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April 27, 2018


Julie's Jar
~Church Geek~
It was the first full day of my time in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I couldn't wait to get to Morning Prayers at Memorial Church at Harvard. I was also invited by my dear friend Emily, to attend a preaching competition at Harvard Divinity School that began at noon. Admittedly, a preaching competition sounded strange even to me; how can that be fairly judged? And should it be?
Well, I ended up wandering over to the Divinity School and heard 3 out of 4 sermons and each one was amazing, inspiriting and inspiring. I was told I missed the one that would probably win. I didn't envy the people making the judgments. Each sermon I heard was wonderful and provoking; I even took notes!
I geeked out on Sunday too. Emily and I attended BOTH the 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock service which were the same: great music, warm community, inspiring leadership from the pulpit in welcome, prayer and sermon.
I suppose I show up so much because I keep getting a taste of God. Psalm 34 contains these words: "O taste and see that God is good; happy are those who take refuge in God." Taking refuge in God in worship roots me in the divine love I forget too easily is my birth right. Taking refuge in God among the community of worshiping Christians connects me to the vine of Christ reminding me I am not alone. Taking refuge in God in prayer, scripture, music and yes, sermon, comforts me and coaxes me to more faithful living.
Many Christian communities hold sacred space for people to "taste and see that God is good". I am grateful for the communities that held sacred space, so I could step into divine reality. I am grateful for the community of First Christian Church of Pomona that holds sacred space for anyone to receive the hospitality of God's grace.
Reiki Share May 12th 2-4
Reiki promotes stress reduction and relaxation that promotes physical healing. Reiki helps restore the body's natural state of balance: people experience deep calm, reduction of pain and for some, spiritual wellness. It has been shown that stress is a significant contributor to illness. Many people report feeling a reduction of stress when practicing Reiki, especially over time. 
A "Share Event" is a great way to get introduced to Reiki and also for people with Reiki experience to practice and connect with other Reiki practitioners. We begin with a brief introduction which includes a guided meditation.  The rest of the time is spent in the practice of Reiki, giving and receiving for those who are interested. Wear comfortable clothes. Reiki is given through gentle touch or simply holding the hands over the body. Julie Roberts-Fronk leads this event which meets in the Conference Room. Please enter through the office entrance. 
G entle Yoga Continues
If you missed it in April, Gentle Yoga meets May 16th 7-8 pm in the Fellowship Hall. The class is led by Bonnie Schindler. This yoga can be done in a chair or on the floor. Bonnie modifies the moves to suit all levels. If you plan to do floor yoga, please bring your own mat. A freewill offering is taken.
Celebration for Jeffrey Schindler - May 20
There will be a celebration to honor Jeffrey Schindler for his years of service as our Director of Music on May 20th after worship. Members of the choir are planning a fitting celebration. Jeff will be in worship serving again as Director of Music on this Sunday which is also Pentecost Sunday. Plan now to be part of the celebration.
Logos Family Ministry
Logos will meet May 20 th 4:30-6:30 for shared learning, singing, dinner and games. This ministry of spiritual formation offers families with children a time to relax and learn together. We are even working on a musical presentation of a biblical whale of a tale. 
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