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There is no fear in love. But, perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18
May 5, 2020
Musings ~ Four Walls

On one side of me is a set of pen and pencil drawings with elementary level handwriting scribbles of musicians, musicals, and movies. On the other side, a set of French doors that lead into the entryway near the front door, with two paintings: one, a map with the words, “Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you stay I will stay,” from Ruth 1:16 and an tall slender painting of a monk holding a skull, presumably contemplating mortality. In front of me is a large, multi paned window looking out into the front yard and behind, a book shelf with volumes stacked two deep. These are the four walls I seen the most for the past six weeks or so.

But I haven’t really been here the whole time. Part of the time, I was walking along dusty Middle Eastern roads on the outskirts of places like Jerusalem, Damascus, and Nazareth. I was standing on the shore watching fishing boats go out onto the Sea of Galilee in the early dawn hours or tasting the salt on my breath in Caesarea on my way to Asia Minor across the Mediterranean. I’ve walked the streets and markets of Ephesus and Corinth, watched sheep graze and crops grow in Galilee. I’ve stood on hilltops and looked down as warriors clad in Bronze Age armor ran at each other in the names of various gods. I’ve seen the rise and fall or heroes, heard the whispers and pledges of lovers, and seen miracles performed. I have prayed with mystics and seen visions with prophets.

All of this while sitting here between these four walls.

One of the things I think we have been robbed of because of our theological and political leanings in Western culture and particularly here in the United States, is being able to see the Bible as something more than just a holy, sacred text. In the same way we forget the humanity of Jesus, we forget the humanity of our sacred scriptures. These are a collection of stories passed down over hundreds of years, several languages and cultures, to do one thing: help man find God. And the way it was done was through the sharing of the stories and experiences of those whose journey resonated most with us. These are not just about the divine they are about the divine-human interaction and are universally relatable. They are some of the greatest literary epics of all time.

Wanna get out of your four walls for a while? Wanna read a war stories? A thriller? Romance? Even a bit of fantasy/sci-fi sounding stuff? Get into the stories of the Bible. Find yourself closer to God and closer to who you might become.

Pastor Michael
Our suspension of church Worship Services and gatherings has been extended:
After consultation with The Cabinet, and in compliance with the most recent information shared by public health officials, Bishop Holston recommends that we continue to suspend in person worship services, and all gatherings, meetings, and events through May 20 . Our church leaders have discussed this recommendation and are in agreement that we have to continue to suspend church activities and gatherings for now. We look forward to the day when we gather TOGETHER to worship and carry out the hands on mission and outreach of Zion Church.
Join us each morning at 7:00 AM for Prayer and meditation. Join us, also on Thursdays at 12:00 Noon for Bible Study. Pastor Michael is hosting these LIVE from our Facebook page. If you are unable to log in LIVE, these offerings remain available for viewing after on our website
and FB page.
While the church office remains closed, you are encouraged to reach out if you have a need or know of a need. You may call Pastor Michael at 1-859-475-8800, call the church office, 285-3864 and leave a message, call Missy at 804-2434 or email or; these emails are being monitored daily. The answering machine will also be checked daily. During these troubling and unprecedented times, we ask everyone to pray together for each other, our church family, our community, our country, and our world. May God be with us all.
Please remember these in prayer:
Nancy Ackerman
Angela Bailey
Francis Bell
Gene Blackmon
Marion Boswell
Carol Boyles
Randy Boyles
Caleb Catoe
Sue Catoe
Brandy Champion
Ann Chappell
Linda Coker
Sandra Cope
Bill Dingler
Sophia Dixon
Angie Dobson
Heather Elder
John Elder
Ashley Fort
Betsy Gardner
Mike Gay
Steve Ghent
Judy Goodnight
Travis Gordon
T.R. Grier
Ovedia Griffin
Catherine Hammond
JoAnn Hinson
Rev. Shelly Holder
Julia Horne
Kevan Horton
Eric Hough
Libby Hunter
Melinda Hunter
Rick Joyner
Dillon Knight
Henry Ray Knight
Mary Jane McAteer
Kevin McCorkle
Tammy McMillian
Debbie McWaters
Marie Moree
Rusty Mosier
Bell Perry
Betty Jo Phillips
Ann Powers
Vicky Pickett
Ann Reed
Kathleen Robinson
Mayme Jo Robinson
James Rushing
Nancy Rushing
Bonnie Sears
Dale Sherrin
Eva Small
Greg Smith
JoAnne Smith
Mike Smith
Billy Sowell
Robbie Stepp
Jim Thomas
Laverne Thompson
Mike Vick
Pat Vick
Ellen Walters
Megan Wilson
David Woodruff
Kim Yost
Our President & Troops
Those affected by the COVID-19 virus
Online Worship this Sunday!!!
Log in to our Zion United Methodist Church Facebook LIVE service at 10:55 AM this Sunday for our service!!
Worship will begin
at 11:00 AM.

If you are unable to join us live, the service will be available online on our FB page or on our website at
The Upper Room daily devotionals are available for pick up at the church. We will place some of these in the church vestibule and some in the plastic communication box outside of the life center doors where the buses are for those who do not have access to the church for you to pick up.
While our United Methodist Women will not be meeting for now, our thoughts and prayers remain with each one of you and with all in need during these trying times! If you know of a need that our women can help with, please contact an officer in the women’s group so that we can try and meet any needs! Executive officers are Sharon Haile, Darlene Hallman, Terry Robinson, Missy Snipes, Dianne Sweatt, and Mary Knight.
Thank you to Sonny and Marion Curtis, Jimmy Neal, Rock Love, and our wonderful Massey boys who all joined together and mowed and weeded the cemetery this past week. So many hands working together made a large task more easily managed.

Thank you!! Thank you to all of those who came out Tuesday to cut the cemetery. It was a mess and you turned it into a beautiful resting place for all of those there and you made it a nice place for those who come to visit. You are a blessing and you are appreciated!
~ Love Miss Pat

Congratulations to Garrett and Alex Ingram in the birth of a baby girl, Ivaly Kate on April 30 weighing 7 lbs., 4 oz., 20 1/2 inches long. Proud grandparents are Ray and Sherrye Ingram and proud uncle is Gage Ingram.
May 5: Susan Duell, Judy Humphreys
May 6: Michael Mills
May 7: Cheryl Hayes, Emerie Parr, Ella Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Danny McManus, Mr. and Mrs. William Snipes
May 9: Tammy Mackey
May 10: Adair Craig
May 11: Courtney Marshall, Mallory Cauthen
Our United Methodist Men's third Sunday meeting and our weekly Saturday Bible Study meetings have been suspended until the stay at home order has been lifted and we are told that we can begin to gather again.

To all church members: please understand that we are unable to allow folks to meet inside the buildings at this time. If you had a reservation for personal use inside of one of the buildings over the next few weeks, we are unable to honor those reservations at this time and will announce when we will be again be able to honor reservations. As it is, gatherings inside our facilities is not possible.
The members of Zion ARE CONTINUING
to support the ministry and outreach
of the church!!!
The folks of Zion are FAITHFUL!!!! Thank you to each one of you who have adjusted to this change in our lives and have continued to support the ministry and outreach of Zion UMC and for your continued presence at online worship!!! Each ONE of you ARE the CHURCH! You can continue to give online through the website, by clicking on the donate tab. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this option, simply click on the donate button and follow the prompts, you can text your giving to 803-525-1834 and follow the secure link, or you may give by mailing your tithes to the church at 1665 Zion Road, Lancaster, SC, 29720. Pastor Michael is also available on Sunday afternoons at the church from 2:00-3:00 PM to accept your donations and have a word of prayer with you! If you have misgivings about online donations or mailing your donations, a locking mailbox has been installed under the covered carport where the buses are. You may place your contributions in the box and it will be checked daily.
Together we can move forward.
Together we can continue and make a difference!
Special Gifts to Zion Church
In Honor of:
The Jarrell Family—thanks a million! by Wanda Murphy
Darlene Hallman, Tommy and Julie Middleton, Clyde and Ellen Walters, Libby Morris, Lib Preslar, and Jack and Becky H. Steele by Harris and Marcene Plyler
Thanks to everyone who worked in the cemetery by Max and Myra Funderburk
In Memory of:
Horace Small, Lillian McAteer, Emily Salisbury, Ralph Craig, Wayne Pardue, Donald Stacks, JoAnn Funderburk, and Robbie Sue Knight by Harris and Marcene Plyler
Buddy on his birthday May 3 by Carolyn Massey
Special Gifts to Building Fund
In Honor of:
Happy Mother’s Day to Diane Rape, Beth Craig and Adair Craig—Love you all!!  by Lib Preslar
Becky H. Steele on her birthday April 23 by Darlene Hallman

Special Gifts to Altar cloth/Banner Fund
In memory of:
Franklin Hallman on his birthday April 18 by Darlene Hallman
Our seven confirmands, who have concluded their classes online with Pastor Michael, will join the church on our first Sunday worshiping together as a church family of Christ in His house! We look forward to that day and pray it will be soon!!
The Record Speaks.....
May 3, 2020

Present for online Worship: 29
Needed each week for the General Fund $4,360
Received for General Fund $5528
Received for Building Fund $150
Received for Altar Cloth Fund $100
Received for Epworth $240

"...because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to."
Deuteronomy 15:10
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