A Huge Milestone in Bonobo Conservation

Exciting news!! Ekolo ya Bonobo has been officially designated a Community Forest Reserve! A project over two years in the making, we have added 100,000 acres and increased protections for the now 120,000 acres of conserved rainforest.
Home to released and wild bonobos, the new reserve is a public-private partnership (similar to a land trust) between the Province of Equateur, ABC (Lola ya Bonobo’s parent organization), and local communities.

The communities living in and around these forests now own rights to Ekolo and work in partnership with ABC/Lola ya Bonobo to protect and manage the forest and its resources to benefit both people and wildlife.

A huge Thank You to our partner and sponsor, the RainForest Trust and all of you! For making this dream come true.
Read more on the Rainforest Trust Press Release.
That vast green space north of Basankusu? That's where you will find Ekolo ya Bonobo! Click on the map to visit via Google Earth.
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