October 2018
The New LINCS Training Catalog
Great news! The LINCS Training Catalog is now available in a searchable and sortable online format! Users can easily explore the catalog for available LINCS trainings to find a specific training of interest. The catalog is now searchable by:

  • Category
  • Topic
  • Keyword

Users can also sort trainings by length and format (e.g., in-person training event, study circle, facilitated online course, etc.) to easily find the LINCS training that best fits their needs. 

For example , state staff looking for online opportunities can search by type to find and request the LINCS’ virtually facilitated courses or self-paced online courses that meet their teachers’ needs. States can request in-person and virtually facilitated online trainings that vary from a couple of hours to full-day engagements and are delivered by an expert LINCS Trainer .

Explore the LINCS Training Catalog and then contact the LINCS PD Center to request your training now!
New LINCS Quick Reference Guide
Adult education instructors, program administrators, professional developers, and state staff. What do we all have in common? LINCS can help us do our job better and more efficiently. How? The LINCS Quick Reference Guide  shows how adult education professionals—from experienced program administrators to first-year state staff and instructors—can use LINCS as a professional resource to get results. 

LINCS offers adult education stakeholders an incredible array of courses, communities of practice, resources, and more. This guide connects the features of LINCS with those most likely to use them. Share the LINCS Quick Reference Guide with your two closest adult education colleagues today! And help us pay it forward!
Developing and Supporting Instructional Leaders - Collaborative Learning Group
The LINCS PD Center is organizing a new Collaborative Learning Group (CLG) to assist state professional development staff in aligning their perceptions of the role, skills, and characteristics of an instructional leader with the research to build their capacity to develop and support instructional leaders. The first session will kick-off on December 6 and meet every 4-6 weeks for six virtual, 75-minute sessions. Participants will:
  1. Expand their state’s capacity to develop and support instructional leaders at the regional and/or program levels through experiential learning, mentoring, and reflective discussion. 
  2. Create an instructional leadership working group (ILWG) that will extend learning from the CLG and build/strengthen a network of instructional leaders within their state. 

The Developing and Supporting Instructional Leaders CLG will be facilitated by Professor Alisa Belzer and Dr. Susan Finn Miller. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity and/or registering, email the LINCS PD Center helpdesk . If more than one participant registers from the same state, they will be asked to participate as a team. 
New Course! Workforce Preparation Activities in the Classroom
Workforce Preparation Activities in the Classroom: Contextualizing Employability Skills for Deeper Learning is now available in the LINCS Learning Portal

This 90-minute self-paced online course is designed for adult educators, administrators, teachers, and advisors who would like more experience incorporating workforce preparation and employability skills into instructional activities. It is a follow-up to LINCS’ Introduction to Workforce Preparation and Employability Skills, which covers workforce preparation and the specific skills outlined in the U.S. Department of Education’s Employability Skills Framework

After completing Workforce Preparation Activities in the Classroom: Contextualizing Employability Skills for Deeper Learning , participants will be able to, 
  • describe the rationale behind contextualized instruction that simultaneously addresses college and career readiness instruction and general workforce preparation and employability skills,
  • demonstrate how this rationale is already incorporated into an existing curriculum, 
  • explain best practices concerning workforce preparation activities as referenced in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and illustrate how these practices are currently being used to teach employability skills to adult learners, and 
  • locate resources to develop and incorporate workforce preparation activities into curriculum and instruction.

All LINCS courses provide a downloadable certificate of completion to document course participation. To access the course, log into your LINCS user account and locate the course in the LINCS Learning Portal. 

Share news about this course with your local programs today! (We drafted the email for you!) For questions about how your state can utilize LINCS courses, please contact pdcenter@lincs.ed.gov. 
TEAL | Register for Formative Assessment
Enrollment is open for Formative Assessment, a Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy ( TEAL ) course that explores the formal and informal processes that teachers and students use collaboratively to gather evidence of student learning for the purpose of improving learning. The course lasts three weeks, is freely available, entirely online, and facilitated by a highly experienced LINCS Trainer. There are two cohorts—one in math, and one in writing. Users should expect to spend two hours per week engaging with the course. To learn more and to register, visit the Formative Assessment registration form
Join the Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition!
Registration is now open for the second phase of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, a $1 million, 15-month national competition! The second phase—the Communities Competition of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE —is designed to challenge organizations, communities, and individuals to recruit adults with low literacy skills to download and use apps that will engage and transform the lives of one million adult learners in the United States.

The first phase of the Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE, presented by Dollar General Literacy Foundation, challenged teams to develop mobile applications for smart devices that would produce significant increases in literacy skills among participating adult learners. In June, XPRIZE selected winning apps from five finalist teams ( and the LINCS Community heard from them! ). 

The second phase needs your innovative ideas for reaching low-literate adults that are seeking to improve their English reading skills. 

The deadline to register your team is December 8, 2018. 

Be among the first to enter the Communities Competition. (Check out this discussion thread in the Integrating Technology Group for ideas, support, and encouragement!) Participating in the XPRIZE is free, and you’ll receive proven literacy apps to distribute to adult learners. Your team will have the chance to compete for a share of $1,000,000 and transform one million lives through literacy.

Register today! Visit https://communities.xprize.org/

Want to learn more about the XPRIZE? Check out some of the recent discussions in the LINCS Community: 
  • Adult Literacy XPRIZE Finalists and new Communities Competition
  • Interested in becoming an Adult Literacy XPRIZE Team Mentor, or helping teams in other ways?
  • Learning Upgrade, an ESL/ESOL app developed by an XPRIZE Adult Literacy Team, now available
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