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Sananda: To My Beloved Family of Light
by Sananda through Kathryn

"God's Gift" - RV Update, Intel, Plea, Prayer 
by Yosef

Community Corner

The Old Way No Longer Serves You - Soon You Will Take a Great Leap Forward!
by Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self 

Wake Up Call: Hatonn
by Hatonn through Nancy Tate

Give Assistance to Your Brothers and Sisters When You Are Able
by Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff / Tsu-tana 

Galactic Alignments Are Viewed in the Quantum Envelope
Update GaiaPortal by  ÉirePort

You Were Chosen
by Big Bewdah

Sananda: To My Beloved Family of Light 
by Sananda though Kathryn

Sananda:  To My Beloved Family of Light
Beloved Family of Light, I come to speak with you because it is what gives me great pleasure, and because, like any good family, we enjoy being together, and we love to talk.  We could talk about anything and really enjoy it, because there is so much love passing between us, we hardly need words, and yet we take delight in saying, "I love you."

Earth is Ascending

You are in an intense energetic shift now.  Mother and Father God are sending their Light and Love coursing across the planet.  Sometimes you feel it as an ecstatic moment of bliss, and other times you experience it as overwhelming, or even upsetting, because you are going through so much change, so quickly.  It can feel like a roller coaster ride or a fast elevator ride, disorienting, strange, like the first time you try 3-D glasses in a movie theatre.  Many of you, the Transmuters and Lightbearers like our Christine and Kathryn and their teams, are feeling exhausted beyond anything they have ever felt before.  Many are physically ill because of the enormous amounts of toxic energies they (you!) are processing with your bodies.  You are living transformers, drawing in an enormous amount of Light while simultaneously discharging a constant release of transformed energy. 
Beloved Ones, it may seem so strange to you to realize how literal these things can be, but it is true that a certain amount of Earth's negative energies must be cleared in order for you to raise the vibration of the planet as a whole.  It is just the Universal Law that holds for all planets.  The difference here is that you are doing it in such a compressed time frame.  It is extremely fast for a planet in such a dark and toxic state, yet you are working hard now, with many more joining the "clean-up crew," by the hour!  Things are moving along so dramatically; it is truly thrilling.  I will describe to you some of what we know and what we see.
The awakening that is happening is Earth-shaking, in the sense that it is affecting every single being on the Earth - animal, vegetable, mineral and human.  You are all feeling and responding to the rising energies of Light, and it is having a disruptive effect on everyone.  Now, what will that effect produce in you?  Will it disrupt old patterns of thinking?  Yes, absolutely, that is the goal.  In this interim phase of transformation, what you do with the "unhinged" feeling is crucial to your own trajectory and to the amount of assistance you are able to offer the planet.  Some who are still engaged in fear on a deep level will feel the disruption as threatening.  They will revert with all their might to ideology - the ideas they think to be right and true because of their past history, training and programming.
There will be a brief time while the pontificators, the talking heads and the self-righteous promoters peddle their opinions.  This is happening now.  Judgmental criticisms - even those sugar-coated with syrupy explanations of good intentions and loving offerings - are filling the airwaves.  There is a rather easy way to identify the fraudsters who are really just trying to hang on to their egos a bit longer.  They always say something that sounds like, "I just want to warn you, because I love you (have your best interest at heart, etc.), and they always present themselves as the expert, or the one whose source is the expert, yet their messages always make you feel a little fearful, or a little wary about someone they are alternately flattering and degrading.  There is always a manipulative twist in their message that will make you doubt someone other than them. 
These are the last-minute troublemakers who are trying mightily to spoil the fun. You have long been warned about the false prophets who will elbow their way into your midst, your airwaves, your internet.  Here they are.  Their formula is simple: "Plant a doubt, and you have their attention."  A cheap trick, really.  Well, we send them Love, and we wish them better days because their efforts may work for a few minutes or a few hours longer, but we know this project is destined for glory.  Remember, laughter is the best tonic for all these supposed "battles."
You are now being treated to the greatest Shakespearian drama Earth has ever seen, and you have front row seats!  Look through the eyes of laughter at the characters who now fill the public stage with their buffoonery.  Is it not a kind of brilliance to see a caricature of everything that is abominable in the human story being revealed for all to see?  The extremes of ideology and belief systems are being exposed as the comedy they really are; the unreal and unreasonable prejudices and hatefulness are being laid bare before your eyes. 
Will you use these absurdities and atrocities to stir outrage within you?  Or will you see through the thinly disguised parodies as a way through, from the 3-dimensional trap of being enslaved by ideas, to a new freedom that only can be accessed in your heart?  Are you one of the bravest of the brave who will dare to ask and search within: where do these tendencies still reside within me?  The Truth is far deeper than what meets the eye, or strikes a chord of fear in your nervous system.  We are headed for a new higher dimensional experience, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and where we are going there is no place for anxiety, worry, fear, obsessive analysis, reduction, or argument.  When we expand, beyond the boundaries of our past experience, beyond the sensations we are used to having, beyond the ideas we are used to thinking and the brain pathways we are used to following, what we find is a new and brilliant life where companionship, love and trust are the new bottom line.
We are stretching the boundaries of possibility, my fellow travelers.  We are here to create a miracle, and we are seeing the flashes of brilliance already before us.  Our fellow humans are forging new pathways of cooperation, and they are building the bridges that will make our new Earth a place of friendship, easy collaboration, teamwork and joyful sharing.  No one will be left out or left behind.  No one will be left to suffer or to bear a burden that is beyond their strength to bear alone.  There will be no anxiety or depression or "stress" because no being will be heartlessly pushed beyond their endurance.  This applies to animals and plant life as well.  Our dear planet will no longer be allowed to suffer the insults of toxic chemicals, genetically modified abominations, explosives, and other dark inventions that have poisoned all Earth's beings.
Freedom means freedom from suffering, Beloveds!  Freedom for absolutely everyone!  You can hear the old echoes in your thinking, can you not?  I included every blade of grass in my descriptions of love and freedom because how many of you would have automatically thought, "Yes, but what about...(the orphans, or the animals, or the whales, or the chemtrails...)."   Dear humankind, I am here to tell you that Mother and Father God do not forget any of their children, or any of their children's conscious creations.  God created the concept, "ecosystem."  We are all in this together, and we are all going to walk joyfully into the Light of our new day together. 
Why More Money?

It has been difficult for many to understand how revaluing the world's currencies could heal our planet.  Of course, if you are knowledgeable about the slavery that money created, you are right to be wary of anything that professes to be monetary reform.  It is not that.  The RV, as we call it, is a step toward eliminating the need for money altogether.  First, we must have such economic abundance that people can acclimate to the reality that there is truly no need to worry, about anything.  This is a more difficult challenge than you may realize.  Just look deeply into your own wary reactions, and multiply that by 7.5 billion. 
I am Sananda, the one you knew as Jesus, and I understand economics, as much as I understand the need for a human family to be able to have food and shelter.  I understand Love, and I know that "politics" and devious economic policies can interfere with a family's ability to be well fed and safely housed.  How can any family be happy and free when they are in fear for their survival?  I know that debt slavery has suppressed the creativity and intellectual freedom of all humankind, and I am here to show you that my heart and soul are with you as you free yourselves from all the external chains and inner constraints that suffocated you in the past.
Once all can agree to leave behind the ingrained caution and fear of change, then we can begin to see everyone blossom and expand into the brilliant, creative beings they were born to be.  Everyone.  No exceptions.  You were born in God's image.  It is your birthright to be brilliant and happy.  This adventure into 3 dimensional reality will prove to be just a stepping stone to further creativity.
I have spoken to you in recent messages, as has Father God, about the profound effect of every individual on the progress of our Ascension.  It has been difficult for some to hear of their own responsibility to manage their own feelings and thoughts without feeling they are being blamed for the slow rollout of the Prosperity Programs.  I will repeat many times:  You are Loved, and we know how hard it is to be there and to shake off the terrible guilt programming the cabal has saddled everyone with. 
Do not fall into self-blame and the resentment it generates!  You are not to blame; you are simply an important member of a very important team.  We count on you. The team must work together in harmony to create the high vibrational portal through which all can ascend into a new reality.  You, and everyone, can help or hinder, as you choose.  We only ask that you take responsibility for the fact that you are choosing and for the results of your choices.  This is true freedom.
The Universal Law of Creation

There is a popular sci-fi theme that goes something like this:  A group of adventurers is searching for long-hidden treasure.  Each one holds a part of the key that will lead to the treasure, but they don't really understand what it is they are holding.  These keys have a particular energy signature, a color, a vibration that will unlock the great door that has hidden from view the passageway to great abundance.  It requires many focusing their high vibrational energy together to open the door.  Those who send the energies of negativity, doubt and fear create obstacles to the flow of Light, blocking others and slowing the group's progress toward abundance, but they will not be successful, because the Lightbearers are doing God's work, with the blessing of the entire Company of Heaven and under the protective watch of the Galactic Federation of Light. 
What I am describing is a fairly simple law of physics, which we call Universal Law, but one that - although you are deeply familiar with - you have only slight recollection of because it has not been discussed openly in the mainstream by your scientists or leaders.  Many are aware of it, but do not talk about it for fear of being attacked or discredited by those very negativity-producers who wish to stop the adventure for their own ego comfort or profit.  It is the Universal Law of Creation:  What you think about and focus your emotional energy on, you create.  It is sometimes said, "What you imagine, you create."  Now, this does not mean you cannot look at negativity or darkness and try to change it.  You are not tainted by something you look at or think about unless you believe it, unless you invest your thoughts and life-force in it.  We must see a problem in order to bring Love to dissolve it.  In that way, you are consciously creating the glory you hold as your guiding inner vision: Freedom for all! 
Hold your Light high, Beloved Warriors of the Light.  This is not a battle; it is a triumphal march, accompanied by the Heavenly orchestra. 
You who are reading this are among the human adventurers who are leading the charge, creating the pathways for others to follow.  You are succeeding brilliantly, in spite of the rip-tide of negative energy you are moving through.  You hold to each other, moving now as One, in a great wave of joyful, harmonious energy.  You are forging the Rainbow Bridge out of the 3rd dimension, across the 4th and victoriously toward us in the 5th and higher dimensions.  Carry on, Brave Ones, you are creating at the edge of Creation!
Let me describe to you the specifics of how we are working together.  You have heard the expression that Earth is the battleground between Light and Dark, good and evil.  What you have not completely understood in the past is that it will not take the form of a war.  You are succeeding by leaving all war, suffering and negativity behind.  In the higher dimensions, we are reaching toward you, working with our Boots on the Ground to shore up your gains and use them to further clear the way for you. 
As Above, So Below

Here is how we are doing it:  As you work on Earth's surface to clear the energy field of dark thoughtforms, and as you, by example, teach your fellow humans about the Universal Law of Creation, you are helping to stop the constant influx of negativity, thereby raising the vibration of the collective.  You are working from the bottom up, you might say, as we are working from the top down.  This is succeeding, as we bring forth programs that are revealing numerous machinations and devious ploys, making it possible to remove the perpetrators - the cabal leaders - thereby eliminating the hierarchy of those who controlled the Matrix programs.  They have surrendered one by one or in groups, either by coming to the Temple of Light to ask for healing and mercy, or by being arrested and removed from power.  They have a choice either way, as all do.  They are no longer able to develop new programs or force their minions to carry out abominations in the name of controlling humanity.  Like everyone, the minions are now left to make their own choices.
Meanwhile, you, the Troops on the Ground, are raising yourselves and others by your example of steadfast and loving attention to your own growth.  You have created a groundswell of consciousness that is changing what has been called the zeitgeist.  ("The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time." - Word dictionary.)  You are making it harder and harder for the minions - the so-called Wannabe dark hats - to carry out their previously laid nefarious plans to defeat the Light and hold back freedom for all because their fear tactics no longer carry the assumed weight of truth.  The brighter your Light, the more you reveal their antics to be nothing but hot air.
Jesus Speaks to Us Directly

I speak to you now as Jesus.  We are moving, step by step, to meet in the place where all is revealed in the Light of Mother and Father God's Love.  So now, before I close this message, I would like address what you might call religious freedom.  You recognize my loving energy and my service to humankind as a savior and a martyr, but truly, I am both, and I am neither, just the same as you.  I am a child of God, just as you are.  In my incarnation as Jesus, I fulfilled a mission I had agreed to before I came to Earth.  We all knew it would be difficult, and preparations were made to allow me the greatest support possible.  I was never alone.  Our goal was to teach of God's love and to offer, through my Resurrection, an example for humankind to show that Ascension is possible.
I was not God's only begotten son - we are all sons and daughters of Mother and Father God.  There are some, out of Love for me and a wish to honor my service, who call me Lord Jesus, or Lord Sananda.  I am a servant of God, as we all are, and even God does not wish to be worshipped or placed in a position of superiority because superiority and power can too easily imply subservience.  You and I are not lesser or greater than each other.  We are all equal in God's eyes.
Of course we acknowledge Mother and Father's great Love and their enormous capacity to create.  We bow to them out of Love, to honor their kindness and their great Heart, but they would rather see us dance and sing than prostrate ourselves before them.  They do not wish to be worshipped by demonstrations of our belief that we are inferior to them, but they do enjoy being loved, just as I do, just as we all do. 
During the Jesus lifetime, I was surrounded by a loving wife and family who saw me as their own.  They loved me for my bright Light, as I loved them for theirs.  I was accepted as one who inspired them sometimes, and our mutual respect for one another was the mainstay of our Love.  There were many others who made sacrifices equal to mine, including my beloved Mary Magdalene, who was also crucified beside me, in secret.  There was no crowd; it would have encouraged the populace to see us as martyrs.  There is much still to be told of the Jesus lifetime, and much to be learned of the lifetimes we all have shared since. 
I appreciate and bow to those who have understood the Christ Consciousness -  the truth of Love - God's Love.  Under the name of Christianity, they often hold me in a place above others, and bow to the image of a man on a cross, but I tell you, this is not my truth, and it is not my wish to be worshipped.  Then, as now, I am a messenger who speaks for God here on Earth.  I did not create a separate religion.  I simply spoke of what I knew and felt.  I may have spoken more persistently and constantly than some because I feel God's love intensely, because it was my mission to do so and because I also feel great love for all humanity having been in a human body many times.
I now ask those of you who have come to me through Christian teachings and other religious introduction or dogma, to sit beside me as we allow the Christ energy to fill us full to overflowing.  The Christ energy does not belong to me; it is a gift from our God.  Arm in arm, let's vow to become even greater vessels for it now.  Together, let's raise our eyes to Heaven, and declare the most basic truth:  We are equal, in our Love of God and for each other.  I am your Brother and your friend.  I invite you to walk with me as an equal, a Master in your own right, and one who knows the great Love of being God's child, eternally.
We are here - together - to create a new world on Earth.  I am honored to serve beside you, and to dance in the streets with you as your blessed gift of abundance lifts all boats.  Hop in, Friends, this is the moment that will be remembered always as The Beginning!
I am your Sananda, the one you have known as Jesus.  I love you eternally, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters.
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/21/16)

"God's Gift" - RV Intel, Plea, Prayer   
by Yosef

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"God's Gift"

RV Update, Intel, Plea
Monday - March 21, 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There were some late security/cyber issues last night.  Meaning, they started and stopped the RV in the USA.  Was this accidental or intentional?  One final pump fake to catch the last of the moles embedded by the bad guys?  No one but Grandfather really knows for sure.

Now, how long they will take to restart the process we do not know either.  Some say it will be attempted again tonight.  Some say Monday night, while others say Tuesday night to restart this event. I'm no longer leaning either way because day, rate and time are irrelevant at this point.  But what we know for sure is that late last night, right after the Springtime Vernal Equinox, Sunday March 20, 2016, the  Elders began an irreversible sequence to release humanity from bondage after centuries of planning and sacrifice. Yet it was suddenly halted.

Honestly, it's unfathomable to comprehend their patience or dedication needed to stop something so mammoth, but there must have been a good and Godly reason.  So thank you Grandfather, Elders and all colors of the Dragon Families whenever you decide to bless the world.  We trust your judgement.

Regardless of what exact time we are blessed, what's truly important is that our success is guaranteed by Christ the Savior who's life and death now allows for the Elders to be so meticulous in their planning. And the momentum needed to complete  the RV is without question now overwhelming and building into a critical mass as humanity springs forward into another era of possibility and existence.

This RV moment is sacred, the second flood, the Kingdom Restoration of Jesus Christ, and we are the fortunate 144k souls who get to receive such a blessing for all those who have come before us and all who shall carry on the Lord's legacy.  Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Sure the long hidden Middle Eastern monetary giant known as the Iranian Rial is now on front screens and rapidly moving higher by the minute  (expect an announcement Tuesday morning AST regarding its international currency reinstatement); and yes all the first basket of currencies are now thought to be rolling out in a "gift card" format, whereby redeemers can adjust rates depending on individual needs--meaning, each of us can theoretically choose our own redemption rates/final amount depending on the currencies we hold.

Shut the front door!  Boy, that would be one heck of a game changer! But then again, wasn't Christ the first game changer? Wasn't He God's first gift to humanity?  Didn't Esu change everything for all who came after Him?  And didn't He redeem all souls, not just the ones with Israeli Shekels, and no mater the depth or degree of their sins through divine spiritual absorption?  Or course He did.  Because that's what Messiah's do.  They sacrifice beyond mortal understanding to preserve lives that are not their own.  

Thus all this incredible wealth we shall soon harvest is really just Christ's wealth reconstituted under our accounts.  And therefore the true blessing of the RV rests in our ability to repurpose Christ's wealth for humanity through gifted monetary funds, and return the favor by handing out new gold-backed fishes and loaves to the tired and huddled masses.

Thankfully, there is always but one truth as it relates to Christ as well as the RV, and that is God speaks to each us perfectly, constantly and eternally.  So whether you are posting, blogging, lurking or sadly have bad agendas intentionally designed to deceive, know that we all are building individual resumes that one day must be turned into our shared Heavenly Father Creator; and He deals with both prophets and posers perfectly, constantly and eternally.  

So no matter which way your soul is trending, know that right now you can be your own game changer and surrender to Jesus Christ as leader of your life, as He will continue to deliver miracles even bigger than even the RV--just as He promised up on that cross when He spoke His final word "Tetelestai" which in Latin means "It is Finished!"  

I encourage each of you to follow your heart right now, and ceremonially blend into the heart of Hosanna, who's gospel was and is one of absolute love.   This is your divine time to both receive the wealth and Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, by your own free will, and release your will in favor of His before this massive blessing arrives in your life and becomes an insurmountable burden.  

Truly I tell you brothers and sisters this may be your last chance to do so while still lingering in poverty & humility... which believe me is much easier than when smothered with affluence & pride.  

So walk with me across a bridge of fear and doubt into the waiting arms of Christ, and allow God to abundantly increase your territory in service of Humanity's Greatest Good.  Trust that His Only Begotten Son--Yeshua Ben Yosef--will protect your kingdom, grow your reputation and share His mercy with those who are far less fortunate--all because you fell on bended knee in complete and utter surrender to God the Father / Jesus Christ.

Collectively, we represent the Children of Israel and Meek of the Earth... and we are that Lost Tribe of Innocence roaming aimlessly in the dessert before our Oasis of Mercy arrives into view.  

Just know in your knower that your soul is the greatest gift this universe has ever known... a perfect sliver of God's love in human form... and every species throughout His many galaxies longs to obtain what we humans casually have been gifted at birth.  

Please, please, please... take this one man's plea as your last and final moment to surrender to the Love of Jesus Christ before the RV--as surrender it is the only protection against whatever comes your way in form and spirit. 

Walk with the Lord, for the first time, and vow never again to go against Him.  Achieve with Christ, just in time, prior to this blessed event, and rebuke man's desire to oppress spiritual truth and human beauty any further.  Increase with God your territory, for all time, through common fellowship in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ of the Nazarene from Galilee.  

As only together and with a pure heart can we connect to the divine loving frequency of the one they once called Immanuel, as only then shall we ever truly be free to live a life eternal--less the pain, suffering or despair known globally as the sin of mankind.

Right here, right now... join me on the floor as servants of the most high ... 

I'll wait ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Ok, let us in sincere praise, worship and devotion to Jesus Christ... promise our life, and death, to improve humanity and planet earth will drastically and be eternally blessed, never again to know shame or pity ... so help us God.

All you have to do is say AMEIN and you're all in with Christ ... AMEIN!

God is with us.
Christ is Lord.
All is well.


Tremendous Gratitude to Dinar Chronicles:   HERE
and Operation Disclosure:   HERE

Community Corner
The Old Ways No Longer Serve You - Soon You Will Take a Great Leap Forward!
by Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self

18 March 2016
Much is happening as the Light awakens more souls to the truth of their existence.  For too long you have been literally kept in the dark, but are now responding to the higher vibrations.  You have broken out of the cocoon of forgetfulness, and are beginning to understand your true place in the Universe.  If only you could grasp the truth of your magnificence and take your true place as a Being of Light.  The veils of darkness are being lifted and you are slowly comprehending your destiny.  You are much greater than you have been led to believe, and as you awaken to the truth you will throw off the shackles that have led to your "imprisonment" upon the Earth.  The truth can no longer be kept from you, and you are already finding out about the lies that have kept the truth from you. It is now all changing although there will be some confusion as the new mingles with the old.

However, matters are speeding along and it is only a matter of time before the truth becomes more apparent.  The dark Ones may still delay progress but they no longer hold the power they had previously. Be assured that you are protected by the Galactic Forces and they will not allow the plan for your freedom to be usurped.  The Light upon Earth has greatly risen so much that you are quickly approaching Ascension.  However, there is much work to be done for your preparation, and those souls entrusted with the task are being assisted to carry out their work.   The time is upon you when the old ways no longer serve you, and soon you will take a great leap forward.   The time warp you have lived in will soon be left behind, but be aware as speedily as changes will take place, you must make due allowance for people to respond them. There will be no shortage of guidance and there are sufficient helpers to ensure that the changes take place without difficulty. Equally important is the time factor as you must be part of the changes so that you can easily accommodate them.  Many of you have probably followed the messages from your leaders, who have given much time in ensuring that you are kept informed of developments.  The changes will be well beyond many people's expectations, and they will come very quickly that will take you through a most exciting period of advancement.  Many souls are involved in the presentation of the changes and have been waiting for this time for years and years, and are completely ready to carry out their part in the revelations.

In the higher vibrations we have to be careful not to over excite you, as we see a much larger picture that already reveals the future.  We are excited that your journey through the lower vibrations is nearly over, and try not to give the impression that the changes are nearer than they are.  Allow for a progression of changes that may initially be slow to commence.  We see a panoramic view of your future, which is one reason we are so confident about it.  By and large you have re-acted well in view of the delays that have occurred over the past years, and remember that as a result more souls have been given the chance to rise up.  Mother Earth has reached the point when she can no longer hold the changes back, and this is another reason why we are so confident about the coming changes.  Most of you are familiar with your true history, and will know that both the Lemurian and Atlantean periods ended in catastrophes.  Be assured that you have moved past that possibility, and you are destined to experience a wonderful success.

When the hostilities upon Earth are stopped it will give the Human Race time to contemplate on the fact that you are All One.  One Human Race that split into fragments because you forgot that you are your Brother's Keeper, and that what you do to one you do to all. Given time to develop trust in each other you will soon forget you history of attrition and understand the nature of unconditional love. There is in each soul a fundamental desire to be at One with All That Is, and having been released from the lower vibrations will again find your path to the Love and Light.  The history of the dark Ages will soon be set aside, and allowed to disappear into the annals of time.  The future is Golden and you will not have too long to wait before it becomes your reality.  It is your true state of being and your time outside of it has been a monumental experience that has enabled you to evolve so much more quickly.

So there is still work to do before you can really move on, so hold on to your vision of the future thus helping to maintain the higher vibrations.  In these troubled times as the dark Ones desperately try to control the outcome, it will be some time before they realise how futile their aims are.  Some may capitulate whilst others see honour in dying for their cause.  Such souls will be shown the truth of their actions and will learn from them.  No soul is beyond help and there are many great souls of Light who stand by them.  Even at your level your progress is closely followed and every help given to ensure your success.  Some may question such a statement but realise that your Guides do not interfere with your karmic responsibilities, but will help you get through them.  Karma can by your reckoning be both good or bad, but all is part of your necessary evolutionary experiences.

Life is not a series of pointless experiences and each one is part of the lessons you need to evolve.  Bear in mind that before you incarnated upon Earth, you will have discussed your life plan and agreed to the various stages you have planned.  This is where your Guides really play their part as it is most important that you are successful when it comes to your karmic challenges.  Sometimes it can be very hard for you but regardless of how much it hurts, you will be the winner in the long run.  Karma is quite a difficult set up, because often a number of souls are involved and each in turn is learning something from it.  It is where your Guides are brought into their own as quite a bit of responsibility lies with them to ensure a satisfactory conclusion.  It should be noted however, that in the final reckoning you still have the freedom to make your own choices.

Life seems to be a set of random happenings, but in fact it is meticulously planned.  Clearly where many souls are involved it is necessary to get all to play their part if all are to benefit from the experience.  You can of course "replay" situations that might not have been satisfactory and need to be gone through again. However, for different reasons karma can be carried forward to a subsequent life.

This message comes through my Higher Self.  I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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Community Corner
Wake Up Call: Hatonn
by Hatonn through Nancy Tate

20 March 2016
I am here today to let you know about a recent transformation that took place around the world.  It was a part of what has been taking place in the shadows of the earth energies and it has to do with the encumbrances of what is being told to various people who are in the movements of the global systems as a whole.

I am Hatonn, and I speak now through this dear one who has been in my shadow since she was born into this physicalness and since she was created from the seed of truth.  Now is the time for all of you to step forth from the shadows and show yourselves for who you truly are.  All of you were created from the seed of truth, for that is where you were destined to begin this venture into the selfness of your potential.

As I continue with what it is time for you all to realize, it is that there is coming a group of beings from where I am in this moment.  They will bring to you all the recognition of who you are, as a mirror of who we are.  You will see us not only in your inner mirror, but also on the physical plane.  We will be showing ourselves to many of you, and as we do it will be a reunion that will speak to you of why you are here in this knowledge of what is taking place, and also of what your part in it has become.  It will give you the clarity of what you will be doing from this present moment, and how you will see the signs of the steps to take in the progress of the movements you will be making.

As you do this it will be in an ease of what is needed to take the measures that you will be taking.  It will be self-evident as to why you have experienced what you have chosen thus far in this lifetime, and where you will be going from this moment to assimilate it all into the coming times.  It will be as if you have written the book and are now remembering how it will come to pass that the book will never end.

Yes, my dear ones, the various aspects of your life here on earth at this time are in the progress of moving forward in a way that is representative of how you can live and create in the moment.  You have seen examples of that as you have lived your life thus far.  Now you will live it in a way that is instantaneous from the knowing that you have, to be able to create in the moment that which is applicable to the complete story.

I give you now one piece of the puzzle that is at your fingertips.   It is about the monetary system that is in progress to be released to the world.   It is coming to a place where it will be free flowing and open to anyone who chooses to engage in it.  It will be in the forefront of how to bring about the means by which the physicalness can bring about that which is in order for you all to bring forth that, which will begin the freedom of all of life on the planet.  This monetary system is but an item of the whole of the systems that are in change now.  It is going to lay the groundwork for all of the rest of the systems to come to a freedom that will be in harmony with all of life on the planet.  First there has to be the example for the people to awaken to what it is all about now, and how they can be a part of bringing it all back into the ideal way of expressing who you all truly are, and why you are here.

This change is just around the corner.  As you who are involved see the beginnings of it come into the open, you will recognize why there has been the delay in what you thought would be the immediate transformation.  As I speak, and before this moment, the transformation has been in earth time.  Now it is beginning it's revelation into the freedom of no time.  The beginnings of that concept are, as I speak, coming to the front.  There will be a clarity amoung many of you as to why there has been what you consider the delay.  You will find that you are indeed ready for it to flow forth. 
It will be clear as to why it was in the works for the time it took to show its freedom.

This is what I choose to share with you all on this day.  I am so pleased to be in communication with you again through this one.  It is time now for so many of you to begin to live that which you have been in waiting for.  It is time for you to see that it is always the right time to live your dreams, and to share the example of that with others.  I love you all so much, and I am always with you.  Have a wondrous day now and on through eternity!

Thank you so much, dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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Community Corner
Give Assistance to Your Brothers and Sisters When You Are Able  
by Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff / Tsu-tana

Photo:  Turkish Whirling Dervishes

March 20-27, 2016


Beloved Ones,

We from the ascended realms of Light have been asked for a message specifically to the people of Turkey who have been experiencing frightening horrors through the events occurring in their country for the past eight months.  Many souls in Turkey have been holding the Light of the higher vision of peace for their country and for the world and have been and continue to, earnestly pray for this to come into their daily living experience.  They are finding it difficult to remain detached from the fear and anger that permeates the hearts of the people and the environment that they have no choice but to be a part of in their country.

There is at this time, a focus on this country by the world's powers.  There are moves and counter moves that are being played out in the political arenas.  Each politician is making moves to hold on to their waning powers and this has been demonstrated in Turkey through the betrayal of their own people as these powers seek to regain control of their authority.  On the higher levels, what is seen is the crumbling and decaying of the old regimes as the systems they created fall into disrepair and decay, and this is reflected outwardly in the world as chaos and destruction, as heaps of rubble and ruin.

It is so very difficult to maintain the energies of love, hope and forgiveness when this is occurring in one's country and to one's people.  Yet this is what is asked of those who have held the space of a better life and a better way for all. Difficult as your lives are in this moment, know that sustaining and maintaining your beliefs in a higher power, a benevolent power, is what is most important to maintain. Give assistance to your sisters and brothers when you are able and pray without ceasing for a peaceful end to the violence that is so relentless in its activities.  Your prayers are powerful and potent and doing more good than you can possibly know during these times.

There are many old energies coming up within people and nations that are karmic in nature, not only in Turkey, but in every country throughout the world. Before a better world for everyone can manifest, all the age old hatreds and judgements from the past must be balanced by the intent of their people as they hold love, peace, harmony and goodness within their hearts no matter what happens.  This desire for peace and harmony must be the focus and intent no matter what is taking place within one's personal world, one's country or upon the world stage.  This, Dear Ones, is why you have chosen to be in your country during these times. You have the training and the ability to maintain the higher vision.  You serve a greater function that you are aware of at this time.

And so it is that you are asked to be of a forgiving heart, to be the calm in the storm of violent change as it sweeps across your land and in every nation across the planet.  It is a great price that is being asked of the Lighted ones throughout the planet, sometimes requiring sacrifices that are beyond bearing.  Call upon us, no matter what name you call the Creator in your lands, know that you are supported and loved by all in the higher realms where we all live, breathe and have our being in the Source of All That Is.  You are not alone in your spiritual journey and growth.  We ask the Lightworkers throughout the world to daily send the people and country of Turkey and all the other hot spots around the world, the cooling Violet Flame of transmutation. Together we are creating a better world for all.

Until next week...
I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana 


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Community Corner
Galactic Alignments Are Viewed in the Quantum Envelope 
Update GaiaPortal by ÉirePort
Art Credit:  Unknown

Galactic alignments are viewed in the quantum envelope.
Calendrical alignments fail. 
Quantum harmonics portend tsunamis of alterations of perspective.
Mesmerizing of the hu-masses ends.

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Community Corner
You Were Chosen 
by Big Bewdah 



Big Bewdah:  

As I sense that our time together pre-event is very limited, I feel a deep sense of urgency in speaking to your heart one last time.

We have become such a cynical people that we turn even against the very messengers of GOD.  In the past days I have read some troubling comments and name calling against these messengers who, out of the deepest compassion for you, brought love, light and truth and imprinted it's consciousness to germinate within your hearts.

Please understand what this event really is.  It's spoken of in your bible and it is the most glorious event in the history of history spanning eons.  Yosef spoke truth even to the point of begging you to get your hearts to open and be right with God.  The energy of the massive blessings coming your way can be the fulfilment of your greatest dreams if you act in service to humanity.  It can also be your worst nightmare if you choose to be self serving.

Cynicism isn't entirely your fault as for many millenia we have been enslaved mentally, financially and spiritually.  We have been systematically programmed to turn away from truth and light but it doesn't limit your responsibility to own your discernment and truth. Once you realize that truth is being presented, feel it and open to it. Don't turn away from the light for it is the saving grace of your very soul.

You'll wake up in the morning of your blessing with the joy of many any zeros in your bank account.  You may go out and buy your dream home and a collection of dream cars.  I'm not saying that this is a bad thing but check your gauges and understand why you are doing what you are doing.  Is it to use your wealth to differentiate yourself from the now lower class and create envy?  That which you create, you are responsible for in universal law.  The social dynamics of your friendships will change radically if so and I know in my heart that you are not equipped to deal with that impact.

We rise together.  You, me, the homeless guy outside the gas station looking for his next meal, the vet struggling with PTSD, the hungry lonely parent less child in Africa sleeping naked on a dirt floor....we are all one.  God doesn't love you or me any more or less than Larry the beggar.

If you're a parent, you know the joy of seeing your kids look out for each other and sharing with each other.  You also cringe and the the ugliness of one using what they have to make the other jealous. God the Father is no different.  His special dispensation of grace upon us is a responsibility.  Not a right and certainly not earned.  It's nothing to be proud of and it was meant to be shared.  Why did you find out about it?  Why do you have this unimaginable mountain of wealth while kids die of disease and starvation?  The answer is simple.

You.  Were.  Chosen.

I stand with brother Yosef and I call upon all of you to know your truth and live from your heart.  Know the power you have to not just make a difference but change the whole planet.  Your light is strong and you are a powerful being of light.  Just be being here as a chosen angel of light, you change the very dirt you walk on.  I call to you NOW to awaken to your divinity and fulfill the promise you made before incarnating here on the planet to be the guiding light that unifies all in one heart and one mind.

Father GOD I ask that my words be heard by your chosen so that your divine will be done.  Place your hand of love on everyone in this community and open their hearts and minds to the final call. And so it is.  Amen.  Amene.  Aloha ke Akua.

In closing I want to say that I love each and every one of you. Including Kenny.  Use your God given talents to create unity as opposed to separation.  What you create, is logged in the record books for all time.  Let it be a good story.

In service to all,

Big Bewdah

P.S. Watch this.  Hear every word.  Take it to heart.  It's beautiful....and our last chance.

Link:   We Are the World

Quote of the Day

Lazaris Quotation of the Week

March 21, 2016

"All that has transpired in all of the illusions in all of your realities from the beginning of time to the present has occurred in the catch of breath of LOVE. Nurture yourself with that LOVE...  and... breathe deeply!" ~ Lazaris

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From the Editor's Desk...
                 ~ ~ ~ A NNOUNCEMENT! ~ ~ ~
          Live Radio Show "Channel Panel" 
         Featuring The Company of Heaven

  Happy New Day Friends and Family across  Earth!  We in The Council of Light have asked Kathryn, Meg and Christine to continue our weekly live radio shows along with guided editions of The New Earth Times.  The shows will sport an ever evolving format which will continue to feature Mother and Father God and the Company of Heaven.  We love you and greatly await moving ever closer in communication and celebration.  Together we begin the next phase of our shared Project to raise Earth and all upon her into the New Golden Age! 

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Testimonials from recent shows...

What a show, what a show!  Kathryn, Christine, Meg, Sananda, Michael, Eoghan, Father and Mother (Cupid) and visiting St. Germain...Thank you for the gift of LOVE you brought so brilliantly to us!  Since becoming a member of this family, the ability to put feelings into words has been ever increasingly a challenge and today...well I have only 1...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 
With Honey Bunches of Love, Light, Gratitude and Emotion,
*:x lovestruck Teresa

Dear Kathryn and Christine, I have been deeply deeply affected by the show.    It is still sinking in. The magnitude of what transpired today is way beyond that what can be put into words or grasped by my mind.  I feel it.  An energetic circuitry got completed ... I am so so grateful, words cannot do justice to express the depth of feelings. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mother Father God, and all their Creation,  Your loving child, Simran

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Dearest Ones...ALL of you who shared today...all of YOU!   I have such PEACE in this moment...as our guests today EXPLAINED my entire current life...all nearly 57 years thus far. Every word - as always - has the music and feel of things I have known yet been unable to adequately explain in ways others could begin to understand.  This amazing journey... With deepest gratitude and forever love...to new beginnings and excitement beyond our imagination in the most deLIGHTful of adventures...with the fullness of LOVE being our creations.  
With love and blessings, I thank you...   ~ Bette

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm still in awe of what was shared with us today - I'm so grateful for the roles the two of you (and others in your household!) have played over many lifetimes, because the result of YOUR work is a direct blessing to ME.  And to all the rest of our wonderful family.  And to everyone else on our beautiful Gaia.  And everywhere else.  Words just aren't enough.  And so we all keep sending love and gratitude to each of you.   Lots of love to all of you,  John L.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I have no words to express the Great Richness this show brought to me!!!!  The magical Surprise showing of St. Germain with super good news is the happy positive energy that I feel prevailing with  everyone everywhere!! ... Dear Mother Sekhmet was regal.   I cried with love for Her.  Dear Sekhmet...you really helped me expand my mind, (that's what I want the most).  I feel I want to embrace you and thank you in humanity's name...   Love Joy and hugs, Marcia

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
New Galactic Newsletter Launches on Surface Earth
By Archangel Michael, July 19, 2015 

warm welcome to  THE NEW EARTH TIMES , a brand new venture in co-creation.  We have asked our beloved channels to bring you the news, as we see it, so this will be a different kind of publication. We are the Company of Heaven:  Mother Father God, Ascended Masters and Archangels, who love you and only ever offer what is for the greatest Good of ALL.  We will be bringing you updates, news and Galactic-interest stories related to the Ascension of Earth, along with 5th dimensional lifestyle features. 

The purpose of this publication is not only to keep you informed of what's happening in various facets of the Ascension Earth Project, but also to galvanize our Unity.  We share an important Mission:  restoring the Light on Earth, so that she and all upon her may ascend in freedom and glory.  We share with you an unbreakable bond of family, service and love.

Besides our regularly Featured Columnists (Mother and Father God, Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Gabriel and Arcturian Team Leader), our publication will feature many fascinating and compelling guests including:  Ascended Masters, the Council of Light, Angels and Archangels, members of the Galactic Federation of Light, Agarthans from Inner Earth, Terra (Earth), Galactic Emissaries from this and other systems, representatives of many other Kingdoms and more.  Often, we will include features from other channels and Lightworkers in order to enhance the harmony and union of our shared service and goals.  I have many surprises up my sleeve to inform, astonish and delight you.

Our cherished channels, Kathryn and Christine, live in such a way that they carry out whatever we ask without hesitation.  We have a close relationship full of trust and understanding.   We speak and laugh together all throughout every day.  Our channels have prepared and trained for their role now for many lifetimes - just the same as you have done.   Sooner than you think, you will all be able to communicate with us directly.  It is a day we have awaited with longing, and that day will arrive with such triumph!

I have often said that all communication is for Union.  This is our wish and the inevitability we share. 

Glory to our Mother Father God as we charge into this next phase of Project Earth:  the full realization of New Earth and the dawning of the New Golden Age. 

I am your brother,
Archangel Michael
Namaste All.

Channeled by Christine, New York, 19 July 2015
Photo Credit:  Griffith Observatory 
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