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The new NTP – Qualified for more Value


The alpha value line has a new family member. Today we would like to introduce the new NTP gearbox. You may have read that and thought… ‘I already know this product?!’ But you’d be mistaken, the NTP is new to the market today and sits comfortably between the NPT and TP gearboxes in terms of technical ability. 


The new NTP planetary gearbox with output flange uses the familiar output geometry of the TP+ gearbox. The reinforced roller bearings on the output allow very high external forces. Coupled with the new toothing and the backlash of ≤ 5 arcmin, the NTP offers unique performance parameters for this product segment. 

Available in 4 different frame sizes, with 13 ratio choices from 4 to 100:1. When compared to the NPT gearbox, there are many improvements to be seen in the NTP. Backlash is reduced by up to 40% compared to the existing alpha value line and it has a protection class of IP65 compared to IP64 for the NPT. With innovative output bearings, the external force capability is improved by up to 270% compared to the NPT. It also boasts a more compact design, quieter running noise and improved synchronous running.

For more information regarding our new gearbox you can view our value line catalogue, visit our website and as always, our technical team are on hand to discuss your application requirements.


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