Frank Lloyd Wright and members of the Taliesin Fellowship celebrate in the Wright's Drafting Studio at Taliesin on Wright's 86th birthday, June 8th, 1953. Photo by David Mann, courtesy William B. Scott, Jr. Collection, OAD Archives.

Signature Events  Celebrating Wright's 150th Birthday
  and the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center's 50th Anniversary
Celebratory events for 2017 include 50% off tours June 6-8, a Pedro Guerro photography exhibit and film screening, a ribbon-cutting event for the fully restored Tan-y-Deri, a Wright Celebration for Kids with Author/Entertainer Bob Kann, and the world premiere of a new choral composition commissioned for Wright's 150th to be performed by the Taliesin Community Chorus. The season culminates with a 50th Anniversary Gala at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center in September.

Taliesin Arts and Culture Events,
and Summer Farm Dinner Series

In the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright's organic architecture, we introduce a series of musical, culinary, and outdoor events that articulate Wright's Wisconsin legacy in the realms of architecture, culture, and the land.

Spring Grand Opening of the
2017 Tour Season
In April (and November), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only House Tours resume, marking the shoulders of the public tour season at Taliesin. The full spectrum of tours begins on May 1 and continues through October 31.

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Programs for Educators and Classes
A full lineup of events celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frank Lloyd Wright and the 50th anniversary of the Riverview Terrace, known today as the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center.

Architecture Camps for Students

Taliesin Preservation presents six architecture camps in summer 2017 tailored for children grades 3–12, including the new Advanced Architecture: Emergent Design & Model Making (Grades 9-12).

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2nd Annual Tour du Taliesin
Sunday, May 21

Explore a broad swath of Frank Lloyd Wright territory in a cycling event that starts and ends at Taliesin, with an after-party on Tan-y-Deri hill. Routes this year include the 20 Mile, the 38 Mile, the 60 Mile and the 100 Mile rides for participants of all skill levels. Experience a hearty dose of Wisconsin's scenic Driftless Region as well as a memorable gourmet experience.

CALL FOR MEMORABILIA. Frank Lloyd Wright's "Riverview Terrace" overlooking the Wisconsin River at the edge of the Taliesin estate opened in 1967 as The Spring Green restaurant. Today known as the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, it was featured in the 1968 issue of Food Service Magazine (above) as Wright's only structure designed expressly for the food service industry.

Taliesin Preservation invites the public to share artifacts, memorabilia, and stories related to the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, originally known as The Spring Green Restaurant, in honor of the building’s 50th anniversary in 2017. These items will be displayed as part of an exhibit that will run April through December 2017. Artifacts might include photographs, menus, uniforms, cocktail napkins, swizzle sticks, glassware, flatware, ashtrays, or other table setting items. Items may either be loaned and returned to you in January 2018 or donated to Taliesin Preservation in your honor.

Contact Erik Flesch at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center during business hours before March 10 to discuss at (608) 588-7900, Ext. 231, or development@taliesinpreservation.org.

For more information on how to become involved with any of the active projects below or other ongoing architectural and landscape preservation efforts at Taliesin, please contact Erik Flesch, Development Coordinator, at eflesch@taliesinpreservation.org or (608) 588-7900, Ext. 231.
Taliesin Entry Foyer & Loggia Terrace
This prominent entry sequence to the Loggia and Frank Lloyd Wright's bedroom is now being restored to provide a closer look at the architectural fabric that existed in Wright’s lifetime. The work relates to a multi-year conservation of Asian scrolls and screens throughout the Taliesin residence with generous support from T.K. McClintock of Studio TKM Associates Conservation of Fine Art and Historic Works on Paper. The project will be completed by the spring reopening of the Taliesin tour season. Read More.
This stone wall, which was plastered over after Wright's death in 1959, has been uncovered to reveal its fully intact golden "stick-out" stones.
Guest Wing Nears Completion

A multi-year restoration of a series of rooms beneath the Taliesin residence known as the Guest Wing nears completion. From the foundation to finishes , this space is being restored to its former glory. Read More.

DNR, Taliesin Partner on Deer Study

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will conduct a study of deer health and life cycle at Taliesin. Deer will be be  trapped, evaluated for disease, and monitored with collars. Read More.

Phoebe's Point Restoration Begins

This winter, attention has been turned to natural landscape restoration of Phoebe's Point, a prominent prairie above the Wisconsin River. Currently overgrown, Phoebe's Point contains a quarry where stone was sourced for areas of Taliesin. Read More.

Healthy Bats Hibernate in Taliesin Caves

Big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus), threatened in Wisconsin, hibernate for the winter in Taliesin cellars and caves. The population was counted again this winter by the Department of Natural Resources and shown to be free of White Nose Syndrome. Read More.

Prescribed Prairie Burns Planned

As part of our responsible stewardship of the land, prescribed burns of the prairies located near the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center and near Unity Chapel are planned for the spring.

Welsh Hills Restoration Complete

The Welsh Hills prairie restoration and invasive species removal has met its currently defined goals and is considered complete after several years of work. Read More.

Tan-y-Deri Porch Nears Completion
Reconstruction of Tan-y-Deri's prominent front porch began in the fall of 2016, and by spring 2017 will stand as it existed from the late 1930’s to the early 1950’s.  We are grateful to Daniel Baumann for his support of this project in memory of Karen Baumann, who delighted in Taliesin and took a particular interest in working in the Taliesin gardens.

Jane Porter sits with her daughter, Anna, and son, Franklin, on the porch with Anna Lloyd Wright, mother of Jane and Frank. Photo courtesy of the Porter Family.
After a December visit to Taliesin, naturalist, conservationist and landscape architect
Jens Jensen writes to the Taliesin Fellowship
on Jan. 30, 1935:

"Dear Friends: Days have passed — weeks have gone by — more than one moon had come and gone since my long to be remembered days spent amongst you. I can still see, in the fading light of a late December day, Taliesin peacefully coming out of the ancient cliffs of which it is a part.

What a delight it was climbing over the hills with a newfound friend. And the Sunday walk to the Chapel [the Lloyd Jones family's Unity Chapel designed by Joseph Lyman Silsbee with assistance from an 18-year-old Frank Lloyd Wright]; the early morning bell and dawn slowly rising over the valley of the Wisconsin: Sunday evening, when your lovely hostess, mother to you all, ruled supreme. And last, the friendly farewell — thanks — a thousand times thanks."

Photo f rom "Jens Jensen, the Living Green"
Excerpt from "At Taliesin: Newspaper Columns by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship,"  ©1992 by The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, compiled by Randolph C. Henning (foreword by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer).
Photo by Christina Harrington, Taliesin Preservation Landscapes Coordinator

Thank you, Friends of Taliesin & Donors!

Deepest thanks to all who generously supported Taliesin Preservation in 2016 and in this new year. Your commitment each year ensures Wright's legacy of organic architecture at Taliesin in Wisconsin.

To discuss current projects at Taliesin or to tell us about your areas of interest and possible future preservation or programming initiatives, contact Erik Flesch, Development Coordinator, at (608) 588-7900, Ext. 231, or
Earth Day Marks Garden Opening

What better day to open all the gardens across the Taliesin estate than Earth Day? Taliesin Preservation's loyal and enthusiastic volunteers and staff will prepare the garden beds as they have each year for decades. For more information or to join us, contact us at volunteer@taliesinpreservation.org

Taliesin Exhibits at Garden Expo

Taliesin Preservation will join the Wisconsin Public Television Garden Expo on February 10th-12th at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison for the third consecutive year. We will represent our preservation activities in the natural landscape, the cultural landscape, and the agricultural landscapes of Taliesin, and accept applications for new volunteers.

Springtime Tea Welcomes Volunteers

In honor of the first week of spring, Taliesin Preservation welcomes new and prospective volunteers in all departments of Taliesin Preservation to join us for orientation and a Springtime Tea in the lovely Garden Court of Taliesin. For more information, contact us at volunteer@taliesinpreservation.org

The Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center
Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

This structurally novel bridge-like design spanning two hills beside the Wisconsin River was designed by Wright as the "Riverview Terrace" to serve as a modern fine dining restaurant for travelers and locals, and serve as a gateway to Taliesin.

It opened as a restaurant called The Spring Green in 1967 for a visit by Lady Bird Johnson after construction was interrupted by Wright's death eight years earlier when it was already well underway. The Spring Green is fondly remembered for its exquisite Wisconsin River views and elegant cocktails. The uses of the structure were expanded after Taliesin Preservation was formed in 1990.

Today, all tours of the Taliesin estate beautifully begin and end at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center. It is a delightful work of Wright's organic architecture of the 1950s directly overlooking the Wisconsin River. 

The Riverview Terrace Café is open for leisurely lunches all through the tour season. Enjoy tasteful cuisine with many locally sourced ingredients, including produce grown on Taliesin soil. Dramatic views over the Wisconsin River and a nice selection of wines and beers make times spent dining between your tours a delightful experience.

Browse a thoughtfully composed collection
of Wright-inspired fascinations at the Taliesin Bookstore. We carry a surprising range of accoutrements for the admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright, organic design, and other subjects intimately relevant to Taliesin. Featured this month is new jewelry, including these Lake Geneva earrings. Shop online.

Host a private event at the Riverview Terrace Café in the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, or in other spaces across the Taliesin estate. Contact Aron Meudt-Thering, Development Events & Communications Coordinator, at (608)588-7900, Ext. 221, or at events@taliesinpreservation.org.


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The Tea Circle after an ice storm, by Caroline Hamblen,
Taliesin Preservation Program Manager
View from Tan-y-Deri, by Christina Harrington,
Taliesin Preservation Landscapes Coordinator
Tea Circle Bell, by Matthew Erdman,
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Facilities Manager
Living Room with Icicles, by Erik Flesch,
Taliesin Preservation Development Coordinator
Phoebe's Point, by Christina Harrington,
Taliesin Preservation Landscapes Coordinator
The Taliesin Preservation Program Department was supported in part by the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.