"I'm hopeful about the potential for mindfulness tools to soften our reactions to discomfort, allow us to acknowledge emotion in ourselves and one another, and prepare the ground for compassion."  -- Emily Saunders, Year-Long participant

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In this month's newsletter, we hear from a Year-Long graduate teaching mindfulness in a small town on the US-Mexico border; learn an essential tip for mindfulness practice; and share some news on research and the international mindfulness scene. 

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Community Portraits:  Emily Saunders
Personal Practice: The Key to Strengthening Mindfulness
Mindful Schools Graduate Survey: We want your Feedback!
Special Interest: Mindful Nation UK
Spotlight on Research:  New Research Page
Upcoming Courses: Year-Long Early Bird Discount
Community Portraits: Emily Saunders
Emily first learned mindfulness as a kid to help her deal with anxiety. Today, one of her passions is how mindfulness can help transform the intergenerational, historic, and systemic trauma that is disproportionately carried by marginalized groups. 

Emily recently moved to Ajo, Arizona, a small town on the US-Mexico border. In our Graduate Stories, she shared some reflections on teaching mindfulness in her community.  
"Mindful teaching can, and should, put our power and privilege to work in the service of young people and local communities. It can help us to hold, non-judgmentally, the ten thousand daily emotions, expectations, and wounds that enter a classroom. Complicated, yes. But what an incredible vantage point (if we choose it) from which to see the interdependent responsibility and restorative potential of our schools."

Emily has an MSW in Clinical Social Work, an MST in Childhood Education, and graduated from the Mindful Schools Year-Long Certification Program in 2014. You can read more about Emily in our Graduate Stories blog, on her website, and @emilylsaunders
PracticePersonal Practice: The Key to Strengthening Mindfulness
There's one key to strengthening mindfulness that's often overlooked, and this is how to create a positive feedback loop in our practice. So, you're trying to pay attention to the sensations of your breath, but the next thing you know you realize you've been been
daydreaming about lunch.  What's your most common response in that moment of waking up? If  you're like most folks, it's some version of self-
judgment, criticism, or frustration.
These kinds of habitual responses fail to take advantage of what's just happened: mindfulness returned. In that moment, the work of the practice is accomplished: you're already back! Instead of berating yourself, try smiling softly with some appreciation. "Oh, good. The practice is working." You may be surprised at how much more enjoyable mindfulness practice becomes, not to mention how much mindfulness starts to strengthen. 
GradMindful Schools Graduate Survey: Request for Feedback
We'd like to learn how to serve you and the children with whom you work even better. So i f you've taken one of our courses, we want your feedback!

Just ten minutes of your time will help us to improve our courses, and to deliver excellent mindfulness training to hundreds of thousands of kids over the next few years. We know your time is valuable - so as a token of our appreciation you'll be able to enter a lottery for one of three $200 Amazon gift cards after completing the survey. It's our small way of saying thank you. Take the survey here

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ADHDSpecial Interest: Mindful Nation UK
Last year, mindfulness entered the political stage of the United Kingdom in a landmark way. In October 2015, the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group released its "Mindful Nation UK" report - the first policy document of its kind - which recommended the integration of mindfulness-based interventions across four major sectors of society in the UK: health, education, workplace, and the criminal justice system.

The group was formed by the Mindfulness Initiative, a UK-based advocacy project aimed at increasing awareness of how mindfulness can benefit society. The Initiative helped the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group to conduct an inquiry into how mindfulness could be incorporated into public services and institutions, and is now working with government ministers, media, policy makers, and employers to raise awareness of the report's findings and recommendations. Read their full report.
SpotlightResearchSpotlight on Research: New Research Page
We've updated our research page to  make it a one-stop resource for you on the scientific evidence behind mindfulness. The page includes summaries of:
  • benefits of mindfulness for educators and students
  • how mindfulness changes the brain
  • findings from the latest scientific studies
We also describe research studies on the Mindful Schools curriculum, as well as the benefits our course graduates see in themselves and the students they serve. Check out the new research page here!
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Thanks for taking some time to read. Below is some information about upcoming courses, plus a job opening on our staff. L ike what you see or have suggestions? Email us:  [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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CoursesUpcoming Courses

The Year-Long Certification Program is designed for educators interested in deepening their personal practice and playing an active role as a Mindful Leader in their school, community, or the broader Mindfulness in Education movement. Early-bird discounts end March 15; some scholarships may still be available until March 1.

We offer group discounts and need-based scholarships for all of our courses, which are recommended by over 95% of participants.  Unlike most online courses, each course is facilitated by a Guiding Teacher who provides ongoing feedback, answers questions, and helps the group synthesize emerging themes.

Year-Long Certification :  an in-depth, 300-hour, year-long training with silent retreat time ( Applications Now Open )
  • Deepen practice, teaching, and facilitation skills
  • Receive mentoring while working with youth
  • Become a leader in the mindfulness movement

Mindfulness Fundamentals:  a 6-week online introduction to the basics of mindfulness ( Courses: Mar. 4 & Apr. 1)
  • Develop a personal mindfulness practice
  • Enhance your ability to be a strong role model
  • Acquire tools to address burnout and stress

Mindful Educator Essentials:  a 6-week online course in teaching mindfulness to youth ( Courses: Feb. 25 & Mar. 24)
  • Learn to deliver our K-5 and Adolescent curricula
  • Develop an understanding of the neuroscience behind mindfulness
  • Receive guidance in giving presentations to key stakeholders

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