PTA News
Bike to School

Bike to School is scheduled for May 21st, so pump up your tires and get ready to ride! Watch for information coming home in the next couple weeks.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 1, at 6pm. Watch for a link from Eleni if you'd like to attend.
One Planet News
We've been having a blast doing awesome STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) projects at One Planet. Students have been learning about building strong structures, experimenting with drag resistance in parachutes, and drawing using math. Our 3rd - 8th graders have also been doing an excellent job with archery. 

LAST CALL FOR SUMMER CAMP SIGN UPS: Reserve your spot now! Click here for the packet. Please fill out and return to school. Here are our weekly themes:

July 12th - 16th: Imagine, Transform, Create! (FIELD TRIP TO MOTIO REC)
July 19th - 23th: Wilderness Survival (FIELD TRIP TO VINS)
July 26th - 30th: Farm to Table (FIELD TRIP TO CEDAR CIRCLE)
Aug 2nd - 6th: One Planet's Got Talent (FIELD TRIP TO BETHEL POOL)

Due to the support of state funding, we are able to offer all of this at an affordable suggested price of $100/week (or $60/week for families who qualify for free/reduced lunch), but families are only asked to pay what they can afford. We also have scholarships and state childcare subsidies available so ability to pay is NOT an issue. Email Jennie with any questions.
Nurse's News
It's been so nice out! In our enjoyment of the warmer days, I have noticed an increase in the students needing to drink more. There are a number of kids who have arrived to school without water bottles, and I have run out of them. Please send your student with a water vessel of some kind- even if that means a plastic cup. The water fountains are shut off for drinking directly from it, but are, of course, available for filling water vessels only.

Also, if your student has any special or unique sunscreen needs, please send that in also. I have sunscreen, but not always what is suited to the student's needs. If you have already done this in the past, I do still have theirs on-hand.
How to remove a tick
FRIENDLY REMINDER! Ticks are everywhere! Yikes. I have taken many off of students this year already. DAILY TICK CHECKS ARE SO IMPORTANT. I know of three people who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease just in this past month. From what they describe of their symptoms, it is very important to safeguard yourselves by doing daily tick checks and using bug repellant to avoid this health hazard.
Library News
As we near the end of the school year, it's important for library books to return back to their home on the shelves. Summer is a time for inventory and rearranging, and having everything back really helps in that process.

Book borrowing will end on June 4th to allow time for students to find and return those pesky overdues; overdue notices will be emailed or sent home around that same time. Please do your best to find and return books, and let me know of any titles that are missing or damaged so I can mark them accordingly in the catalog. Thank you!
Ms. Kicza
We are finished with celebrating each child with Star of the Week. It was wonderful to spotlight each of our amazing kindergartners. We enjoyed interviewing everyone, seeing photos, playing guessing games, saying their celebration chant of choice, and complimenting them. They showed good communication, caring, and knowing each other through this process. This is a K-1-2 tradition they will get to do next year, too!
First Grade
Mrs. Robinson
First graders finished up with their plant organism unit this week. Their experiment resulted in some very interesting results. Some of the plants didn’t grow much (soda or red food coloring water instead of regular water), one was yellow (grew in the dark), and the two planted in sand also didn’t grow as well as the control. Last Friday, we shared our results as a group.

   In math we learned about 2 more penguins, the Emperor, and the Little Blue penguin. We measured how tall they were, and filled out information about their weight, coloring, and how many eggs they laid.

   We have also been reading Folktales and learning about how they have a lesson, often have animals as characters, and there is often a good and bad character. We have also learned that there can be many different versions of a story, like The Little Red Hen, and The Gingerbread Man.
Second Grade
Mrs. Marzot
Much like the dandelions, second graders are growing! I’m pretty sure that they are growing taller by the hour. We have had some great recesses and we had a wonderful week learning together. Make sure to ask your child about what they do during their specials, they are up to some pretty neat stuff!

If you can, please send your child in with a few extra clean masks each day. As the weather gets warmer, students have been requesting to change for a dry mask more often.
Third Grade
Ms. Coté
Third graders finished up their learning from Patricia Polacco's Pink and Say. While the content of the Civil War was tough to take in, the children very easily identified what kindness looks like and sounds like. In the story the two boys end up being friends and as one student said, "It was a never-ending friendship".

We all want to wish Hannah Conroy the very best in her new school. We so very much loved Hannah as a classmate and all that she brought to our community. We hope to stay friends even from a distance because true friendship lasts forever.
5/6 Science & Reading
Ms. Tremblay
Middle school students have been learning to tie knots and safely saw. They are designing and building useful items for the outdoor classroom. Ask your student what they are designing!

They have been enjoying preparing their outdoor space for use. We were able to do some Free Read Friday outside in the warm sun. Sixth grade students designed an obstacle course run for fifth grade students to enjoy. It was heartwarming to hear students cheering for their classmates to finish!
Gigi, Tanner, and Elenore planned a zombie chase for their peers! Here they are in character as zombies.
7/8 Humanities & 5-8 Social Studies
Mr. Breen
In Social Studies, the 5th graders have finished the first draft of their big research paper (they're doing a great job!) and are moving onto group editing. It's been amazing to see how much progress they've made in just a few weeks. Sixth grade is in the process of drafting and pitching their own self-created project ideas for the end of the year. Their ideas so far have been super creative, and I'm very excited to see these plans become a reality in the coming weeks.

Seventh and 8th grade are almost done with the Odyssey! We've been having a ton of fun reading this text, and will start a writing project based on it soon.
7/8 Science & 5-8 Math
Mr. Reimanis
The 7th and 8th grades have been clearing a few trees and performing invasive control of buckthorn in the space that will be our outdoor classroom. They used folding saws, teamwork and tree identification with the utmost safety in mind. They also had fun! They are all very good workers.
World Language
Ms. Ballou
In World Language and Culture, students have been learning about Italian language and culture, and are transitioning to Spanish and French. As we transition, students are encouraged to analyze differences and similarities between Italian, Spanish and French, as well as see if they notice any connections to languages they previously explored (German and Russian).

Students have also continued to explore their individual languages and are hard at work creating their End of the Year Projects: a booklet on their country, its language and culture. As a part of our hands-on culture exploration, students learned to play traditional egg games one could play in Russia and in Germany.
The Strafford Recreation Board is pleased to offer soccer camp to area youth again this summer! This year we've partnered with JT Soccer Training which is run by soccer coaches from Southern New Hampshire University.

Dates: June 21th-25th, from 9am-12pm
Where: Murray Field, South Strafford
Ages: 7-14 (boys and girls)
Cost: $125 (includes t-shirt)
Click on Register, and select Strafford Camp

Once on the website you'll see information including camp description, schedule, and what to bring.