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May 29, 2018


Julie's Jar
~Whose Skin Am I In?~
Christian consider Jesus to be the incarnation of God: the embodiment of God. Some Christians are so bold to consider the invitation of Jesus to "come and follow me" as an invitation to allow our lives, even our very bodies to embody God. Jesus' coming into the world is God's way of saying, "Hey, you too. You are my body, my breath, my beloved in the world."
Incarnation conversation is often limited to the month of December in which we anticipate and celebrate Christ coming into the world again. Incarnation is, however, not limited to one month of the year. God is made present in the flesh and bone of Jesus not only in his birth, but also in his teaching, his friendship, his ministry. The life of Jesus demonstrates that the physical body of all humans is a threshold of the divine presence in the world. The body is also, as someone wrote, your soul's address.
No one body can contain or express the full reality of God; my experience in my skin is limited. We need to pay attention to the experiences of people whose skin we don't wear, and whose skin color we don't wear.
Recently, the National Football League has proclaimed this edict; all players on the field must stand during the playing of the national anthem. Some fans are offended by the kneeling of some players. Consider this, that kneeling is public lament. It is public grief that what is promised to everyone who lives in this country, is denied to particular people because of the color of their skin. I will have lost some of you at this point, but if you are still with me remember that you may have said yes to the one who invited you to, "come and follow me." If you have said yes, recall it is a "Yes" to the way of compassion. The way of compassion means we are willing to let the experience and reality of people not like us to get under our own skin. This is in part what it means to see Christ in another human being.
Scripture is riddled with lament, public lament. We grow impatient and uncomfortable with public lament that doesn't fit our preconceived notions of propriety. NFL players who kneel, as in prayer, rather than stand are lamenting publicly. It forces those of us who wear different skin to see the grief and frustration of people whose life experience challenges our worldview. And if we are willing to see that those who kneel are thresholds of the divine, we might even find that God has gotten under our skin.
Board Meeting Actions 

The General Board met May 15, 2018. The following actions were taken.

Facility Use Requests
     1. Foster Family Recruitment and training event and Health Fair, sponsored by Department of Child Protective Services (DCPS) and office of LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis. This is a one-day event. Disciples of Christ unit Project Impact is involved in the planning of this event. The date to be determined is a Saturday in September 2018. This event would be modeled on an event previously held. Tom Reed motioned to approve the facility use for the Foster Family Recruitment and Health Fair, the date and the cost for reimbursement to be determined. Carol Wiley 2nd the motion. The Board approved.
2. Pomona Placemaking workshop - This is an event held throughout the city of 
Pomona on a periodic basis, bringing together people from various neighborhoods to consider together ways to increase the livability of their neighborhoods. Placemaking Workshops are sponsored by a collection of non-profits within the city. Robin Jones moved we set aside the 3rd of November for the Pomona Placemaking workshop to use FCC Pomona's facility. Linda Church 2nd the motion. The Board approved.

Ordination Candidate Beth Parker - Tom Reed moved that the board pay the $572 for the Psychological Testing requirement for her ordination. Robin Jones 2nd the motion. The Board approved.

Reiki Share June 9 2-4 pm Conference Room
R eiki promotes stress reduction and relaxation; people experience deep calm, reduction of pain and for some, spiritual wellness. Many people report feeling a reduction of stress when practicing Reiki, especially over time. A "Share Event" is a great way to get introduced to Reiki and also for people with Reiki experience to practice and connect with other Reiki practitioners. Julie Roberts-Fronk leads the event, beginning with a brief introduction which includes a guided meditation. The rest of the time is spent in the practice of Reiki, giving and receiving for those who are interested. Wear comfortable clothes. Reiki is given through gentle touch or simply holding the hands over the body. 
Gentle Yoga June 20, 7-8 Fellowship Hall

The class is led by Bonnie Schindler. This yoga can be done in a chair or on the floor. Bonnie modifies the moves to suit all levels. If you plan to do floor yoga, please bring your own mat. A freewill offering is taken.
Congregational Meeting 
June 24 After Worship
The purpose of this congregational meeting is to vote for persons nominated to positions of leadership in the congregation: Board, Diaconate, Elders, Standing committees. The slate of nominations will be available June 10.
**=Non-Church Activity

June 2018
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