New Year... New beginnings. 

We're nearly a week into 2018 -- how are your resolutions going? Instead of lofty, vague goals that are next to impossible to achieve, commit to making smaller more attainable ones. 
This year, make your emotional and physical health top priority on your list.  From musculoskeletal care to weight loss to neurological care, our office has the expertise and innovative, natural therapies to help you achieve long-term success with your wellness goals.  

Speaking of mind-body wellness, you won't want to miss our Essential Oils and Yoga interactive workshop on Sunday, January 21st at Amba Yoga in Smithtown.  You'll learn how incorporating aromatherapy into your regular yoga practice can help to revitalize your body and your mind, helping you to feel more alert, centered, uplifted and present.  (See below for registration information).

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

--Dr. Keri Chiappino and D r. W. Brent Reynolds
A Healthier, Leaner You in 2018
TLS Weight Loss Solution Helps You Achieve the Best Version of Yourself

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is much easier when you have a partner to keep you accountable and on track!

Transitions Lifestyle System's (TLS ┬«) comprehensive weight loss program provides the tools you need to not only successfully shed unwanted pounds and inches, but to stay satisfied throughout the day to help make sustaining your weight loss achievable.  TLS is a clinically supervised program that guides you every step of the way, helping you select nutritious, delicious, low-glycemic index foods and healthy supplements that help improve your body composition to boost your metabolism into high gear.

TLS's multifaceted program offers supplement options like Trim Tea, a thermogenic slimming tea that helps provide satiety, appetite control and metabolic balance. Containing WellTrim┬« iG (Irvingia Gabonensis/African Mango) and black tea extract, Trim Tea not only aids in weight loss, but also provides  antioxidants that have been shown to provide other health benefits including cardiovascular support.  (Learn more about the many benefits of WellTrim here ).

If your 2018 goal is to finally get fit and trim, the TLS weight loss program is for you.  Contact our office to learn more about starting a new lifestyle that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good.  631.265.1223.
Learn more about TLS
Energize Your Yoga with Essential Oils -- Join Us!

Stress happens, but learning a new tool to manage the physical and emotional effects is essential.

Join Dr. Keri Chiappino for an interactive Essential Oils & Yoga workshop at Amba Yoga Center in Smithtown on Sunday, January 21, from 10am to 12pm.  Learn how essential oils can help deepen your yoga practice, alleviate the emotional, physical and mental impacts of stress and support your journey for optimal wellness. All levels are welcome. $50 for the two-hour session.  Pre-registration is mandatory.  Visit  Call 631.265.1223 for more information.  Maximum class size: 12 people.
New Guidelines on Cell Phone Usage: Radiation Risky for Kids

Was a new cell phone one of your child's favorite gifts this year?  While being able to keep in touch at all times, having instant access to a world of information and, of course, "face timing" with loved ones is a convenience smartphones afford, it may come with a cost: your child's health.  

The California Department of Health (DOH) issued guidelines last month to limit radiation exposure associated with cell phone usage.  Within the guidelines were distinct warnings about the impact on children's health.  
Children have proportionately smaller heads and brains than adults, and are exposed to the same level of radiation as adults when using cell phones.   According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average radio frequency (RF) energy from mobile phones is twice as high in a child's brain than an adult's and 10 times higher in the skull's bone marrow.  Hearing loss or ringing in the ears and headaches are associated with cell phone usage in teens and children; DOH warns that long-term cell phone use may be linked to brain cancer, tumors of the acoustic nerve, lower sperm counts and learning and memory issues.

To safeguard against potential health risks, the DOH provides a list of precautions to limit radiation exposure, including:
  • Texting rather than talking
  • Using a speakerphone or Bluetooth or wired headsets
  • Carrying the phone in a purse, bag, briefcase. Not in a pocket, bra or belt.
  • Keeping the phone away from the bed at night, at an arm's length distance.

Smartphones have certainly changed the way we live.  However, having your child unplug from electronics and encouraging face-to-face communication can help develop essential social skills, reduce physical toll on the body (i.e. text neck), promote well needed sleep and mitigate radiation risk.  (A good piece of advice for adults as well!)

Get the entire CA DOH Guidelines here: 
Mom's Use of ADHD Stimulants Associated with Heart Defects in Babies 

ADHD medication usage is on the rise, and pregnant women who take stimulant medication to manage attention and/or hyperactivity issues should be aware of their potential impact on their growing baby.  So says the author of a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry which shows that women taking methylphenidates like Ritalin or Concerta during the first trimester are 28 percent more likely to have a baby with heart malformations. 
For women of childbearing years, the new information is critical to consider when seeking treatment for ADHD, as nearly half of pregnancies are unplanned.  Therapies such as neurofeedback brain-wave training can be a preferred alternative.  Training the brain to normalize brain-wave patterns helps to overcome the symptoms of ADHD without drugs and their adverse side effects.  Additionally, neurofeedback can produce long-lasting, sometimes permanent relief of symptoms for some, further reducing a potential lifetime reliance on pharmaceuticals.  

Ditch & Switch Lecture: Detox Your Home
January 29, 2018  7:30PM

Start the New Year off right by detoxifying your home --  ditch your common household chemicals and switch to safer & healthier essential oil alternatives!

Join Dr. Keri Chiappino for this eye-opening lecture and learn how to lighten your family's toxic load by using essential oils for daily living.  Register online via Eventbrite:  

Interested in becoming a Young Living essential oils club member?  Call for more  information. 631.265.1223.
January Members Only "Virtual" Essential Oils Lecture

Join us via your smartphone, tablet or desktop for our  "Members Only" virtual lecture on Wednesday, January 10th at 1:30pm or January 17th at 7:30pm.  

Discover the many benefits of the Young Living line of oils and how to best use them for your family's health.  Our virtual kit class will be held via the Zoom video conferencing app which can be downloaded for free at  

Register at  for the 1 :30 pm class on January 10th and at for the January 17th class.

Interested in becoming a member?  Call for more  information. 631.265.1223.
Post Holiday RX: Relax, Refocus with Mindful Meditation 

Now that the shopping, parties and festivities are a pleasant memory, it's time to grab some "me" time to refocus after the holiday mania.

Spending a few minutes at the beginning or end of the day meditating with Dr. Chiappino's personally recorded meditations can help you unwind and rejuvenate. Visit our website to download meditations at
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