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"The Snowman"   
A children's picture book and animated short feature,  without words,  written by English author  Raymond Briggs , first published in 1978 by Hamish Hamilton in the U.K.


This has been an incredible few weeks for our column...and in the words of Yogi Berra "its not over till it's over."

That said, this weeks interview with Fran Hauser is a must read. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a business school student or just interesting a a great story about a very unique woman. 

But that's not all...we still have a few weeks left so stay tuned to our interview next week as well as our first annual "Best of Connecting...with Bill Sobel"

Happy Holidays


"Fran Hauser: Digital Media Star Soars Into Venture Capital"

"Fran Hauser, venture capital investor, digital media veteran and passionate advocate for young women in business, serves as a shining testament to Teddy Roosevelt's famous advice to "keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground."

"New Media Savant Amy Vernon Brings Home the Bacon" 

This past week on "Connecting,...with Bill Sobel" on CMSWire.

In the course of Amy Vernon's pioneering career , she has made a name for herself as a prize-winning journalist, social media expert, adjunct professor, conference speaker and mentor to young women in tech.
So it comes as a delicious irony, and we mean that literally, that the exuberant, irreverent Vernon is best known in certain quarters of the Internet by a name she has coined for herself: the Bacon Queen.

"Jared Feldman of Canvs Fast Forwards Social Sentiment Analytics"

This week on "Connecting...with Bill Sobel" on

As the CEO and founder of  Canvs, the first fully-automated platform to analyze social TV sentiment, Jared Feldman gives hope to any non-STEM majors in the world who aspire to become tech entrepreneurs.

New York City-based Canvs,  launched in public beta in April 2014 and formally released just last December, has already become the industry standard for measuring audience reactions at scale through the analysis of real-time Twitter data.

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