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May 14, 2020
By joining and participating in ATIXA, you will become a better Title IX Coordinator, investigator, administrator, and/or ally. You’ll acquire tools that help to advance your institution or district, motivate change, understand industry standards, and implement best practices.
ATIXA's Regulations Rapid Response
Historic new Title IX Regulations have now been released - the first since 1975 – and ATIXA is here to help you address the extensive changes to policies, procedures, and practices that will soon be required.

ATIXA has created the 2020 Regs Rapid Response (R 3 ) Resource Center to provide the resources and tools you need to become compliant. The R 3 Resource Center offers ATIXA’s expert analysis of the Regulations, a suite of educational webinars, thought leadership, handy guides and checklists, and the professional development and consulting programs to help you understand and implement the complex new rules.
Coming Next Week from ATIXA
New Resources Added This Week
Campuses and the Courts Column

This week, read ATIXA's summary of recent cases.

Authored by Saundra K. Schuster, J.D. , Partner, TNG & ATIXA Advisory Board

Some courts and OCR want live hearings, and ATIXA’s position is well-documented: we don’t think overall that live hearings will improve resolution processes or create more accurate outcomes. We also believe that the way OCR is structuring hearing requirements will chill the willingness of students and employees to come forward to report sex offenses. Still, it is ATIXA’s job to teach compliant practices and teach them we will. We have created a document, "How to Manage Investigations Post-Regs, Hit the G.A.S."
Did You Know?
Wondering the best way that you can train and prepare for the new Title IX Regulations? Kicking off our Training & Certifications, ATIXA has developed a two-week Summer Certification Series, being taught June 8-12 and June 15-19, 2020.

Attendees will be able to register for multiple courses throughout these two-weeks and receive discounts for additional course purchases. In addition to the 12-course curriculum being offered, Q&A, E-Learning, and Small Group Activities are an exciting inclusion in this online certification series.

For those who cannot attend June 8-19, 2020, there are even more certification course opportunities to meet the growing demand. The Summer Online Training Series, offered in a 2-day format and a 4-hour a day for 4-week format to provide even more opportunities for yourself and your entire team to be trained.

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