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Welcome to this our first edition of "SobelMedia News" and what a way to start the year...with an interview with my dear friend  the founder of The Pomerantz Group, LLC. Based in New York City, Ms. Pomerantz focuses on recruiting executives in the Digital space across a broad range of industries and disciplines, including early-stage venture capital, private equity backed firms and smaller-sized public companies. 

But this is just the beginning...stay tuned!

"Recruiter Fran Pomerantz Searches for Digital Excellence" 

This week on "Connecting...with Bill Sobel" on CMSWire. 

"Fran Pomerantz, founder of New York City-based  retained search firm The Pomerantz Group, may never see a résumé as unique, serendipitous, and utterly fearless, as her own.
As a digital media pioneer and visionary, Pomerantz's embrace of new ideas, innate business acumen and openness to personal reinvention have taken her from Los Angeles to Manhattan and from elementary school teaching to executive recruiting."
"Muck Rack CEO Gregory Galant Makes Media Look Easy"

"If Gregory Galant, CEO of Sawhorse Media, which includes digital PR and journalism platform Muck Rack as well as the Shorty Awards honoring the best of social media,  ever feels he's running out of space on his exceptional bio, perhaps he could simply drop his last name. After all, as @gregory, a charter member of Twitter's First Name Club, he hasn't needed it for years."

"Fran Hauser: Digital Media Star Soars Into Venture Capital"

"Fran Hauser, venture capital investor, digital media veteran and passionate advocate for young women in business, serves as a shining testament to Teddy Roosevelt's famous advice to "keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground."

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