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Love God
Love People
~Luke 10:27
November 3, 2020
Musings ~ Love in Graphite . . .
 Above my desk is a series of drawings and sketches done mostly in pencil with a smattering of marker and pen work. There are images of Antonin Dvorak, Billy Joel, The Phantom of the Opera, and Godzilla. There is one drawing with a short essay describing my love of music and musical theater with sketches of several characters and scenes from the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber. One says, “best dad ever” while a second piece of art echoes this by saying “To the best dad ever.” One simple note, however, speaks the greater truth behind each of these works of art. In simple pencil, written on a small piece of notepaper, are the words, “I love you Da!” This is the greater message behind every one of these simple pieces of paper, a message of love in each letter and each stroke of the writing instrument.
In a similar fashion, we have a book, we call the Bible, that was written over the course of hundreds of years by a myriad of writers. In it, they echo back the love they have experienced through their encounters with God through the Spirit of God and the Living Word of God in Jesus the Christ. They share the great moments of wondrous rapture and overwhelming insight shared with them through their engagement with God. They share the disappointment and pain of seeing their friends, family, and countrymen turn away from God, disconnecting themselves from the Spirit of God. Through this book, we sense the Spirit of God speak to us and tell us as my son told me, I love you.
While we have the reassurance of God’s work in the life of others—the Bible, the testimony of the church, the testimony of the saints—it is the reassurance of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate and Comforter that I believe we hear most clearly the voice of God declaring the love of God. Consider the testimony from John’s Gospel,

I will ask the Father, and he will send another Companion,
who will be with you forever. This Companion is the Spirit
of Truth, whom the world can’t receive because it neither
sees him nor recognizes him. You know him, because he
lives with you and will be with you.—John 14:16-17
I have spoken these things to you while I am with you. The
Companion, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in
my name, will teach you everything and will remind you of
everything I told you.—John 14:26

When the Companion comes, whom I will send from the
Father—the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father—
he will testify about me.—John 15:26

If we as disciples of Jesus, learn to hear his teaching on the Holy Spirit, we will have the opportunity to learn to listen to the voice of God through the Spirit. It is this voice that speaks guidance, truth, understanding, peace, and without question, love. Learning to hear and listen to the voice of the Spirit is learning to hear God say, I love you.

 Pastor Michael
Donovan Jarrell received the holy sacrament of Baptism on Sunday, November 1 during worship! Praise be to God for His blessings upon us!! 
We will continue worship services socially distanced in the sanctuary at 11:00am. We will continue with the service in the same way we have been worshiping but we will be moving out of the Thompson Family Life Center. The children will begin having activities in the Life Center at the same time, also socially distanced. We will be using a format like Lancaster County Schools.
  • Children will be dropped off at the front door entrance of the Family Life Center to be assessed.
  • Children will have their temperature checked as they enter and any child with a temperature above 100.4 or with any cold or flu like symptoms will need to stay home
  • Children will be socially distanced during activities
  • Children will be required to wear a mask
  • Parents must wait until their children are cleared before the parents leave
Youth will also be meeting at the same time but in the fellowship hall.
  • Youth will wait outside the fellowship hall door until they can be assessed
  • Youth will have their temperature checked as they enter and any student with a temperature above 100.4 or with any cold or flu like symptoms will need to stay home
  • Youth will be socially distanced during activities
  • Youth will be required to wear a mask
We look forward to the opportunity to see everyone joining us for worship and activities on Sunday morning. We hope to have a great and safe time worshiping together.
The Chancel flowers were placed in the sanctuary on All Saints Sunday, November 1 to the glory of God and in memory of Odell and Oveta Everall by Laura Everall


The Chancel flowers will be placed in the sanctuary this Sunday, November 8 to the glory of God and in honor of Pat Threatt and Marion Curtis on their birthdays by Sonny, Chris, Emma and Drew Curtis.
Our Annual Bazaar to benefit Missions will be held this Saturday, November 7 from 8am-12pm. There will be crafts, canned goods, baked goods, and soup TO GO by the quart. Soup quantities will be limited so come early to get yours!! We also have 4 vendors who have signed up. Everyone coming in will need to wear masks which will be available at the door. We invite you to come out and enjoy shopping with us!! You may bring your donations of crafts and baked goods on Friday, November 6 from 6-7 PM. Please remember this event raises money to help those in need!!! Please pray for this event and for the safety of all volunteers, vendors, and shoppers!! 
It’s time for completing Christmas Shoe Box gifts for Samaritan’s Purse. Please prayerfully consider completing a box (or more)! Brochures with labels, packing suggestions & instruction are available in the church vestibule. Samaritan's Purse preprinted boxes are also now available in the vestibule. Please have your completed shoebox gifts to the church by Sunday, November 15.
How to pack your shoe box gift:
1. Find an empty shoebox. you can wrap it - lid separately - if you would like. Wrapping is not required or pick up a pre printed shoebox available in the church vestibule.
2. Decide whether your gift will be for a boy or a girl and the age category: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. Cut out the appropriate label from the back of the brochures, tape it on top of your box, and mark the correct age category.
3. Fill the box with a variety of gifts. In a separate envelope you may enclose a note to the child and a photo of yourself or your family (If you include your name and address, the child may write you back)
4. IMPORTANT: Please enclose $9.00 or more in the brochure envelope and put it inside your box to help cover shipping and other costs. If at all possible, please send a check instead of cash. CHECKS NEED TO BE MADE PAYABLE TO OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD. If you are packing more than one box, you can make a combined donation in a single envelope. Place the envelope on top of the gift items so it is clearly visible. Place a rubber band around your box and lid, then bring your shoe box to church by November 15. Items to include in the shoebox gifts are on the brochures. Please do NOT include the following items: used items, toothpaste, hard candy, war-related items (toy guns, knives, etc.), perishable food items, liquids (shampoo, lotion, bubbles, etc.), medicines (vitamins, cough drops, ointment, etc.) or breakable items (no mirrors, china dolls, snow globes, etc.).  You may bring your completed boxes and place them in the vestibule any time, but again, they will all have to be completed and turned in no later than Sunday, November 15. Thank you for your support.
November is our month to
support HOPE in Lancaster with donations of food for those less fortunate. Particular needs in November are: green beans, peanut butter, canned beef stew, canned tuna, canned pasta, and dry pasta noodles. Please place your contributions in the collection box in the vestibule and they will be picked up and taken to HOPE weekly. Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful outreach for our community!!
Pastor Michael continues to offer morning prayer and Bible study. Join us each morning at 7:00 AM for Prayer and meditation. Join us, also on Thursdays at 12:00 Noon for Bible Study. Pastor Michael is hosting these from our Facebook page. If you are unable to log in LIVE, these offerings remain available for viewing after on our website and FB page.
Shoeboxes for Seniors
Lancaster County Council on Aging is sponsoring the collection of shoebox gifts for Lancaster county senior citizens. Deadline for the gifts is Sunday, November 29. These have to be delivered by Tuesday, December 1. Late donations will not be accepted as the gifts have to be “quarantined for two weeks” before they can be delivered to area senior citizens who’s health may be vulnerable. 
Suggested items for shoeboxes: sweater scarf, gloves, non slip socks, small blanket or throw, lotion, shampoo,
Vaseline, toothpaste, toothbrush, Efferdent/Fixodent,
chapstick, towel, washcloth, bath soap, dryer sheets, small bottle washing detergent, dishwashing detergent, Kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper, cookies, sugar-free candy, microwave popcorn, fruit cups or pudding, claw/reacher/grabber, 2021 calendar, crossword puzzle book, word search puzzle book, puzzles (100 piece or less), envelopes, ink pens/pencils, cards for seniors to send to other (Get Well, Sympathy, Birthday). Please place your contributions in the vestibule collection box. Thank you!!
While the church office remains closed, you are encouraged to reach out if you have a need or know of a need. You may call Pastor Michael at 1-859-475-8800, call the church office, 285-3864 and leave a message, call Missy at 804-2434 or email or; these emails are being monitored daily. The answering machine will also be checked daily. During these times, we ask everyone to pray together for each other, our church family, our community, our country, and our world. May God be with us all.
Please remember these in prayer:
Nancy Ackerman
Angela Bailey
Francis Bell
Phillip Bell
Rick Black
Marion Boswell
Chance Bowers
Carol Boyles
Randy Boyles
Caleb Catoe
Sue Catoe
Carol Cauthen
Brandy Champion
Ann Chappell
Linda Coker
Sandra Cope
Bill Dingler
Sophia Dixon
Angie Dobson
Heather Elder
John Elder
Ashley Fort
Betsy Gardner
Mike Gay
Judy Goodnight
Travis Gordon
T.R. Grier
Catherine Hammond
JoAnn Hinson
Rev. Shelly Holder
Kevan Horton
Eric Hough
Libby Hunter
Melinda Hunter
Rick Joyner
Henry Ray Knight
Mary Jane McAteer
Bill McCorkle
Kevin McCorkle
Ann McManus
Tammy McMillian
Debbie McWaters
Marie Moree
Rusty Mosier
Bell Perry
Betty Jo Phillips
Ann Powers
Vicky Pickett
Ann Reed
Kathleen Robinson
Mayme Jo Robinson
John Rollings
Virginia Rollings
Nancy Rushing
Bonnie Sears
Eva Small
Greg Smith
JoAnne Smith
Billy Sowell
Robbie Stepp
Matthew Sweatt
Jim Thomas
Mike Vick
Pat Vick
Myrtle Walker
Donna Walters
Ellen Walters
David Woodruff
Kim Yost
Our President and Troops
Those affected by the COVID-19 Virus
Even as we offer in-person worship, our services will still be made available online on our Facebook page. Log in to our Zion United Methodist Church Facebook page this Sunday for our service if you are unable to make it to church!! The service will also be available on our website at
Current Upper Room Daily Devotionals are available for pick up at the church! We will place some of these in the church vestibule on the table and some in the plastic communication box outside of the life center doors where the buses are for those who do not attend worship or have access to the church for you to pick up. There are large and regular print copies available.
While our United Methodist Women will not be meeting for now, our thoughts and prayers remain with each one of you and with all in need during these trying times! If you know of a need that our women can help with, please contact an officer in the women’s group so that we can try and meet any needs! Executive officers are Sharon Haile, Darlene Hallman, Terry Robinson, Missy Snipes, Dianne Sweatt, and Mary Knight.
November 3: Alyson Parker, Roman Phillips
November 4: Jessica Pardue, Haley McCray
November 5: Dylan Jenkins, Devin Jenkins
November 6: Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cooper
November 7: Leigh Ann Steele
November 8: Makenzie Hall, Cyndi Seegars
November 10: Marion Curtis, Lori Moseley
Special Gifts to Zion Church
In Memory of:
Emily by Tom Salisbury
Peggy Knight and Ralph Craig by Tommy Knight
Ona Bell Everall by Claudia Hartley

Special Gifts to Building Fund
In Memory of:
Lou Bundy by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vick
In loving memory of Ralph Craig by Ken and Lib Preslar and Mike and Diane Rape**

**the memorials for Ralph Craig ran last week to the General Fund however, the donations were made to the Building Fund in his memory
The Record Speaks....
November 1, 2020

Present for Worship: 56
Needed each week for the General Fund $4,360
Received for General Fund $4,028
Received for Building Fund $85
Received for Needy Fund $10

There are many options available to give to the continuing ministry and outreach of Zion UMC. You may drop your offering in the offering plate as you arrive or leave worship service on Sundays, give through the website through Paypal, text your giving to 803-525-1834 and follow the secure link, or if you are not comfortable attending worship at this time and do not wish to give online, you may drop your offering in the mail to Zion UMC at 1665 Zion Road, Lancaster, SC 29720 or drop off in the mail drop box that is located beside the double doors where the buses are. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Missy at 804-2434 or leave a message at the church office, 285-3864 and your call will be returned. Thank you for your continued support of the Mission that is Zion!!

"...because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to."
Deuteronomy 15:10,,
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