Healing, Hope and Hospitality on Ft. Myers Beach

August 4, 2022
Focus on Sunday

"Be ready for action!" That's what Jesus is saying in this weeks gospel.
“Blessed are the alert,” he says. Be alert to the world around you and notice what needs doing today. There's an urgency about Christian living. “Give alms … be dressed for action and have your lamps lit…Blessed are those whom the master finds alert.”

We delay when we put off telling someone we love them, or that we are sorry we hurt them. We're napping when we put off visiting the sick or feeding the hungry. We delay when we avoid taking action on an important local issue. Each day we live in the shadow of eternity, and Jesus calls us to make each day fit to be our last.

All this brings to mind the words of poet Henri– Frederic Amiel:
Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those with whom we travel the way. So be swift to love, and make haste to be kind, . .

See you Sunday!
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this Sunday, August 7, 10:00 am
followed by fellowship in Comfort Hall
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Praying with St. Raphael's
Please remember in your prayers:
Andrew John, Mariann, Julie, Calvin, Christy,  Jane, Andrew, Elizabeth and Byron, Phil, Penny, Mary Ann, Edward, Karen, Paula, Nancy M., Greg, Bill, Donald, Maude, Eric, Inoka, David, Jeff, Jan, Eli 

Do you need prayer?
Does someone you know need prayer? 
Our intercessory prayer group will join you in prayers for healing.  
To add a name to the prayer list please call (239) 463-6057 and leave a message - or email the Parish Office. - or call Mthr. Jean (239) 980-0912.
Please continue to pray for St. Raphael's and
her mission of Healing, Hope and Hospitality.
Loving God, through your grace guide us, the people of St. Raphael's, to joyfully carry out our mission of growing faith in your son, Jesus Christ.
Fill us with your Holy Spirit that we may develop a living faith that deepens our understanding of you and strengthens our awareness of the needs of others.
May we be a transforming light within our parish and within the community.  
We pray the name of your Son, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Your continuing financial support during the "lean" off-season summer months is vital to St. Raphael's and very much appreciated!
Thank you Patricia Eggenschiller
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