At South Community, we are here to provide essential mental health, substance use services and primary care for physical health needs. We are here for you and want to help you and our community as we continue in the pandemic and beyond.

We are now providing our hybrid model of telehealth and increasing face-to-face care, where safety is assured and risk is mitigated. 

Self-Health screens are required for all of our employees each day before coming into work in addition to Health Screens being conducted with clients before his/her face to face appointments, whether in the community or in one of our buildings.

Safety measures are intact with masks for employees, clients and vendors as well as distancing and practice of all preventive measures.

We continue to operate within our buildings at 50% fire code capacity for each building/floor, as well as adhering to the gathering limits. We seek to maximize the virtual platform for our meetings as well as telehealth for all of our service delivery. 

We continue to make every decision paced appropriately to assure we comply with all aspects of the new business environment, preventive measures and keeping a healthy workforce providing quality care!

Stay safe and well!
Lisa Carter, CEO