National Service and Maintenance Agreement
Effective: August 1, 2021 – July 31, 2027
July 30, 2021


TO: All signers to the National Service and Maintenance Agreement

FROM: Brian Kelly, UA Director HVACR Service and Russ Borst, MSCA Labor Committee Chair

RE: National Service and Maintenance Agreement, Effective: August 1, 2021 – July 31, 2027

The UA and the MSCA have just signed a new six-year National Service and Maintenance Agreement effective August 1, 2021. This Agreement will continue to play an important role in growing the HVACR market for the organized sector. We are confident that all national signers and local UA unions will benefit from the recent modifications to the Agreement. Within the next few weeks, the UA will send the Agreement to all current national signers for signature. It is important that all signators sign the new Agreement and return to the UA. All signators will also receive updated hourly payment and reporting forms that are effective August 1, 2021. An electronic copy of the new agreement can be found by clicking on the button below.

Highlights of the new Agreement include:

  • Para. 17 Tradesmen: Added cleaning and routine maintenance of solar energy equipment and HVAC power electronics control devices and building controls to the scope of tasks Tradesmen can perform

  • Para. 19: Redefined home local union to clarify its meaning, especially important in right-to-work states

  • Para. 26: Added testing, adjusting and balancing to start-up of newly installed systems

  • Para. 28: Portability language modified. Employees allowed to work outside their home local jurisdiction for up to sixteen hours in a standard work week. After that time must report in and receive the higher taxable wage rate with fringes continuing to be paid to home local jurisdiction. 

  • Para. 29: If an Employee is scheduled to work on a job which exceeds 15 consecutive working days outside their home local jurisdiction, all fringes and deductions in the jurisdiction where the Employee is working will be paid and submitted to the jurisdiction where working.

  • Para. 32: Clarified to ensure all work under the scope of the Agreement is subcontracted to union contractors

  • Para. 71: Grievances can be dismissed by the UA and MSCA if the established time limits for each step not adhered to

  • Para. 79: Reporting procedures for reporting hours to MSCA made clearer

  • Para. 85: Minimum hours required to maintain the Agreement increased to 4,000 in a six month period

  • Para 96: Under the Refrigeration Installation section of the Agreement (Article XXV) number of Employees initially allowed to travel to a job outside their home local jurisdiction increased to three (3) plus a Foreman to a maximum of six (6) unless larger number agreed to by Employer and local union.

  • Schedule A: All Schedule As will be reviewed in the next few weeks and updated to correspond to the new Agreement. Once complete, these will be posted at: In the meantime, please continue to abide by all current Schedule A provisions.

If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Dolim, MSCA Executive Director at
1385 Piccard Drive Rockville MD 20850 T 301 869 5800 F 301 990 9690 MCAA.ORG