News of the Day
St. Maarten informal economy
St. Maarten's underground economy has been grounded to a halt. We bring you an analysis. According to the Justice ministry, one in two persons in St. Maarten is an undocumented immigrant who operates 'underground'. COVID-19 is now forcing them to come out of the shadows.
Under the table payments
KRK Corporation, a company, doing business as Diamonds Forever and Milano Diamond Gallery, is on the ropes because it paid two former employees black ('zwart') on top of their regular income. Ordered to compensate.
Venezuelans cry for help

Venezuelans continue to cry for help. Scores of Venezuelans on Dutch St. Maarten are without food still. A group in Cay Hill wants to plead with the members of Parliament for a temporary residence and work permit.
Carnival plans to relaunch

Carnival Corporation plans to sail to the Caribbean again on August 1, 2020, amidst a congressional investigation into its handling of the coronavirus crisis on its cruise ships.