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June 29, 2022
The New England Ski Museum Announces New Executive Director
Timothy Whiton to Succeed 25-year Executive Director Jeff Leich
Franconia, NH– The New England Ski Museum has announced today that Timothy Whiton will succeed 25-year Executive Director Jeff Leich. With Leich’s retirement, the Board of Directors of the New England Ski Museum (NESM) was faced with the challenge of filling the shoes of the face of museum for over two decades. The hiring committee was led by Board member Tim Scott. Scott and the committee tirelessly stuck to the task of finding the right person to fill what can be considered by all accounts as a very unique position.
After a year-long search, NESM President Bo Adams commented, “I am very pleased to announce that we have hired a new Executive Director, Timothy N. Whiton. Tim has an amazing background as a student of history, and a teacher of history within the University of Maine system, Montana State University and Gould Academy.” In expressing how excited he is about the opportunity to take the reins of the NESM, Whiton said, “The New England Ski Museum is one of the preeminent ski museums in the world and is well situated to continue preserving and telling the history and memories of activities crucial to the lives, identities, and economies of the entire region.”
Tim Whiton won the Museum's inaugural Bretton Woods Nordic Marathon 50 km. race in 2009. Frank Wilich photo.
Whiton has been in the skiing community his entire life. He even started his college career by writing an entrance essay on what it meant to be a skier, and is currently working on completing his doctoral dissertation on the defunct ski mountains of northeastern United States and the history of skiing since World War II. Whiton went on to say, “Skiing is fundamentally about community around shared experiences and shared spaces. While it is unique to each individual there is a shared commonality across time that is so important and helpful in understanding the broader history of the region and its peoples.”
Whiton, his wife Tara, and their two small children are busy moving to the area and are looking forward to this next chapter in their lives and being a part of the community and the future of the New England Ski Museum.
The New England Ski Museum’s mission is to collect, conserve, and exhibit elements of ski history for research, education and inspiration. For more information on the New England Ski Museum please contact [email protected] or call 603.823.7177.

Media Contact: Sean Doll
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