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It's finally time! Return to the world of The Hunger Games TUESDAY!
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Fresh Ink
Ready to be taken away by the master himself, Stephen King? These collection of four short stories is perfect quarantine reading. A story about communication from the grave, one of the multitudes a life contains, one of the insanity of writer's block, and an incredible companion followup to the hit novel/HBO series, THE OUTSIDER.   
It's the February after Gaea's defeat, and mysterious incidents are wreaking havoc throughout Camp Jupiter. If the Romans don't figure out who--or what--is behind the episodes soon, the Twelfth Legion could implode.
Return to the unforgettable world of the Newbery Medal-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling novel The One and Only Ivan (soon to be a major motion picture!)in this incredible sequel, starring Ivan's friend Bob!

In this riveting medical thriller--from the Pulitzer Prize winner and best-selling author Lawrence Wright--Dr. Henry Parsons, an unlikely but appealing hero, races to find the origins and cure of a mysterious new killer virus as it brings the world to its knees.

Elizabeth Acevedo  
In a novel-in-verse that brims with grief and love, National Book Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Acevedo writes about the devastation of loss, the difficulty of forgiveness, and the bittersweet bonds that shape our lives. 

Who wore the first pants? Who painted the first masterpiece? Who first rode the horse? Who invented soap? This madcap adventure across ancient history uses everything from modern genetics to archaeology to uncover the geniuses behind these and other world-changing innovations. 
The Game Board (with Bookie Karla)

Ages 4+
2-5 players
One of the most popular games in our store and an award winner as well. We want to make sure while we're still stuck at home,
don't miss out on this classic card game, HISSS. In this simple, elegant card game, players match colors and make snakes from heads to tails. Long snakes, short snakes, purple, yellow and rainbow snakes. Finish a snake and add it to your snake pit. The player with the most snakes at the end of the game wins.