2020 was a year full of challenges, and frustration for most of us. This new year 2021 should be a year full of hope and transformation. With the New Year we invite you to take the time to enhance your overall wellness, uplift yourselve and spread love and good energy to your community!

Release the weight of 2020, and begin or maintain your anti-aging process in health or beauty! Make yourself the best project for this new year. You decide if you want to work wih eauty from the inside out with the help of peptides, supplements, and treatments that will have you reclaiming your youth!

Dr. Karampahtsis has new and exciting treatments for everyone of all skin colors and types in order to complete your anti-aging goals. Find a solution to:
skin tightening, collagen production, removing sun damage/stretch marks, shedding stubborn fat, or just enhancing your natural beauty.

Dr. Karampahtsis is offering detailed customizable treatment plans, so you can make your aethetic or medical goals a reality this year!

We hope to provide you as much education to maintain and reach your goals, so keep scrolling to see what you can explore and discover at Lipogenex, all while keeping the savings in your bank!

Thank you for all of your support, we appreciate each and everyone of you!

-Lipogenex Team
Make the changes you haven't seen with a detailed custom Nitrogen Plasma treatment plan and protocol to take home and maintain your youth!

The benefits are endless. Your skin becomes toned, say good-bye to fine lines and wrinkles, and maintain your collagen production!

You'll notice an overwhelming difference in your ageless skin!

This Winter Sale, combine 2 Nitrogen Plasma treatments on your face, and get 1 free for your neck or decollete!
Everything You Need to Know about Micro-Plasma
Give your skin some love, with Fractional Micro-Plasma Treatment. A great way to bring your skin back to life! The procedure takes less than 30 minutes, making it the best skin resurfacing treatment currently available. The downtime of this procedure is 50% lower than any ablative laser treatment or other procedures.

Fractional Micro-Plasma uses a color-neutral beam, making it safe for people of all colors. 

Combine three Micro-Plasma Treatments on your face, and receive a FREE non-surgical Eye Lift! All custom Micro-Plasma facial treatments include a beauty protocol to take home and combat aging!
Love your Shape!
When you are not happy with your body, it can significantly impact your self-esteem. Sometimes despite eating properly and exercising, our bodies age in a way that is unfamiliar and unwelcome.

It may be time to try a non-invasive treatment to assist with things like excess cellulite or fat, and spider veins.

Buy a "custom treatment" package this January and receive an extra treatment for free!!! (same or differnet area)
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Triple Flu Defense!

Re-formulated every year specifically for the current respiratory and stomach flu season. Find virus symptom relief with Homeopathic drops!
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