in us and faith in goodness has created a vortex of high Light energy that beams outward, sweeping everyone along with you. You are in synchrony with the energies we are sending to you because you are in harmony with yourself, your fellow humans and with us.  You have now created a wave of Light that you and others can ride to lift yourselves into higher dimensions.  You are getting massive amounts of help from angels who protect and shore up your Pillar, grid workers above and on the ground who are anchoring your Pillar deeply into Earth.  Your Light emanates outward and upward, and we meet it by pouring Love and blessings down through it to fill your heart with joy.  
In this new stance, with your feet planted firmly on Terra and your heart beating as One with ours, your life will suddenly be filled with joyful surprises large and small.  Create your wave, Beloved Ones, and we will be there with you to ride it into higher and higher dimensions.  I have given you the keys to Paradise.  You only need to use them to unlock the happiness for you and others who follow.
I am your Mother God, here with Father, lovingly cheering you on.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 10, 2015
Community Corner
The Role of the Interpreter and Advanced Arcturian Lecture #4 
By the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians, in one of your last messages you stated that we, your volunteers who took an earth vessel for this NOW, are to be the "Interpreters."  Can you talk some more about that please

Arcturian Response:  "Yes, we are happy to explain.  First, we ask that you go back to our messages beginning at the 1-2-15, and read through them or re-inform yourself of that information starting with    Brainwaves and Consciousness .

We have been preparing all of you to recognize and read thought forms and energy fields.  Gaia is creating/allowing Her transition into the fifth dimensional frequency in which there is NO time.  In fact, your planet is moving through a major energy field towards the end of this September 2015.

The escalation and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the Sun and other cosmic energies will expand during August to reach their peak around September 23-24, 2015.  We tell you to alleviate any "fear of the unknown."  The energy field of fear causes resistance, and makes you "push back" against the energy field. 

On the other hand, the energy field of love, especially unconditional love, allows a flowing into and embracing of the energy field.  Furthermore, if you expand your consciousness into your higher brainwaves of fifth-dimensional gamma waves, you will be able to consciously experience these energy fields and allow the embedded messages into your consciousness. 

Remember that a thought form has myriad versions of the same information. Therefore, each "individual" can perceive the information from his/her own personal viewpoint. It is also very powerful if you have created a "group" of like-minded volunteers. In that manner, you can combine all your individual experiences into a collective experience.

Of course, since this energy field is largely fifth dimensional, you will need to be in your fifth-dimensional, Gamma Wave Consciousness to gain the clearest message. Also, you must release ALL fear of the unknown. 

When your consciousness is fifth dimensional, you will be in alignment with these fifth dimensional energy fields. Then, you will be more able to "read" the inter-dimensional thought forms and energy packages embedded in this cosmic flow of higher light.

For as long as you can maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you will be able to perceive these higher frequency energy patterns and acknowledge that they contain a form of Light Language.  

From your higher states of consciousness, not only can you perceive these energy packages, but you will do so before they leave the fifth dimension and drop into the "time" of your third and fourth dimensional reality. 

Therefore, you will be able to contribute unconditional love, multidimensional light and Violet Fire, which will greatly assist Gaia to integrate these higher frequencies into her planetary form.

We need you, our galactic volunteers, to work with the consciousness of Gaia. Yes, Gaia does have a consciousness, and She IS a sentient being. Via your fifth-dimensional consciousness you will be able to commune with Gaia's elementals of Ether, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Just as your body encompasses all your own elementals, Gaia's body encompasses Her elementals. The elemental kingdom are members of the Devic kingdom and serve as holders of form. These elementals flow from human to planet and planet to human-as well as all life-forms.

Since these elementals resonate to frequencies beyond the third dimension, they can assist third dimension form to adapt to the higher light by surrendering into the oncoming energy fields with no third dimensional resistance. 

As long as you can maintain a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, you will be able to "receive" the Light language embedded in the higher dimensional energy wave and allow it to guide you through your personal and planetary transmutation. 

Your greatest challenge will be to keep your third dimensional awareness "online" and connected to your fifth dimensional experiences. As long as your personal portal between your third, through the fourth and into the fifth dimensional states of consciousness remain open, you will be able to remember the fifth dimensional communications.

Fortunately, the higher energy wave will likely activate your 97% DNA. Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues, who were also doing junk DNA research, believed that the patterns of light in the vacuum caused by the DNA were actually magnetized wormholes. Somehow the DNA transformed the light into wormholes, which were still present after the DNA was removed.

These wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges theorized to exist in the vicinity of black holes (left by burnt-out stars)-tunnels through which light information can be transmitted outside space and time from different areas in the universe. 

Poponin, Garjajev, and other Russian scientists think that our junk DNA attracts bits of light information and passes them on to our consciousness. This inter-dimensional passage of information is titled "hyper-communication."

These scientists surmised that energy from outside of space and time flows through these wormholes, and that the wormholes were activated by the existence of the DNA. If it was the DNA that actually opened these wormholes, is it possible that our very DNA is capable of receiving the subatomic light particles that make up the matrix of the "super hologram"? 

There may be a "chicken or egg" situation where the subatomic light matrix can activate DNA wormholes, whereas at the same time, it is the activated wormholes that can perceive and accept the holographic picture of the subatomic light particles.

Russian researchers have also joined with linguists and geneticists to explore junk DNA. They found that junk DNA follows the rules of our human language. According to them, our junk DNA serves as data storage and communication.

In exploring the vibrational behavior of DNA, Garjajev and his colleagues have found that living chromosomes function just like holographic computers. These researchers modulated certain high-frequency patterns onto a laser ray to influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since our junk DNA and language share the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of human language to influence the DNA.

Garjajev believes that junk DNA in living tissue will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves - if the higher frequencies are used to project the message. Garjajev's research explains why affirmations, hypnosis, and the like can have a strong effect on humans and their bodies. They have further stated that the higher the individual's consciousness, the less need there is for any type of laser device.

The holographic and junk DNA research reveals that humans are basically receivers floating through a sea of frequencies of light interference patterns. We choose to perceive, and hence create, our reality from the myriad possible realities that the super hologram projects from beyond time and space for us to receive through our personal portals (the wormholes). 

Once we receive this light information, we process it through our holographic brain so that we can project our picture of reality into the physical world to be contributed to the collective and planetary consciousness. In this manner, we are all ONE being receiving ONE message through many different portals.

We tell you NOW, that you will NOT perceive the fifth dimension in the same manner as you perceive the third, or even the fourth dimensions. The closest example we can give you for fifth dimensional perceptions are they feel like they are "just your imagination." Hence, to move into this next octave of your reality, you will need to finally realize that your imagination is indeed REAL. 

The truth is that the third dimension is merely a holographic projection. Hence, your 3D reality is NOT real. You have believed that reality begins in the physical world, AND, there may be a possibility that your dreams can guide you-sometimes.

In reality, your fourth dimension dream life is the portal that connects your true, fifth dimensional SELF with the holographic projection sent from the fifth dimension, through the fourth and onto the 3D Matrix of the third dimension. Have you ever had a dream that you thought was "real" until you woke up? 

You are NOW in the process of waking up to your true SELF. This true YOU, is actually your Lightbody SELF who lies latent in the base of your spine. This energy field has been called "The Sleeping Serpent." Why serpent?

"Are you saying that we are all just illusions?" you may ask. "NO," we respond, "YOU, your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, is NOT an illusion. However, your great multidimensional light has been cast onto the 3D Matrix from your fifth dimensional expression." 

To make sure that you can make contact with your own light source, it is stored within the physical vessel that is attached to the 3D physical matrix of Earth. We tell you this because we do not want you to have fear about the flashing of your reality into the fifth dimension. 

You have no need to be afraid because the fifth dimension is where the real YOU, the puppeteer, is guiding the physical you, the wooden puppet, through the story that YOU have created. What connects the puppeteer to the puppet is your fourth-dimensional, astral self. 

Your fourth dimensional reality is the dream, fantasy and aspirational world through which the two-way information between 3D and 5D can flow. As you master your ability to regulate your own states of consciousness, you will be able to follow the flow of your: 

Beta Wave, third dimensional consciousness into your
Alpha Wave, fourth dimensional consciousness into your,
Gamma Wave, fifth dimensional consciousness - and back again.  

In other words, you will be able to ride the "river of life." You know that when you ride a river, that the water at the top of the mountain is not separate from the water at the bottom of the mountain. Some of the molecules of water have evaporated, some water has been taken from the river or cast onto dry shores, but the water at the bottom of the mountain is ONE with the water at the top. 

In the same manner, the higher frequency light from the higher dimensions is not separate from the light in your physical plane. This light may be diluted or hard to recognize, but if you use your fifth dimensional perceptions, you will be able to recognize the different frequencies that are within the light that constantly bathes your planet.

Just as you must choose a certain channel or frequency on your physical communication devices, you will remember how to choose your fifth dimensional channel within your own multidimensional brain. 

Your physical brain appears to be just your physical reality. However, your higher dimensional expressions of self do not just resonate around you. They resonate within you first, as all creation begins within the core. 

Therefore, if you calibrate your attention to the higher frequency pattern within your Third Eye and your High Heart, you will find the seeds of multidimensionality that have always been within you. 

In the same way that you choose channel 3 on your TV for one show, channel 4 for a another show and channel 5 for yet another show, you will choose what you wish to perceive by regulating your state of consciousness. 

Channel 4 allows you to see the "awake" show or the "sleeping" show. On the other hand, your channel 5 allows you to perceive everything on channels 3, 4, simultaneously within the same NOW. How can your 3D brain perceive three different channels all at once? 

It cannot! Your 3D TV/brain would see different perceptions interfering with each other. Your 4D TV/brain would perceive pictures with wavering shadows that make it difficult to see clearly. On the other hand, your 5D TV brain would be able to perceive myriad pictures all intertwined and working as ONE co-operative system.

When you have more and more fifth dimensional communication you will likely find that these 5D communications are often accompanied by the feeling of your Kundalini force moving up and down within your spinal cord. 

This feeling is very euphoric and gives you a strong, "YES, you are having a fifth dimensional experience." This feeling is similar an invitation to communicate, such as a phone ringing or a doorbell chiming. 

However, these messages are kinesthetic rather than auditory or visual. Your body is very helpful in giving you a strong kinesthetic "Yes" via Kundalini activation, or a loving emotion and/or a pleasant thought. On the other hand, your body will say "No" with a hollow feeling inside you that is accented with depression and/or anxiety.

When you remember how to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness for more and more of your "time," you will also remember how to read thought forms and energy fields with the innate, resonating patterns of your physical form. 

The kinesthetic feelings we have spoken of above are common to everyone. There are also personal triggers, responses, emotions and kinesthetic reaction that were learned during your present incarnation. 

You will find it helpful to recognize and document these reactions to life, as your body CANNOT lie. Just as your beloved dog or cat or bird cannot lie because they are incapable of deception in that human manner, your body will tell you the truth. 

However, your body can only tell you the truth if you want the truth, and if you are willing to receive it. Your third dimensional society has taught you to lie to yourself and to lie to others so that you NOT get in TROUBLE.

We have experienced through our volunteers that the constant comings and goings between the differing 3D, 4D and 5D timelines can cause great confusion for one's sequential 3D memory. For many of you, the return of your attention to the third dimension does not always occur within the natural sequence of that "time."

In other words, you may have a "brief meditation" about a fifth dimensional message and find than an hour has passed when you return your focus back to your 3D endeavor. In fact, many of your inter-dimensional journeys are often not even noted by your physical perceptions. Therefore, you have the experience of lost "time" or "lost sequence of events."

Obviously, when time is lost, the time-bound sequence of event would become very confusing. Lost time is when you think it has been just a few minutes to look up at the clock and see that an hour has passed.

On the other hand, lost sequence is when you find yourself in a different place and/or endeavor, but you cannot remember the "in-between" of where you thought you were and how you got where you are NOW. 

In other words, you inter-dimensionally traveled beyond the 3D and came back into your earth vessel after your 3D self had moved your physical location. Once you re-connect with your 3D consciousness, ego self, you cannot remember where you were or how your body is now in a different location.

This dynamic is even more common with "lost time." You look at the clock and see it is a certain time. Then you become involved in an endeavor that activates your fifth dimensional consciousness, which is beyond time. Then, you actually leave time. No third dimensional person will see this occur because 3D perception does not believethat that situation is true. Thus, if you cannot believe it, you cannot perceive it. 

However, if you are aware, you will observe that something suddenly changed and you missed the transition between what it was before and what it became when you returned. Of course, since you did not know that you left, you did not know that you returned. That is, you do not know that with your third dimensional consciousness.

We are telling you this information because you are entering an area of space in which there are many higher frequency energy waves. Therefore, it is the NOW to fully activate your multidimensional consciousness. If you do not do so NOW, you will begin to doubt your self and doubt your perceptions.

Self-doubt is very dangerous in the changing world you are experiencing because it can initiate fear. Once you experience fear, your consciousness will lower. Then you will become completely confused, as you do not remember how or why your consciousness dropped out of feeling good and in to feeling afraid.

You will likely feel as though you just crash landed on the third dimension, but you may not be able to remember where you landed from, where you where going and/or what you did. In your past, meaning earlier years of your planetary transition, you were all confused and laughed it off. 

It was mostly conjecture then, so that was fine. You were learning to fly and had some crash landings. However, it is the NOW of what you were then just pondering, or maybe, even planning for. Therefore, you could lose your focus without too many consequences. 

However, NOW, the consequences can become extreme. Therefore, you must maintain a steady line of communication with your own higher expressions. As long as your human consciousness feels somewhat informed, you can stay above fear. 

However, once you lose touch with your Higher SELF, you will become frightened and not remember why. Avoiding fear and living in the highest state of consciousness that you can is one of the most important things for you to remember within this NOW.

Therefore, dear scouts into your "brave new world" KNOW your SELF. What you do NOT know about your self is an opened door for fear to enter. When in doubt, when EVER you feel ANY fear remember to say,

"I Send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire!"

We, your Arcturian and Galactic Family, are here to help you. However, Gaia is a planet based on free will, so you must ASK for our help. However, we can ask you for help. We are sending many messages to our volunteers on Earth. We are looking for more "interpreters" through whom we can speak. 

Please apply for the position within your own High Heart.
Your Galactic Family is with you. 
You can see us with your fifth-dimensional consciousness. 

Most of all, please remember that
YOU are coming HOME

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Our cherished channels, Kathryn and Christine, live in such a way that they carry out whatever we ask without hesitation.  We have a close relationship full of trust and understanding.   We speak and laugh together all throughout every day.  Our channels have prepared and trained for their role now for many lifetimes - just the same as you have done.   Sooner than you think, you will all be able to communicate with us directly.  It is a day we have awaited with longing, and that day will arrive with such triumph!


I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share. 


Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age. 


I am your brother,

Archangel Michael

Namaste All.


Channeled by Christine, New York, 19 July 2015

Photo Credit:  Griffith Observatory 

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