Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
(Hebrews 12:1)
After Pastor and Dr. Foley preach on the fifth commandment, Pastor Foley takes time to talk with this young father.
March 28, 2019
From the Foleys

The New Wave of Christian Persecution in China is Producing a New Wave of North Korean Missionaries from the Most Unusual Backgrounds

2018 marked a new wave of Christian persecution in China--a coordinated, country-wide offensive against the church in both its registered and unregistered forms. One battle in that larger war has been the identification and expulsion of South Korean missionaries. As a result, North Koreans, who have typically learned about Christianity from two sources--Korean missionaries and Chinese churches--have also been caught in the undertow of this persecution tsunami.

Chinese churches were once the primary "stations" on the North Korean underground railroad. It used to be whispered in North Korea that anyone escaping into China should look for a building with a cross on top. There, they were told, someone would help them. And the whisper was true. Now, however, China is tearing the crosses down from these buildings and putting their leaders in prison.

Owing to these twin developments--the expulsion of South Korean missionaries and the desecration of Chinese churches--it would seem increasingly unlikely for North Koreans in China to hear about Jesus.
It would seem that way. But we should never question whether God has a Plan B. He always does. The only question is whether what looks to us like Plan B was in fact the Plan A he intended in the first place ...

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Sign and share today to stand with Chinese pastors
We are calling on Christian leaders worldwide to add their names to a declaration of religious freedom written by the former law professor and now-jailed Chinese pastor of the Chengdu Early Rain Church, Wang Yi.
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Doers of the Word
The second sermon in a series of teaching on the Ten Commandments. In this sermon, the Foleys teach on what it means for Christians to obey the fourth commandment, to keep the Sabbath.

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Pastor Tim's Prayer Points
  • Please, pray for Mr. L, a NK defector in Russia. When our UU students visited him and served him as their own son, he opened his heart to accept Christ and was baptized! He was taught the cost of following Christ and he knew that he could not look back once he put his hand to the plow. Even though he is a brand-new Christian, he is willing to reach out and share the gospel with other NK defectors who are in miserable situations. Let’s pray for Mr. L that he can continue to grow in faith as an evangelist in Russia.

  • Every year we distribute close to 30,000 Bibles to North Koreans in various ways – through the air, through the water and even hand-carried across the border! Just this month over 1,000 Bibles were sent to North Korea! Please pray that God would guide each Bible into the hands of a North Korean whose heart he has already prepared to receive his word. Please also pray for our Bible distribution in the coming months that the Lord would give wisdom to our teams that are faithfully giving his word to North Koreans.
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