~ April 15, 2021 ~
The Ideas Worth Teaching Awards recognize faculty providing the skills and
mindsets needed to thrive even in challenging times.

Nominations open now through May 7th!
SSRN: Andrew W. Lo,, Brian Stevens, Sean P. Willems
When it comes to online education, "Would it be possible to meet, and perhaps even exceed, student expectations using the technology of online delivery platforms?” Three professors outline their strategies for building better online teaching environments and maximizing engagement.
The Hill: Thomas P. Lyon
Now that corporations have First Amendment responsibilities as well as rights, how do they "become savvier and more principled about whether and how to engage in political activity”?
Capital & Main: Kelly Candaele
The Bessemer "union’s chances for success were severely limited”: What went right, what went wrong, and where does organized labor go next? (also see Lessons From Bessemer)
The Guardian: Julia Carrie Wong
This whistleblower "argues that Facebook is allowing its self-interest to interfere with its responsibility to protect democracy, and that the public and regulators need to know what is happening to provide oversight.” If she's right, what should happen next?
The MIT Press Reader: Per Espen Stoknes
"When waves of innovation put societies on the cusp of change, those most invested in the old ways rarely grasp the speed with which those ways will become obsolete.” Will many of today’s major companies be yesterday’s horse-drawn carriage builders? (also see Businesses Call for Huge Reduction in US Carbon Emissions)
Financial Times: Sarah Murray
“So if schools’ thinking is outmoded, then they will become irrelevant.” How can management education do more to integrate sustainable business and its potential for "frame-breaking change”? (also see How Business Students Can Change Business for Good)
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